Bec Duros from popular TV show The Block has been a favourite with fans since she first hit the screen. Since the show ended she has been busy creating an online space for inspiration, Bec Marks the Spot, and design business Empire of Style.

We are thrilled to share this Q&A with Bec today in the lead-up to her appearance at One Fine Baby Melbourne this weekend! Take a look…


Tell us about you- How Empire of Style and Bec Marks The Spot was launched. What was the ah-huh moment?

Bec Marks The Spot started as a platform for me to share my life and currents loves with my fans. It has been a great creative outlet, although since having Archie it has been a lot harder to keep up with it!

Empire of Style is my real work baby! I launched it with good friend and interior designer Lauren Silvaria. We do all types of projects from new builds and renovations, to single room makeovers and styling. I love that I can create amazing new spaces in my mind and bring them to life for clients. I am a very creative person and Empire of Style gives me the perfect creative outlet.


Why are mothers placing such emphasis on decorating and spending so much time on these rooms?

Let me just say the nursery is my favourite space to design! I get excited just thinking about them. There are no limits or rules when it comes to a kids/babies room. I love spending time with Archie in his nursery and I imagine for most mothers it is all part of the nesting process. Even though when you have kids they really do take over the whole house, I feel there is an emphasis on nurseries because it is the one space your child will grow up and into. I spend a lot of time with Archie in his nursery, whether it’s cuddling before a nap, to reading books or having a play before bath time. It is a space that we enjoy together.


How do you come up with your beautiful fit-outs? Do you look for trends abroad – or speak to mothers to inspire/ help develop the range?

Any space that I design all starts with a client brief, which is why they are all different. I have my own personal style that I love but interior design is all about creating a beautiful space that the client will love to be in. I am always looking at current trends but I really just take inspiration from them and interpret them my own way. There is a lot of communication with clients throughout the whole design process.

What is the one question asked by mothers when it comes to styling a bedroom?

I am constantly asked how to arrange cushions on the bed.

What are the current design trends you are seeing in the interior landscape for nursery and children rooms.

Scandinavian style is still very on trend at the moment but keep an eye out for more of a modern take of 70’s style. Lots of bold colours, olive greens and muted orange with hints of metallic.


How do you fit all this in whilst juggling a beautiful new baby boy?

I will be honest, I struggle. I don’t really have much help besides my husband, George. With my mum and mother in law both passing away and my sister living interstate it has been Archie and I from day dot! (I do love it though). I work through nap times and we have a strict 7pm bed time which gives me a guaranteed couple of hours at night and during the day. I am still yet to have a full night’s sleep but I am getting used to it! Archie has just recently started day care twice a week which has freed me up to consult with clients during the day on site and also work on my designs.

What’s ahead for Bec?

We are excited to be commencing another development next year which will be filmed as a 10 part series. It is a collaboration with S. Group Architects and has a very ‘Grand Designs’ feel about it. We are stepping out of our comfort zones with this development and really pushing the boundaries. Empire of Style also has some pretty cool collaborations with some big name mummy bloggers!

Come and see Bec at One Fine Baby Melbourne this weekend. Buy your tickets online now!