Huggies® is proud to be the leading* baby care brand in Australia. We understand the importance of the first moment you hug your baby and every moment after that. Huggies® products are developed and manufactured with the utmost quality and care to nurture baby and cater for all the changes as they develop from newborn through to toddler stage and beyond. Our range includes:

• Huggies Ultimate® Nappy range: Huggies Ultimate® Nappies are our softest and most breathable nappies. Australia’s no. 1* newborn nappy designed for comfort and protection of delicate newborn skin.
• Huggies® Ultra Dry Nappy range: Huggies® Nappies are Australia’s no. 1* nappy and offer up to 12 hours leakage protection to help keep baby dry and comfortable throughout all their daily adventures.
• Huggies® Nappy Pants: Huggies® Nappy Pants are specially designed for an easy change for your active, wriggly baby. Their pull on design makes it easy for you to change your bub while they’re standing up.
• Huggies® DryNites® Pyjama Pants: The unique leak lock system absorbs and lock away moisture to provided overnight protection in any sleeping position.
• Huggies® Little Swimmers: Disposable swimpants made for the water with easy-open sides to make poolside changes a breeze.
• Huggies® Baby Wipes: There are 4 varieties of baby wipes that are all free from alcohol (ethanol & Isopropanol), soap, parabens and MI.

Huggies® believes in supporting the parenting journey not just through our products but also by helping parents prepare for every moment in their baby’s life. Huggies Club provides members with information on pregnancy, baby development, parenting tips and exclusive promotions and offers and much more.

*By value share in Nappies, Nappy-Pants and Wipes (Aztec, 2017 Aug MAT)



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