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12 August, 2021

The Top 15 Tips for Getting Your Child Daycare Ready in 2021

Image via Hippo Blue

Starting daycare can be a really really big deal. Often for the parents more than the children. There’s a lot of new terrain to be covered, lots of new first experiences to go through and lots of planning to be done by mum and dad! Getting yourselves organised before starting daycare is key to ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

In fact, you may not realise many of the things that need to be done before starting daycare, such as ensuring vaccinations are up to date, and purchasing the right kind of long-lasting equipment for your child to have with them each day.

What are the best tips and tricks for starting daycare?

Starting daycare is a big milestone for any family. The key is to ensure you understand that at times it might be difficult for you, difficult for them - difficult for everyone! That’s okay. You have good days and bad days. The key is to be well prepared for this by having a clear plan for drop off and pick up, and ensuring you do a few key things in the lead up to starting your daycare journey. See our top tips below...

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Here are 15 tips and products you need to know about before starting daycare:

1. You’ll need to label all of the kid’s belongings

This could be one of the single most important tips you’ll learn throughout your daycare experience. Odds are, yes, you will lose something at some point, but by having labels for both clothing and items such as drink bottles, the ‘daycare item replenishment fund’ should stay fuller for longer. Choosing labels that actually stay on your child’s belongings means that you won’t have to worry about replacing them - or about rummaging through the lost and found every few weeks!

Our top pick: Hippo Blue Starting Daycare Pack, $20.00

The Hippo Blue Starting Daycare Pack features 148 stickers, including 64 mini, 48 standard and 36 shoe/round stickers. It also includes 64 mini clothing labels, which are simply ironed on to any piece of clothing and last wash after wash, after wash, after wash! Likewise, the stickers will attach to your child’s belongings (such as their drink bottles, baby bottles and creams) with ease! They have incredible staying power and will even stay secure in the dishwasher!

What makes the Hippo Blue Starting Daycare Pack different?

The Starting Daycare Pack from Hippo Blue is able to be completely personalised! You begin by choosing your collection (we love the Superhero collection!), you then choose one of the many styles available within the collection you chose, and you finish up by choosing a colour scheme and font! This means no two designs are likely to ever be alike! You can even see a preview of your design instantly, which means you can make tweaks in real time with ease!

Why try Hippo Blue Starting Daycare Pack?

Once you’ve created a design you like, the options are endless! You can use that design on anything from a personalised Hipp-O-Bento Box for your child, to a backpack and even a personalised story book with your child as the star!

Real customer reviews:

“Great Quality products, fantastic stickers that adhere to everything well. I have found using the iron paper over and under fabric and using a hair straightener is a fantastic way of applying the iron on clothing labels. The clothing labels are fantastic for day care, pre school, school and even aged care so nothing gets lost or if they do, they are easily returned. THANKS HIPPO BLUE.” - Chris R, June 2021

“My kids love the stickers. They don’t tear off . They are excellent as they come in different sizes and you can design what the kids like. Excellent for the value of money.” - Marwa S, July 2020

2. Ensure your child’s immunisation record is up-to-date

This is a prerequisite for daycare centres, who need to see evidence that your child’s immunisation records are fully up to date. Of course, injections can be a big issue for young children, who more often than not are scared of getting a jab! NeedleCalm™ could very well be just the thing to help, as it is said to help with the anxiety around injections - amazing!

Our top pick: NeedleCalm™, $10.45 each

NeedleCalm™ is a single use adhesive pad with biocompatible medical grade silicone designed to promote comfort and minimise the perception of pain associated with needle related procedures. NeedleCalm™ is intended to be used to relieve pain and/or anxiety and/or fear associated with injection / immunisation / venepuncture / catheterisation procedures.

What makes NeedleCalm™ different?

The NeedleCalm™ device uses the Gate Control Theory of Pain as a foundation for its technology. The device modulates the perception of pain through the activation of afferent nerve fibres. It achieves this through an intrinsic bodily process, where small nerve fibres (pain fibres) and large nerve fibres (normal fibres for touch, pressure, and other skin senses) both carry information to the brain. Activating one over the other allows the HCP and Patient to control the perception of pain.

Why try NeedleCalm™ for your child?

If you can do something to help your child’s fear of needles, why wouldn’t you do it? The best bit is,  the NeedleCalm™ device is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a Class 1 medical device.

Real customer reviews:

"I first heard about NeedleCalm on the TV news and immediately googled it but it wasn’t quite available to the public then. My 9 year old son had a traumatic needle experience last year in hospital and managed to work himself up into such a state at the mention of needing bloods taken again or any needle going near him. He didn’t trust anyone doing anything to him. I knew he would need blood taken for a test eventually so NeedleCalm was our last hope and it did not disappoint.

