Breast Pumps + Accessories

Are you wondering whether or not to purchase a breast pump before giving birth? Breast pumps are a saviour for new mums who are looking to keep their children on breast milk, but don’t have the option to exclusively breastfeed throughout the day and night. Pumping or ‘expressing’ is a means of extracting breast milk from your breasts in order to serve it to your baby via a bottle. You can choose between an electrical pump or a manual pump, and the right decision for you will be based on your budget and your lifestyle.


The things to look out for when choosing a breast pump is efficacy, ease of use and deciding the circumstances in which you will need to take up expressing. Do you need something discreet to use while you’re at work? Something with double expressing capability that works fast, or a pump that’s comfortable above all else?


In One Fine Baby’s online store, we stock the most efficient and comfortable breast pumps and feeding accessories from the best brands in Australia, such as Medela, Nanobébé and Milky Goodness just to name a few. Take a look through our listings to help you make a choice, and feel good in the knowledge that you can earn real rewards when shopping with us!


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