What’s more exciting than a gender reveal? Whether you’re surprising all your friends and family, or just your kids, it’s a fun and exciting way to share the news. There are so many different gender reveal ideas to pick from depending on your budget, space constraints and the amount of mess you want to make! We have rounded up a few of our favourites, including the beautiful and fun confetti balloon reveal our lovely Director Marissa arranged for her second baby.

Confetti Balloon POP Gender Reveal

Giant black balloons make a striking statement for this stylish gender reveal idea. Once you pop the real fun begins, as beautiful jumbo confetti rains down on you and your family announcing the big news. Have your sonographer write the gender down and pop it in an envelope to give to your balloon company, or a trusted friend who can prepare them for you. The expression on Marissa and Alex’s faces highlight how exciting this reveal is, and as Marissa says “It was such a fun way to make Kingston feel special and get him excited to become a big brother!”.

A big shout out to Kieran Moore Photography for capturing the confetti shower moment!

Gneder reveal ideasBallon gender revealGender reveal ideasGender reveal ideas

Pop Gender Reveal

A big shout out to Kieran Moore Photography for capturing the confetti shower moment!

Party Must haves /

baby reveal party


1 / Rose Gold Spot Plates Ruby Rabbit 2 / Oh Baby Cake Topper – Gold Poppies for Grace 3 / Mint Striped Straws Meri Meri 4 / Oh La La Plates Ruby Rabbit 5 / Black Latex Balloon House of Party 6 / Party Cups Meri Meri 7 / Jumbo Confetti – Pinks House of Party 8 / Rose Gold Napkin Meri Meri  9 / Tassels House of Party  10 / Jumbo Confetti – Blues Poppies for Grace  11 /  Baby foil script balloon Ruby Rabbit  12 / Copper Oh Baby Cake Topper 


Cake Gender Reveal

Everyone loves cake, and this is a really fun way to announce your baby’s gender. You can keep it simple with a vanilla butter cake, and then bring the magic with the filling. We liked using large chocolate balls, as their weight will make revealing that first slice a bit more dramatic as they tumble out, but you can really use any coloured candy you like. Use your favourite frosting, and you can even decorate with a few flowers for a simple, stylish touch.

gender reveal cakecreative gender reveal cake

How to /

1: Bake 2 or 3 layers

2: Cut a hole in the middle (keep a lid)

3: Pour the candy into the hole (heavier candies will fall out and be more dramatic)

4: Put the cake lid back into the top of the hole

5: Ice the cake all over ;-) decorate, it’s that easy.

Silly String Gender Reveal

This one’s a little different, but also a lot more messy! We all remember the fun of silly string from our childhood, and it makes a great tool for a gender reveal! You’ll need a friend to purchase the appropriate coloured string for you, and cover up the labels. Then all you have to do is go to town spraying away! Make sure you get plenty on that gorgeous bump!

Silly string gender revealcreative gender reveal ideas

Image: Memory Montage Photography, photo credit: Love Photography


Powder / smoke bomb Gender Reveal

Powder and smoke bombs have been trending in wedding photos for a few years, and they’re also an amazing way to reveal gender. The incredible coloured smoke will ensure that your gender reveal is super instagrammable, so make sure you get plenty of photos!

You can order kits online, or if you’re keen to try your own you can use corn starch and food colouring, or for the most vibrant colour use icing colouring.


creative gender reveal ideas

Image via Pinterest, Image credit: Katelyn Metzger photography

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