I had prepared the Phlebotomist for the possible difficulty in taking blood. She had never seen this NeedleCalm patch before and was so impressed (and probably wondered if I was making his phobia up). Other than the needle prick sensation that didn’t hurt or sting, he didn’t feel a thing and remained calm and relaxed. We put in a lot of effort over the last year to help him with the needle phobia but I doubt it would have been so easy without this patch.

Thank you NeedleCalm, from one very happy family." - The Bingham Family, 27 July 2021

3. Don’t forget to pack some sheets!

Whether your baby is sleeping in a cot of a toddler trundle bed, it’s always a good idea to send a set of good quality sheets from home that you know have been washed in detergent that’s safe for your little one’s skin, and that comes from home - so smells just like home - and may make them settle down at rest time a little easier.

Our top pick: Good quality silk, linen or cotton sheets

A good cot or bed sheet should be both breathable and durable for sleep time. You want your little one to be as comfortable as possible as they will no doubt be put to sleep in a room with other children, so you want their space to be as calming and inviting for sleep as possible.

What should you look for in cot sheets?

Silk sheets are incredibly popular for young babies, as their delicate skin and hair glide smoothly across the surface, eliminating the friction that causes knotting, matting, and baby bald spots, whilst promoting re-growth. We love Silky Tots sheets as they’re pure, natural and made from 100% Mulberry Silk, which is breathable, hypoallergenic, and non-absorbent, meaning it won’t strip natural oils from baby’s skin or hair. Likewise, Go To Bed’s range of fitted cot sheets are made from soft 100% jersey cotton fabric that is suitable all year round. You heard right! Jersey Cotton is lightweight and breathable for use in Summer, and soft and comfortable during the cooler months. The organic cotton fitted cot sheets from Banabae are also incredible for daycare and home alike, as they’re made from Hemp/organic cotton voile. This means they are both hypoallergenic and thermo regulating. It feels just as soft as linen and is one of the most sustainable fabrics available.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Silky Tots 100% Silk Fitted Cot Sheets] "I ordered a slip for my Daughter’s next to me crib and I have just ordered one for her cot bed too. Absolutely amazing, no hair loss at all. My daughter does have a lot of hair anyway, but this has really helped. Beautiful quality and colours. Very responsive when emailed with a question and arrived in lovely packaging really quickly." - Sarah Church, May 5 2021

[Review of Go To Bed Fitted Cot Sheet in Sand] "As a first time mama it was really, really important to me to find good quality baby bedding, made of durable yet breathable materials (and ideally local) so coming across Go to Bed the Label in Instagram was an absolute blessing. 17 months on and I think I own the cot sheet in every colour. They are soft, the earthy tones are gorgeous and they are such wonderful quality. My little one is just transitioning into a single bed as I'm currently baking another little babe, so I look forward to purchasing the single bed sheets soon too!! Cannot get enough of this gorgeous brand." Rebecca D, 13 May 2021

Shop cot sheets here:

4. BYO nappies

Did you know that some daycare centres don’t provide nappies? Yep! It’s always worth asking the question early on so you’re prepared. If your daycare does not provide nappies, or you’re looking to choose an option that’s better for the environment, reusable cloth nappies may be of interest to you!

Our pick: Designer Bums Cloth Nappy, $36.95

If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment - and your wallet - reusable cloth nappies are the way to go! They fit babies up to toddler age!

What makes Designer Bums Cloth Nappies different?

Designer Bums cloth nappies feature the signature trim-fit and exclusive prints. Lined with silky soft vegan Suede Cloth inner-lining which is a one-way fabric, allowing liquid to pass through and be drawn away, keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Also, due to the press studs featured around the nappy, you’re able to adjust the size so that you can use them on small babies, as well as toddlers!

Why try Designer Bums Cloth Nappies?

Designer Bums All-In-Two cloth nappies each come with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo insert made from high-quality, natural bamboo/cotton fibres that feature a convenient, rectangular snap-in booster insert, plus a large anchor-shaped insert that can be customised to provide a variety of boosting options. Featuring an additional pocket opening in the back of the nappy, it can be boosted internally as well as laid and snapped on top of the pocket to suit your needs. An additional super- absorbent Trifold insert can be purchased separately to boost for very heavy wetters, longer stretches or to convert for night-time use!

