Mrs Millah started just over a year ago, with the mission to create children’s clothing pieces that are a little different to what is usually seen in stores. Named after owner Chloe’s daughter Millah, Mrs Millah clothing is handmade here in Australia, locally on the Central Coast by dressmaker Chris who takes in all of Chloe’s fabulous ideas and turns them into unique pieces for your little ones to wear.

Chloe shares a little more with us below:


What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

M favourite way to spend time with my girl is through different forms of art. I love watching her creative side and watching how it links to her cognitive ability. There’s nothing better than a ‘family portrait’ – watching her little hands create representational drawings of us all, labelling each drawing and seeing her little face light up to show me once she’s done.


What’s for breakfast?

My favourite meal of the day! Nothing beats a big breakfast out with a Mocha, but when we’re home, Vegemite toast or poached eggs on toast are top of my list!


What do you like to bake?

We are big cupcake fans in our house, although baking isn’t my favourite part. I love decorating them most!


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

‘Superdad’ – a gift from my best friend, which is a personalised book with pics of the ‘superdad’ in our house throughout the story. Millah adores it and I get a good laugh each time we read it too!


Who inspires you?

I find myself getting inspiration from just about everywhere! Always jotting down ideas and sketching designs every now and then. I was always inspired to create children’s clothing but after having our daughter Millah she inspired me to turn my thoughts and ideas into what is now known as Mrs Millah. Millah has given me that little ‘push’ we need sometimes and I’m enjoying every minute.


See more of the range on the Mrs Millah Facebook Page.