Cottons was started 20 years ago, to offer women a natural choice in the feminine hygiene market (then dominated by multinationals selling synthetic products).  Cottons today has a broad range of feminine hygiene products all featuring 100% natural, chemical free cotton for superior hypo-allergenic comfort and Cottons products are now sold in nearly 20 countries around the world.

We chat to Richard from Cottons about home life with his boys below:

Favourite way to spend time with my kids?

Taking them to play or watch soccer, I’ve got two boys and they love it.

Who inspires me?

People who make personal sacrifice to genuinely help others in need.

Tampons Super 2014

What’s for breakfast?

Porridge and manuka honey … love it!

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Hate to admit it, but I don’t bake!  I do love freshly baked (quality) bread though.

Tampons Regular 2014

What’s your favourite bedtime story?

That’s a long time ago for me, my boys are in their teens now.

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Make them laugh … it diffuses drama.

Comforts Regular pack

Take a look at more info on Cotton’s website here.