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3 May, 2022

Top 10 Best Baby Sleeping Bags In Australia 2022

What are the benefits of a sleeping bag or sleep suit?

They’re a safe sleep association

All parents know that sleep equals sanity, so it’s no shock that we’re permanently on the hunt for anything that can help your baby catch a few extra zzz’s. A dummy can fall out in the middle of the night, and soft toys aren’t considered a safe comforter for newborn bubs, so the need for something to serve as a safe sleep association is key!

A baby sleeping bag, also known as a sleep suit is an invaluable tool for helping your baby get a safe, warm, comfortable night’s rest. Putting this on your little one night after night starts to represent a time to go to sleep, as well as providing adequate warmth and comfort throughout the night.

They help to control startle reflex

The other benefit of a sleeping bag for newborns is that your baby’s arms are contained, so they won’t wake themselves during the night with the startle reflex that all newborns have. It will also prevent babies from scratching themselves with their fingernails during the night.

What you should look for when buying a baby sleep suit:

- A TOG system

When it comes to choosing a baby sleeping bag, it’s important to take into account the climate you live in and the temperature of your baby’s room. Sleeping bags and suits come in different TOG strengths, TOG stands for (Thermal Overall Grade) which relates to how much warmth the sleep suit provides. TOG is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, the higher the number, the warmer the suit. If you’re wanting to put your baby in a sleeping bag in the summer months, you should pick up a 1.0 strength sleep suit. For use in the coldest winter months, a 3.5 strength TOG suit might be best. It’s always good to check the temperatures recommended for each TOG strength before you buy the suit. Read more below...

Read More

- Safety

It’s always best to buy from reputable brands when buying a sleeping bag or sleep suit, as they’re made from durable, breathable materials. You should never let your baby go to sleep in anything with a hood or with cords or ribbons hanging off it - as this can be a choking hazard.

You should also always look for a sleep suit that’s hip-healthy, with an extra wide shape and garment construction. Grip pads on the feet are always a great idea for babies who are walking.

- Comfort

The most important factor when it comes to comfort is the softness of the material used. Many sleeping bags and suits are made from a soft cotton fleece fabric, which is both breathable and provides a thermal grade of warmth. You also want to ensure the zipper is covered with fabric at the top of the suit near the neck, so that the zipper doesn’t dig into your baby’s skin as they sleep.

- Functionality

Overall functionality is important when it comes to finding the perfect sleep suit, as you need to be able to reach dirty nappies with a two-way zipper, and go on baby quickly and easily at bedtime.

Baby sleeping bag features to consider:

- Transitional ‘wings’

Many sleeping bags offer a transitional system with wings, where you can begin to transition your baby’s arms from swaddled in, to out in stages, one arm at a time. This will allow your baby to become used to the feeling of having their arms out - slowly - andas a result, begin to wake themselves up less.

- A two-way zipper

A two-way zipper is a great functionality in sleeping bags and suits, as it allows access to change a dirty nappy without having to remove the whole suit from baby.

- Washable fabric

A cotton, machine-washable suit is ideal for dealing with vomiting or reflux babies, because you can wash as much as you need without worrying about your sleep suit losing its shape or softness.

- Longevity

A sleeping bag that converts to a sleep suit is a genius way to get bang for your buck, as it has the ability to grow with your baby. Once your baby is walking you will need to put your child to sleep in a sleep suit with legs in case they stand up in their cot and trip over.

Here are the 10 best baby sleeping bags of 2022:

What makes Anchor & Arrow Baby Winter Sleeping Bag different?

When your baby has begun to roll and has outgrown their traditional swaddle, it’s time for arms out! Anchor & Arrow Sleeping bags are a key part of your little ones' sleep routine, they associate this to be a cue for when nighttime comes and it’s time for bed. Lovingly designed in Australia, the Anchor & Arrow Sleeping Bags are the ultimate choice for establishing a strong bedtime routine, and ensuring your baby is warm and comfortable enough to sleep through the night. 

Better still, the luxurious sleeping bags are made from premium materials that are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. With no need for blankets, Anchor & Arrow Sleeping Bags have been designed to keep your little ones warm and safe as they sleep.

Why try Anchor & Arrow Baby Winter Sleeping Bags?

