Meal times should be fun – a social opportunity for mums to either ‘spoon feed’ their baby, or encourage independent feeding, baby led weaning where kids feel comfortable to pick up a spork, mosh and mash! Mumma’s Little Helpers food catchers reduces the stress of meal time for parents.

Mumas little helpers food catcher One Fine baby 6

Mumma’s Little Helpers (RRP from $44.95) are waterproof high chair ‘skirts’, Food Catchers designed to make baby’s dining experience a ‘less-of-a-mess.’  Considered an ‘absolute necessity,’ Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catchers are waterproof sanitary savers and create a ‘catch zone’ for food to be dropped and flung down the front, sides, lap…. and avoids ‘the splat.’ What’s more, the catcher is longer at the front to give our darlings a little more wriggle room when they dine. Alas, they won’t ‘restrict the kick.’

Mumas little helpers food catcher One Fine baby 4

Mumma’s Little Helpers empower children to experiment with food and cutlery throughout the stages of meal time development. Simply attach to a four-legged high chair, toddler chair or dining chair with a booster seat and reduce wastage by keeping food off the floor, allowing you to re-feed. Not only is this a time saver but it also helps keep food sanitised and separate from germs found on the floor! 

Mumas little helpers food catcher One Fine baby 2

Three versions of Mumma’s Little Helpers have been created – ‘The Washer’; for the mumma who prefers to wash; and, ‘The Wiper’ for those who want to sponge and go and the EXTRA LARGE for all the bigger 4 leg chairs or the rice throwers. Alas! These beauties are perfect for time- poor mums who prefer to play, and will reduce the traditional 5- 10 minute clean up to a speedy 30 seconds.     

Mumas little helpers food catcher One Fine baby 1

For the ‘colour conservative,’ enjoy ‘chic- minimalism’ with white, light blue, green, red and pale purple tones; or bring to the table a little colour-palette performance with bold and novel prints (from fire trucks to animal prints, clouds to clowns). Mumma’s Little Helpers Food Catchers come packaged in mini wallets created from the remnants of the material which can be repurposed to carry nappies, water bottles, snacks or take advantage of it’s waterproofing and use it as a wet bag.  

Mumas little helpers food catcher One Fine baby 3

 Mumma’s Little Helpers set the benchmark for luxe design, set to stand the test of time. Made from waterproof cotton PUL (cloth nappy and nappy bag material), each are durable, machine washable and will continue to catch food for years to come.

See Mumma’s Little Helpers food catchers in action at this weekend’s One Fine Baby fair! Buy your tickets online now and we’ll see you there!