Redsbaby have been inspired by Scandinavian style with the Paloma range of nursery furniture. They tell us more below…


The Paloma range has a very Scandinavian sensibility to it. Tell us about the inspiration for such design?

The range has been inspired by simple, refined and functional design; attributes which characterise Scandinavian design. Retro-inspired curves were introduced to soften the rigidity of the horizontal and vertical panels. The PALOMA range perfectly encapsulates both what our customers are looking for and our brand ‘s aesthetic – which revolves around beautiful design and smart engineering.

Talk us through the collection – what can we expect to see?

The range consists of a beautiful cot and dresser in Snow (white) or Dove (grey) with pine accents. The cot has adjustable mattress heights, as well as a toddler guard in the same aesthetic as the cot, both features allow you to use the cot from birth into the toddler years. The dresser has practical and deep drawers with a removable change table topper to allow it to double as a dresser and change table in one. Both the cot and dresser grow with your child, so are adaptable for the years to come.


The Paloma range already received considerable attention and positive reception since launch, why do you think this is so?

It has a beautiful, sophisticated aesthetic, which is what our customers are looking for, combined with smart design by way of including all the functionality they need.

Scandinavian design is a trend we have seen in recent years- do you think this is here to stay?

Trends come and go. The question is – for how long? That question I can’t answer, however Scandinavian design, while being modern, is also timeless. It is simple, sophisticated and functional while being non-polarising. These are attributes that are enduring and resilient to shifts in design trends. So I would say Scandinavian design it isn’t really a trend and so won’t come and go but just evolve from year to year.


Why do you think such design has been received warmly by the Australian market?

Our brand is home grown – proudly Australian – and our products are designed by parents, for parents from our Sydney office. Australian parents love that we are Australian and parents, and that Redsbaby offers products that are comparable in terms of quality, design and engineering to international brands that charge significantly more. The PALOMA range ticks all the boxes plus more!


Each of the pieces has been designed to adapt when baby grows. Why did you feel this was necessary?

This is based on our customer research and what consumers want. Parents want the best for their baby and are outlaying a lot of money on baby products, especially for their first, and want products that can be used as their child grows. We’re also parents, and know how quickly children grow (in the blink of an eye!) and know how important it is to us to have products that can be used for as long as possible.

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