If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort pram then look no further as the Bugaboo Fox has been recognised as the ultimate comfort pram, offering unmatched design and quality!

Since its unveiling earlier this year, the Bugaboo Fox has proved a hit with parents around the world and has been crowned winner of the prestigious Australian Good Design Award. It’s not without reason that the ultimate comfort pram received recognition for outstanding design and innovation: the Dutch mobility company’s design heritage means that 20 years of pram expertise went into creating their latest pram, packed full of innovative features that make safe prams, parents’ lives easier and offering their best drive performance yet.

It’s All In The Details 


Developing a pram that boasts a safe and comfortable ride for the child and is easy manoeuvre didn’t happen overnight. The project started around 3 years ago and every detail was considered with parents in mind. One of the hurdles the team faced was creating a safe and sturdy yet lightweight pram. The pram needed to be robust and durable, but parents still need to be able to lift it into the trunk or a car and carry it up stairs. The team looked at each part in depth to see where robust materials were essential, and where lighter alternatives could be used. For the chassis, they used a new alloy of aluminium (used in the car and plane industry) which is stronger than the previously used alloy, without being heavier.

Senior Product Developer Marco Nieuwenhuizen explains:

“Creating a pram that is sturdy and lightweight comes down to a combination of clever engineering and design, and it takes a lot of calculations to get it just right.”

Designed To Last 

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By separating the hardware from parts and fabrics, Bugaboo has been able to take their philosophy of creating long-lasting prams to the next level. Parents can use the pram for their first child, pass it through their family, and it will still be going strong years later thanks to its easy-to-service modular design.

As well as lowering the pram’s impact by making it easy to extend the lifecycle, Bugaboo have made conscious choices about the materials they use and the Bugaboo Fox features fabrics made from recycled PET bottles.

Responsible Business manager Lise Hordijk explains:

‘Pram fabrics would usually be made from virgin polyester, but using recycled PET bottles means we don’t need to start the process with this raw material. We’re using material that already exists and this has the added benefit of using plastic bottles that might otherwise end up in the ocean or landfills.’


Create Your Own 

The Bugaboo Fox isn’t all function and no form. Bugaboo has always created stylish prams and the Bugaboo Fox is no exception. With a wide range of fabrics, wheel caps and handlebar grips to choose from, it’s fun and easy for parents to create their own pram by selecting their favourite options. There’s something to suit every style, from bright solid colours to subtle mélange fabrics and bold prints. When the pram needs a little refresh or parents feel like a change, it’s easy to switch things up and create a whole new look.

And The Verdict Is … 

Families the word over have been enjoying their first stroll with the Bugaboo Fox. Steph from the Gold Coast shares her experience:

“All parents want convenience and anything that can make our lives easier is a huge help in keeping calm and happy. The Bugaboo Fox makes your life easier… and I am not just saying that! It is so light and easy to fold up and pop in the boot of the car, and the under seat basket is perfect for all of your essentials on a day trip out.”

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