11 June, 2019

Real Stories: Brooke, Shaun and Atticus

by One Fine Baby Team

At our recent One Fine Baby campaign shoot, we put a call out on Instagram and asked real families to come forward. This is where we met the ever so lovely Brooke and Shaun Diviney and little Atticus who is 14-months-old.

What was your initial gut reaction when you found out you were pregnant?
The biggest butterflies I have ever felt. My husband was the first person I thought of, his face was all I could think about and I just couldn’t wait to tell him he was going to be a Daddy!

What was the first item you bought for your baby?
A bib from country road. And strangely enough it was a blue bib and I didn’t know at this stage we were having a boy.

What was the most unexpected part of your pregnancy?
How sick I was going to be. I was sick from week one up to week 40.

Did you decide to find out the sex of your baby?
Yes we choose to find out with our families with a big black balloon. It was so fun and very memorable.

Name both the worst and best part of giving birth.
The best part was obviously the beautiful moment we met our son and they way I felt in that moment. And the worst part was the unknown. The pain was not nice either!

Did you feel like a mum straight away?
Yes, I mean during pregnancy it took me about 4-5 months to really think of myself as a mum to be but the second I held Atti in my arms I changed forever.

What is your favourite thing to do with your baby?
Life! Haha I love doing life with him. We also love to read books together.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about parenting?
That every stage doesn’t last forever so lap up every moment and take the time to actually enjoy your baby.

What’s the one thing you would go back and tell your pregnant self?

Describe being a mum in three words.
Unconditional love, indescribable.

What was the best product advice someone gave you either during or after pregnancy?
We loved owlet baby monitor at the newborn stage. Lollipop baby camera monitor as an all rounder and bonds onesies are a lifesaver!


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