Hearing another women’s birth story can be a great way to help prepare yourself for an upcoming delivery, and if you’ve already had kids they’re still pretty fascinating. Today we caught up with mum of three, and One Fine Baby Account Manager, Renee, who shares the story of the birth of her kids.

Renee's Birth Story
Photo by Life Stories Photography. Read our interview with Erin here.


Did you have a birth plan going into your labour?

I have three kids and I learnt from the first one – the best plan is not to plan! I made sure I did all of the classes and learnt how to breathe and be in a great space – physically and mentally. I knew I wanted to give it a go vaginally but I always knew I wouldn’t be able to do it drug-free. My biggest fear was getting to the hospital and have them tell me it was too late for an epidural! Clearly, I watch too many movies!!

How was your experience different from what you had planned?

It all went pretty much to plan, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. My labours were pretty quick. I started having contractions but my water didn’t actually break, so I had to have my waters broken manually by the Obstetrician and that is not a comfortable process…. But I guess everything is on the line at that point in the process so you just have the suck it up and do it!

I did try the gas first as a drug. I didn’t felt like it did much though! My friend had told me it sounded like galloping horses and my husband always jokes that he remembers me yelling out – “call Belinda and tell her I hear the horses!”.

The one thing that didn’t go to plan was for each of my three babies my private Obstetrician wasn’t there for the actual birth! It was great to have all of the regular appointments with him throughout the pregnancy but it was also a bit of a shame he wasn’t there for the big day! I actually changed doctors for my last baby and he still couldn’t make it either! What luck!

Who was in the birthing suite with you?

I had my husband with me each time. He nearly didn’t make it to the birth of my second child as he was across town and had to hurry back to get to the birth. So my Mum stayed with me until he got there. I often think I should have just asked her to stay, would have been cool to see your grandchild be born, but I think she wanted it to be a private moment for us.

What was the most unexpected part of your labour and delivery?

It was quicker than I thought… You often hear horror stories of long labours and I was lucky that it wasn’t too long for me. So quite boringly – there was nothing too unexpected!!

What are your top 3 essential hospital bag items?

Really comfy PJs… or lounge clothes. (Ed’s note – we love the maternity and nursing range from Sorella Organics.)

Baby swaddle/wrap. The hospital only has their old school sheets and blankets and I wanted my babies sleeping straight away in the wraps. (Ed’s note – the Plum Pod was a favourite in our office)

Have someone bring you a cheese plate as a gift! I craved those soft cheese and it was a great lunch one day!