- The softest winter sleeping bags made with premium cotton which is soft on the babies skin

- Available in both a 2.5 and 3.5 TOG to keep little ones warm and safe while they sleep

- Available in our hand painted prints in sizes 3 months - 3 years 

- Independently sleep safety tested to comply with Australia and New Zealand sleep safety standards

Real customer reviews:

"I bought the 2.5tog sleeping bag for my son and honestly, these are by far the best on the market! They are extremely well made, soft and comfortable. Will definitely be buying more". Georgia

“The sleeping 3.5 tog sleeping bags are so soft and fit our 10 month old twin granddaughters so well, I would recommend this to anyone.” - Gayle M

Super impressed with it being a local Aussie artist, print & design. Quality is awesome.” - Glennys C

2. Billie + Bobbie The All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag, RRP $219.95

If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable sleeping option for your baby, you can’t look past the unique features of merino wool, as found in the incredible Billie + Bobbie All Season Merino Wool Sleeping Bag.

What makes the Billie + Bobbie All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag different?

Did you know that Merino Wool features a myriad of benefits related to sleep and comfort? In fact, Research from the International Wool Textile Organisation has found that babies that slept with merino wool actually had a deeper, more restful sleep. Researcher Dr Paul Swan, from the University of Sydney, said: "Wool regulates your body temperature far better, keeping you in what is known as 'the thermal comfort zone'. You therefore not only fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, but also have deeper, better quality sleep."

Yep, you read right - more sleep.

Why try Billie + Bobbie All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag?

The best thing about the Billie + Bobbie All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag is the fact that it grows with your baby and that it is suitable for use across all seasons, compared to a regular TOG rated sleeping bag, of which you need to buy many, as they have to be switched around across the year to coincide with the temperature.

Recommended for babies with eczema:

If you have a baby with sensitive skin, you’ll be pleased to know that Merino Wool is actually recommended for sensitive skin & eczema thanks to its ability to manage moisture levels next to the skin.

Can help to regulate temperature:

Similarly, Merino Wool can help to regulate temperature - a skill in which babies can’t achieve on their own, meaning that the natural properties of Merino Wool allow it to create a micro environment around the skin keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot, maintaining the ideal temperature. 

The wool won’t feel ‘prickly’:

Merino Wool is luxuriously soft, light and non-itchy which makes it the ideal fibre to wear against the skin.  Billie + Bobbie Sleeping Bags are made using 18.5 micron Superfine Merino Wool. ‘Superfine’ refers to the diameter of the fibre.  Because the Merino Wool is so fine it feels soft against the skin, unlike traditional wool which can feel itchy or prickly.

Better still, all Billie + Bobbie Merino Wool Sleeping Bags are made right here in Australia, so you can be sure that you’re receiving a quality product every time.

Real customer review:

[Review of Billie + Bobbie The All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag] “We are really happy with our Billie & Bobbie sleeping bag! My son has eczema, so it’s important that we don’t overheat him or use materials that will irritate his skin. The all seasons bag is perfect for this and I can sleep easy knowing he’s warm and snuggly but in a material that will let his skin breath. The quality is amazing and it looks great too. Would absolutely purchase again or gift to a friend!” - Courtney, 1 October 2021

[Review of Billie + Bobbie The All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag] "We couldn’t be happier with our All Season Merino Wool Sleeping Bag’. "The quality is incredible and it feels so light and soft which is great for a good sleep for our daughter. Such a brilliantly crafted product that can be used all year round with layering and knowing that it can continue to be used as she grows without having to buy another size is very advantageous. Would highly recommend this to anyone having a baby, worth every cent." - Krystal, 19 June 2021

3. Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ Transition Bag Original 1.0 TOG Grey & White Stripe, RRP: $49.95

The SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG 1.0 TOG is the easiest & gentlest way to help your baby graduate from swaddling. It enables you to zip off one wing at a time, allowing your baby to slowly adjust to ‘arms-free’ sleep. A genius solution that will help you preserve your peaceful sleep routine.

What makes the Love To Dream SWADDLE UP Transition Bag different?

The SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG ORIGINAL 1.0 TOG is made from a single layer of specially knitted, high-quality, breathable cotton. The 1.0 TOG fabric is ideal for moderate temperatures.

- 1.0 TOG fabric is ideal for moderate temperatures
- Ideal for room temperatures between 20°C and 24°C
- Gentler way to help your baby graduate from swaddling
- Patented zip-off wings
- Converts to a snug sleeping bag, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled
- Single layer of fabric to reduce risk of overheating
- Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
- Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
- No loose layers to kick off during sleep
- Proudly supporting First Candle & SIDS research
- Easy care: Machine washable & tumble dryer friendly

- Medium (6-8.5kg)
- Large (8.5-11kg)

Real review: Melissa B, lovetodream.com.au

“I truly feel confident laying our baby girl down to sleep every night knowing she’s safes and secure. We’ve been using the Love to Dream swaddle for a couple of months now (baby girl is 5 months) this was the perfect transition from the traditional swaddle method. We needed something to contain her as her little hands were creeping out of the traditional swaddle and causing a potential risk with loose blankets. She absolutely loves having her little hands up near her face. She feels safe and secure in it and sleeps 7pm-7am with one night feed at 11pm. I also love the fact I can take her arms out with the transition zips once she’s ready, great value for money. Thanks love to dream! I would highly recommend this product!!!!”

