Katrina Chambers is one-half of the sister Duo Amy and Katrina from the hit TV series The Block. She recently reviewed the V6 Absolute cordless vacuum from our amazing sponsors Dyson. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Recently I was asked if I’d like to review the new Dyson V6 Absolute. How could I say no? Actually I was so excited that I even rang my husband at work and texted my best friend. I have wanted one of these little fellas for AGES! I knew it was going to change my life – for reals. I get ridiculously excited about cleaning products. I know, I’m crazy, but I live in a house with 4 males, so anything to keep things clean (and make my life easier) is a winner in my eyes.

When the delivery man knocked on my door I practically snatched it out of his hands, got out my Stanley knife and ripped it out of the box. The chairs went up on the bench and whipped around the house before the kids got home…


I am so impressed with my new toy. It’s small, light and super powerful. I am never bringing my big vacuum out again (which was a cheap and nasty one). I did my carpets twice with this new Dyson – I had no idea they were so dirty! You should have seen the little cartridge fill up.



  • It has a hygienic bin emptying system. Just press the button to release the dirt quickly. No pulling it apart to empty.
  • A great range of tools come with it. There’s also a specific head for hard floors and then one for carpets.
  • I’ve mounted mine in my walk-in-pantry and it just hangs up charging away. No cords, or lying on the floor to trip over!
  • I can get up to 20 minutes out of it before I need to re-charge (there’s a MAX button too which you can use for carpets when you need some serious suction – but that will use your battery a bit quicker).


I am fighting my 13-year-old child for its use every day. I think he loves it more than me! I have this teenager who likes things to be clean and neat, so every morning after breakfast he hurries his brothers along so he can vacuum under the kitchen bench after they’ve demolished about 10 pieces of toast. I’m not complaining about his enthusiasm. Ha!

I’m giving the Dyson V6 Absolute a HUGE thumbs up.

Have you got one? If not, I promise you won’t regret getting one!

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