Real customer reviews:

Let’s just.say value for money and such a handy bag to use. After spending time away it was well used and the designs are beautiful.  Would gladly recommend.” Jeanette B, 7 August 2021

“After seeing how excited my 7month old was for this delicious print in the mini wet bag, I had to get a nappy so I could use it as well (the wet bag has now been put away for her birthday to hold her treasures when she is a little older)

We love the fit of the DB nappies, even still now she has chunked out her thighs a bit more. Hubby even uses them happily - likes the ease of use with single row snaps.” - Joy C, 24 July 2021

Shop Designer Bums here:

5. No hat, no play!

A protective hat is a major must-have for daycare, in fact, many have a ‘no hat, no play’ policy that they enforce, because we live in Australia - and our kids always need to be protected from the harmful UV rays!

Our pick: Bedhead Hats, from $28.95

The great thing about these hats is that if you want to change up the look and feel, you can simply turn it inside out for a whole new pattern!

What makes Bedhead hats different?

For Bedhead Hats, the urge to protect, nurture and enjoy life extends beyond their products and into the way the entire company operates. From the people who make their hats, to how they package them up to you, to where and how they operate as a business, they’re doing their best to do their part for the planet, their customers, their community, their makers and employees.

Why try Bedhead hats?

To ensure Bedhead hats are of greatest protection, they are tested on the overall hat design. Most hats in the marketplace are only tested on the fabric alone - which can deteriorate over time reducing protection, let alone taking into account the size or angle of a hats brim.

All Bedhead Bucket hat, Baby Bucket hat & Legionnaire styles have achieved a rating of UPF50+ Excellent Protection.

Real customer reviews:

“A hat that my toddler actually asks to wear. Stays on with great sun protection and not getting in her eyeline. Good structure without being hard or super-formed and stretchy enough to accommodate the growing head. Love it!” - Stacey D, 7 August 2021

Not only is this hat super cute on my little guy, it stays snug on his head, is super soft and comfy, and the quality of the make is excellent. I just know we're going to get a great deal of wear out of this beauty.” - Elyssa K, 3 August 2021

Shop more hats:

6. A sturdy drink bottle is key

One of the key things for your children throughout their day at daycare is to keep up their hydration! An attractive, kid-friendly drink bottle will have them reaching for it more often!

Our pick: Camelbak Eddy + Kids Insulated 400ml drink bottle, $27.99

What you want from a drink bottle is something that’s easy for your little one to pick up and drink from, is easily identifiable and will keep their drink cool!

What makes Camelbak different?

The Eddy®+ Kids Insulated Bottle is spill-proof and built tough for all of life’s tumbles and accidental drops. Your tiny adventurer will definitely flip for this lightweight and durable bottle that keeps their drink colder, longer. Plus, you'll love that it's so easy to clean as it's dishwasher safe! Hooray!

Real customer reviews:

We ordered two of these bottles when our little guy started daycare a few years ago and have just recently come back for a second round - to update his designs! These water bottles are tough and leak-proof and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone with 100mph toddlers.” - Felicity, 25 May 2020

“Excellent product for kids. The bottle doesn't leak at all when tipped over, or even if you wave it about upside down! My 4.5 and 2.5 year olds very quickly worked out how to use the bite valve. When locked down, it can be completely sealed for storage.” - Andrew Noble on 19th Jun 2020

7. Durable, comfortable clothes are a must!

Let’s be honest, we’re not going to be sending our kids to daycare in their Sunday best - what with all the painting and sandpit play they’re sure to do! What we need are affordable brands that offer both comfort and quality.

Our picks: Kmart, Target, Big W and Bonds

Quality, on-trend garments that move with your active little one, what more could you ask for in daycare clothing? The low price tag doesn’t hurt either, as no doubt there’ll be paint splatter and texta marks all over those pieces.

What kind of clothing should you choose for your child’s daycare wardrobe?

It’s best to dress your child in layers when you send them off to daycare each day. That way they can peel off layers if they get too hot, or put them on if it gets chilly. Stretchy leggings are always a good option in the in between seasons, where as cotton shorts and great for summer, and fleece-lined tracksuit pants are a must in winter. Cotton t-shirts are great for warmer days, where as long-sleeved tops underneath a fleece-lined jumper is a winning recipe for winter. Always pack a puffer best or jacket along with a beanie when winter sets in.

Top tip for buying daycare clothes:

Did you know that stores like Kmart, Big W, Target and even Cotton On Kids do end of season sales? This is a great time to buy larger sizes for the next season at a much cheaper price! You also want to buy clothing that isn’t too tight, and is breathable. That goes for socks too! Make sure you buy 100% cotton so they don’t get sweaty feet! Bonds are amazing for this!

8. Step into the fun in the right shoes

There are so many great brands out there providing sturdy, good quality shoes that won’t break the bank. Because feeling supported throughout the day is so important as baby’s grow and their walk turns into a run!

Our picks: Skeanie, Just Ray Baby, Tikitot

All of these brands provide quality, style and flexibility for your little one’s feet. They won’t wear holes in the soles due to endless running all day long, and will ensure your child is equipped with the right shoes to carry them through each day.