Shop all Love To Dream:

4. Baby Studio Studio Bag No Arms Organic Cotton My First 2.5 TOG - 0-6M RRP $30.00

baby sleeping bag baby studio

Sleeping made safe stylish and multifunctional Baby Studio Organic "Studio Bag" has been designed as a safe sleep alternative for the child who kicks their blankets off in the middle of the night and rolls around a gets wrapped up in the excess material.

What makes the Baby Studio Organic Sleeping Bag different?

The all year round studio bag (for room temperatures between 16 - 20 degrees) has also been designed as a 2 in 1 reversible sleeping bag with cosy fabric (solid colour side/100% Organic Jersey Cotton) and a cooler fabric (pattern side/100% Organic woven cotton) for the changing sleep environment. It also has a buckle feature to allow a baby to be placed securely in a stroller/car seat or bouncer with the buckle locking baby into place.

Real review: Ashleigh, babystudio.com.au

“I have had the ‘Coolies’ for both my daughter and son years ago and I am back to buy more for my youngest. My daughter was 2/3when I first found out about these and my son was a newborn. We used them through winter with a blanket and alone in summer. My kids always slept great when they wore them! Highly recommend.”

5. SmartSnugg SmartSleeper, RRP: $39.95 – $74.95

smart snuggle baby sleep bag

Introducing the world’s first infant monitoring sleeping bag, the SmartSleeper®. This custom-designed sleeping bag incorporates an internal SmartPocket® to hold a SmartPebble® securely in place. This allows parents to receive real-time data and alerts about their child’s sleeping bag temperature, position, and movement levels. Made from premium materials and coming with a SmartSnugg TOG Guarantee®, the SmartSleeper® perfectly unites leading-edge technology with comfort.

What makes SmartSnugg different?

The SmartSleeper® has been custom designed with a SmartPocket® to securely hold a SmartPebble® in place. The bags are made from a high-quality blend of cotton with an ultra-soft bamboo inner lining. These materials have been specially selected for both their luxurious textures and thermal properties. With the unique side-zipper allowing you to open the bag fully, it’s never been easier to change your child. The side-zipper design also allows the SmartPebble® to be positioned above the child’s chest to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Real review: Nikki, facebook.com/smartsnugg

“I highly recommend using Smartsnugg. My husband and I are able to sleep without worrying throughout the night. The SmartSnugg has been able to alert us when our little boy rolls over or is to hot or cold"

Shop SmartSnugg:

6. Baby Loves Sleep Cozy Toddler Suit in Minty Bears RRP: $69.95

baby loves sleep sleeping bag

Featuring genius fold-over cuffs on both hands and feet, your toddler can easily play and move around safely in the Baby Loves Sleep Cozy Toddler Suit, with the foot cuffs open before folding them closed for a snug night’s sleep. If your toddler enjoys self-soothing with their hands, they can do this to fall asleep with the cuffs open or they can be closed to keep little fingers warm and toasty throughout the night.

What makes Baby Loves Sleep Cozy Toddler Suit different?

The Baby Loves Sleep Cozy Toddler suit is made from the same soft, breathable cotton as our much-loved Sleepy Hugs sleep suits with a full-body length zip and top zipper cover for comfort. This suit also has a clever and practical full inner leg zip for super-easy nappy changes or potty training without taking off the suit.

The Cozy Toddler suit comes in one simple size that fits toddlers aged from 1 year to 3 years+.

Real review: Kristy G, babylovessleep.com.au

"I recently purchased a cozy suit with legs. It is such good quality, my baby settled quickly in the suit and sleeps well while using it. The all seasons suit gives me the opinion of layering his clothing or removing items based on the room temp, while allowing little hands and feet to be covered and cozy all night long."

Shop Baby Loves Sleep:

7. ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 0.2 TOG, RRP: $39.95

ergo pouch sleep bag

The lightweight ErgoPouch 0.2 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag is designed to contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and securely swaddled during summer without the need for complicated wrapping. There are press stud poppers in the armholes that convert this swaddle into your baby’s first sleeping bag. How good is that!

