What do you get when you cross a fashion lovin’ business Mumma and her family of 3 sons (4 if the hubby counts!)?

Answer: INFAMOUS SWIM, a leading Australian label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life.

That answer got you by surprise, didn’t it? Me too and that’s my story.

I’m Gemma, the owner and designer of Infamous Swim.


From a young age, I’ve always had an obsession with swimwear. Throughout my teenage years, I was purchasing multiple pairs of swimwear per week! An expensive addiction but the more sustainable choice than say…well, you know.

Today I’m at the helm of Infamous Swim, and it doesn’t surprise me. Swimwear has always been such a huge part of my life and is of the Australian culture. We’re a sea of sun bathers and ocean lovers—and you can’t do that right in the wrong swimsuit.


I believe all women should feel empowered in their swimwear, which is why we’ve curated a swimwear line that makes you feel sexy, without compromising your authenticity. Our fashion-forward collections made with high-quality fabrics enable you to pick a style that expresses your personality with confidence. Especially the mummies!

You see, being a mum doesn’t mean a beach uniform of rash shirts and sarongs. Na-uh, no way. I believe that even as mothers we should feel sexy hanging at the beach, building sandcastles or catching our babies as they jump into swimming pools.

Which, is why—cue the drum roll—I’m just about to launch INFAMOUS & Mini Swim: a chic collection of matching swimwear for mothers and their daughters.


The collection is about celebrating our daughters. We wanted to innovate and have fun with the designs. We believed in making style options that make you feel like your swimsuit was tailored uniquely for you and your mini. Above all, we knew we’d say au revoir to standard solid colour sets and hello to bright, feminine and stylish prints!

INFAMOUS Mini Swim is all about making you stand out in the crowd with your minis.

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