Mon Soiree is a business born from the love of creating dessert and candy buffets. Your soiree showcases your personality, and provides a fun-filled affair for your family and friends to remember long after the event is over. Mon Soiree’s eye-catching dessert & sweets buffets will make your soiree shine.

We talk to talented stylist Marisa who is behind Mon Soiree below:


What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

One thing my kids and I love doing together is cooking! My son Aymen who is 5, loves to roll out pizza dough and  put on his toppings. My daughter Zara who is 18 months, loves trying to mix ingredients that are in a bowl. I think it’s a great way to show children the fun in cooking, and I also believe that it helps them gain confidence by doing something an adult usually does.


Who inspires you?

This one is a little hard for me to answer as I gain inspiration from everyone and anything! Number 1 would absolutely be Kara Allen from Kara’s Party Ideas – she really is such a lovely person and her life story is fascinating. I love how she managed to create her own Party business from scratch, with three little boys to take care of too. Being a mum is a juggling act at the best of times, so doing a business on the side inspires me to keep being strong! Number 2 would be my husband and two children – they inspire me to be a better person each day, to love more, be kinder, and be more patient and enjoy life. Number 3 – my friend Cathy. I’ve known Cathy for a few years now, and she is the most genuine heart warming and giving person I’ve met. She has four boys, and I am just in awe at how she manages to work full-time, yet have time for them and her husband. Sometimes its a difficult to juggle family, work and a small business, and when it gets tought I think of Cath and how content she is in her life and I really aspire to be like that. She is a superwoman!


What’s for breakfast?

My standard breakfast is a large juice which i sip on all morning. I’m not a coffee person, so my juices are different every morning to make sure I get the vitamins I need to keep me going. I’ll pop in celery, oranges, carrots and maybe some mint, or I’ll have mango sorbet with passionfruit, goji berries and apples. On the weekends I’ll have a cooked breakfast with grilled haloumi, grilled tomatoes and rocket on toasted rye bread, with a swirl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s all about balance.

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Oh goodness the list is endless! I absolutely love baking! I have to say my favourite item to bake is cake – be it a slice, flan, torte, cupcakes. My current favourite is a Fig, Honey and Walnut Tart.


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

I don’t have a favourite because there are so many great ones! However if I had to pick it would most like be Sleeping Beauty. Didn’t we all wish we were princesses at one stage? I know I did!

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Singing! My daughter is known for her mini tantrums (she likes to throw herself on the floor and known things off the table), so when she does that Ill pick her and sing to her. She loves the Frozen theme song Let It Go, Postman Pat and the Wiggles, so as soon as I start singing any of those she is all smiles. So far it’s working. Maybe ask me again in a years time! :)


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