What makes the ErgoPouch 0.2 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag different?

- 2 IN 1 – converts from a swaddle to a sleeping bag by opening the poppers in the armholes once your baby is able to roll onto their tummy.
- TOG rated – 0.2 TOG is designed for summer when temperatures in your child’s room can reach 24C° (75F) and above. With a TOG rated swaddle, you don’t need any additional blankets.
- Organic Cotton – skin friendly as it promotes breathability and prevents those sweaty feels.
- 2 way zipper – getting your baby in and out of this swaddle is so easy and nappy changes are a breeze. It is also difficult to wriggle out from, creating longer sleeps (hooray!).
- Friendly for Hips – the Cocoon Swaddle Bag has a bell shaped bottom so that the hips + legs can flop outwards during sleep making it officially hip friendly.
- Super Stretchy – there is stretch in all directions which allows for growth spurts, full chest expansion and a very comfortable swaddle for your baby to sleep in.
- Free room thermometer is included with this product.
- The Cocoon Swaddle Bag meets all safety standards in Australia and New Zealand.

Real review: Sarah Quinn, productreview.com.au

"I bought my daughter an ergo 0.2 tog swaddle as it's perfect for winter with her pjs on and it doesn't make her sweat and is light enough for summer.This is the only one she doesn't make her way out of and the two way zipper makes it easy for late night nappy changes without disturbing her too much."

8. Bubba Blue Air+Sleep Bag, RRP: $44.95

The Bubba Blue AIR+ range is beautifully soft and environmentally sustainable. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton mesh, it's a quintessential must have to keep baby cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

What makes the Bubba Blue AIR+ range different?

The 0.5 Tog AIR+ Hot air balloon Baby Sleep Bags are the perfect weight sleep bag for the warmer months, giving baby breathable comfort for a restful sleep.

GOTS certified organic cotton for natural softness & breathability
Bell shaped design for extra leg room & healthy hip development
Two way stretch for extra comfort
Breathable cotton mesh for optimal ventilation to keep baby cool and comfortable
Two way zipper for easy nappy changes
Protector tabs to protect chin and cover zips
Reinforced shoulder seams for extra strength
Co-ordinating AIR+ swaddle suits & swaddle wraps available

Real review: Donna A, catch.com.au

“Purchased 4 of these sleep suits for my granddaughter. They are perfect for the hot Queensland nights and are a really generous size. They will fit her past 24 months. Really very happy with this purchase.”

9. Nest Design Organic Sleeping Bag with Removable Sleeves, RRP: $24.87

nest design sleep bag

This Hummingbird Grey printed toddler sleeping bag is part of the new magical meadow collection, and comes with removable sleeves that are perfect for those early autumn or spring days when it’s warm enough to remove the sleeves.

What makes the Hummingbird Toddler Sleeping Bags different?

With a soft inner layer in this lightweight sleep bag, this wearable blanket can be worn on its own or layered with an onesie underneath for extra warmth.

  • Removable sleeves for temperature options
  • Two-way zipper for easy diaper changes
  • Protective zipper flap

Real review: Grace, nestdesigns.com

"Great product! Very soft and comfortable. Perfect for all the seasons in my opinion. I like that the sleeve is removable.”

10. Tommee Tippee Original Grobag Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG, RRP: $79.95

grobag tommee tippee

This luxury grobag from Tommee Tippee is made from super-soft, bamboo-rich fabric and the brand's signature ALOEKIND™ lining, a unique cotton blend infused with naturally soothing Aloe Vera, that’s soft and gentle on baby’s skin and perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What makes Tommee Tippee grobag different?

The Tommee Tippee luxury grobags have been designed to be snug up top and wriggly down below - slim fitting through the chest to enable full freedom of movement without restriction or excess bulk with a roomy, hip-healthy bottom. With accurate TOG ratings our sleep bags will help keep your baby at the right temperature no matter how much they wriggle about.

Real review: SA, amazon.com

"This sleep sack was recommended to me by baby’s sleep coach. The other brand she suggested was popular, but way too pricey for my liking; I'm glad I bought this one instead - it's perfect quality for baby, as well as being reasonably priced! And best of all, like the name suggests, it really does grow with your child. The size that I purchased (6-18 months) has more-than-ample length and width, and an appropriately-sized armhole to accommodate a growing baby, without compromising on safety. There is no fabric bunching up or hanging loose on my now 9-month old, who tends to be a very active sleeper that moves around all over the crib while sleeping.”

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