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Does your kid’s bedroom need a makeover? Creating a beautiful haven for your little ones to sleep, relax and play can be a challenge.  It can be really tricky finding the right balance between the functional and the fun, and evolving the space as your children grow and change. While their little sleeping space needs to be calm and quiet, there is also the need for fun areas that inspire creativity and imagination with plenty of space and storage for books, craft and toys. Over at the OFB headquarters we had a think about what we like to do when styling up our kids rooms. Here is a few things you might like to consider when embarking on the perfect kids room makeover:

  1. Get the kids involved – find out their favourite colours, gather some of their favourite artworks to display, and make them really feel part of the decision making. That way they are more likely to want to spend time in this space. 
  2. Space it out – even if you are only working with a small space, try to use the space wisely so there is dedicated areas for both sleep and play. Keeping the sleeping space clutter free away from toys and distractions is a good idea to help those busy little minds to rest. Wall shelving can be a good way to keep special items away from harms way. 
  3. Create a reading corner – kids who love books will hopefully grow into adults that love books. Perhaps create a little reading corner in one area of the room – a place to display their favourite books, and a dedicated area for quiet time away from the TV or computer screen. Tee-pees are great to house the kids treasured items. 
  4. Light it up – while bright or natural lighting is important during the day for play time, homework and craft, softer lighting is much more soothing for night time. A night light or lamp is a good idea next to the bed for bedtime stories and to keep those little night-time monsters away.
  5. Let the imagination run wild – if you keep the basics like the bed or cot neutral, then you can experiment with bold colours and textures in your prints, linen, soft furnishings and unique artworks, making it easy to excite and delight at every age and stage. 

Looking for kids bedroom inspiration but don’t know where to start? Here is some of our awesome One Fine Baby vendors that are sure to get the creativity flowing for your next kids bedroom makeover. Enjoy….

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Photo credits via Norsu