Jerusha Sutton is a pregnancy, birth & family photographer. Birth & postnatal doula. Below Jerusha describes what being a doula is all about and the journey she took to get there. Her photography captures an unforgettable moment in time. Scroll further to view some of her incredible photos.

“I have been a doula for 8 years. I was inspired to see the difference in women from them feeling like they have no say, and no ownership over their birth and postnatal experience, to seeing them take back the choices involving their bodies and their babies. Supporting women and couples, and encouraging them to make the right decisions for their families through these early stages launches them into parenthood with an incredible faith in their instincts. I love to help families enjoy their births and postnatal period, rather than wishing them over.

The photography side of things was born from watching families in their great transitional moments, as well as the magical day to day. Ever since the first birth i attended as a doula, i picked up whatever camera i could find and took shots because i was in absolute awe of what was going on before my eyes. The love, the struggle, the strength and surrender. I thought, people need to see this magic! Not least, the couple at the middle of it, and the child who is the embodiment of their bond.

I photograph families too. In their own environments, or in parts of the world that resonate with them. When you take away all distractions and just let families BE, the interactions that arise are breathtaking. This is what i love to photograph”.


Who inspires you?

Independent midwives. The current climate of maternity care is not supportive of them and their work, however they are so passionate about supporting women and their choices they forge ahead with strong hands and open hearts. They are amazing.


What’s for breakfast?

Weekdays? Beetroot, kale & coconut smoothie- and yes, i’m aware of how ‘uber now’ that its. But it’s delicious! Weekends we love breakfasts out… eggs and spinach, bircher muesli or quinoa porridge… and a steaming pot of chai tea.



What’s your favourite thing to bake?

I’m kinda known for my beetroot cake (there’s a theme here- i’m am a beetroot fancier). It’s a Skye Gyngell recipe we fell in love with when she was running the restaurant at Pertersham Nurseries in the UK. I’m not big on cake, but i’m big on this one.


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Anything Dr Seuss, unless the mood is a little more subdued, then The Velveteen Rabbit.


View more of Jerusha’s breathtaking photographs on her website here.