We can all remember getting our first bike. That exciting moment on Christmas morning when you saw that big, big box waiting under the tree. You knew what was inside, you’d been asking for months, but that didn’t stop you tearing into the paper without a moment to lose. Making light work of the box you couldnt wait to get that bike out for a spin.

Getting your first bike is a childhood memory that’ll stay with you for a long time, and it’s an experience you’ll want to give your own children too. With Christmas fast approaching, what better time than now to purchase your little one’s first set of wheels? And we know just the right bike for the job! Introducing the PedeX Pirate from Scool Bikes.

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The PedeX Pirate is packed with features that make it the PERFECT first bike! The PedeX’s low centre of gravity makes it easier for kids to learn the art of balance, and it’s extra light weight and low seat mean it’s suitable for children as young as 18 months. Good news for parents, there is no equipment required for seat adjustments and even better news, you wont need to buy a new bike for years to come as the PedeX adjusts to your child’s growth! Best of all, the fun Pirate design will leave your little one feeling extra cool as he or she hits the tracks at the local park!


Want to get your hands on this bike!? Head to our One Fine Baby fair in Sydney next weekend where Scool Bikes will be selling the PedeX along with heaps more from their awesome range! Bring the kids along too to give their new wheels a test drive, and a treat for you… Scool Bikes will be announcing a special discount on the day! Register online here for your FREE ticket to the fair, yay!