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One of our favourite stylish and high quality clothing made for the modern day mother for every stage of your pregnancy journey. Made from 100% cotton, PASSENGER is designed for Aussie mums!

Bringing you the unique, refined and effortless; PASSENGER is the ultimate collection for the expectant and beyond.

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PASSENGER was founded in 2017 by two women who met during their studies and who now share twenty years of friendship. It was after they each had children that they discovered a growing need for a collection of clothing that offered versatility to women during all stages of motherhood. Although individually they have had very different careers, they have each developed their own dynamic styles which have fused perfectly to create PASSENGER’s concept.

PASSENGER’s concept was to create a capsule collection of sophisticated yet relaxed, well considered clothing that caters for the expectant and beyond. Their signature pieces form wardrobe essentials that take you through every stage of motherhood, including pregnancy and nursing. PASSENGER’s designs and trademark detailing demonstrate a unique offering of classic, effortless pieces in a palette of neutral tones. The use of premium cottons makes the feel of the collection luxurious, while maintaining its wearability and better yet, everything is machine washable. PASSENGER has fused feminine silhouettes and menswear tailoring to create pure simplicity.

PASSENGER presents a truly versatile, refined and timeless product that meets the needs of the modern day woman.

“I absolutely LOVE wearing my Sophie Dress as it’s so comfortable and perfect for our San Diego Spring Summer!” Silvana Philippoussis

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