Why is finding the right shoes so important?

In summer, a breathable sandal is key for comfort throughout the day. You want to choose something with flexibility that will move with your child’s foot and remain unstretched, even if they wear them daily. We love the Brooklyn Nude Spot Toddler Boots from Tikitot (pictured) as they feature a flexible yet durable rubber sole to encourage natural foot movement. For sneakers, you can’t go past the SKEANIE Toddler Leather Trainer Shoes, as they feature luxurious leather uppers and lining with flexible rubber soles. The velcro closure and a toe kick guard are perfect for growing feet. The Lonnie Sneaker from Just Ray Baby is also a firm favourite, as it comes in a variety of styles and have a rubber sole and a cushioned insole which is flexible enough to still allow natural movement.

9. Create a feeling of comfort with their favourite cuddly toy

Separation anxiety can reach an all time high when it comes time to start daycare. It could be the first time your kids are away from you since they were born, so it’s a tough time for everyone involved! A good tip is to buy your child a ‘cuddly’ toy (in fact, maybe two or three of them!) that they can have with them at home and at daycare, to provide a sense of familiarity in new surroundings.

Our pick: Sack Me! (pictured), Kippins and Riff Raff!

All three of these brands create beautiful, easy-to-love cuddly toys that your little one will no doubt become attached to instantly. Hence the reason to buy two or three, in case bunny, unicorn or dragon needs a wash! We love the Sack Me! Dee Dragon Security Blanket, the Splits Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter, and Raffy the Fawn Riff Raff Sleep Toy.

10. Deal with nappy rash with a trusty nappy cream

Nappy rash is an unfortunate reality for almost all kids at one time or another. The key to dealing with it effectively is to ensure it’s not further agitated by your little one’s wet or soiled nappies. That means creating a barrier over the nappy rash with a thick nappy cream.

Our pick: Mustela or al.ive baby

Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is fragrance-free and specially formulated to tackle the factors that trigger nappy skin discomfort at their source thanks to a unique combination of patented natural active ingredients, to 1) Prevent 2) Soothe 3) Recover the baby’s skin discomfort. Likewise, the al.ive body baby Nappy Cream is formulated with carefully selected ingredients that will help protect and soothe the discomfort of nappy rash.

How do you send your nappy rash cream to daycare?

If you’re dealing with nappy rash at home, which can often occur when babies are teething, you don’t want the protection to stop just because they have attended daycare for the day. To effectively treat nappy rash you have to keep the area clean, dry and protected around the clock, so you can’t have the ball dropped at daycare!

Did you know?

Daycare legally requires any cream, teething powder or teething gel you’d like applied to your child at daycare to have a pharmacist's label on it? Otherwise it cannot be given. You just have to ask a pharmacist to print out a sticker with the child's name and the dosage or application suggestion on it and attach it to the product - you don't have to buy it at the pharmacy either!

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream] “I have used this product across my 3 children with wonderful results. From newborn to 18months or even beyond nappies, I have found that the Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream does what it claims. No matter how minor or severe the issue, this cream aided in healing 100%. I find that a small amount goes a long way, which makes this product very cost effective. Would highly recommend this product to new mums, or mums that have just tried everything to assist with their baby’s nappy rash. You won't be disappointed.” - LipsChick22, August 2019

[Review of Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream] “This has been our saviour right from the start! My bub has sensitive skin yet has had no major issues with nappy rash, and I’m putting it down to regular use of this gem! This product is amazing, does exactly what it promises and more. It’s the only nappy cream we use.” - CWH Mum, August 2020

Shop Nappy Creams here:

11. Pick the right baby bottle from the start

If your child is starting daycare while they’re under one, no doubt you’ll have done the hard yards when it comes to finding a breast-like bottle that they’ll take. It’s crucial if they’re going to have a smooth transition to daycare, as mum won’t be around to feed them!

Our pick: Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Bottle, $19.49

This bottle is the most breast-like bottle on the market, with a super soft silicone bottle and a wide base, meaning it’s sturdy and able to placed down between feeding with ease. The super soft silicone of the Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Bottle is also a favourite for babies to hold as they feed, and the nipple-like teat feels familiar. They’re also easy to clean, due to the wide neck and bottle.

Top tips for sending a bottle to daycare:

Ensure your baby’s bottles are washed and sterilised before sending them to daycare is key, as you don’t want to depend on daycare staff to do this. Also, like with your child’s clothing, it’s integral to ensure all your child’s bottles, formula and cleaning utensils are clearly labelled with waterproof labels, such as the ones from Hippo Blue. You should also create and print out a clear feeding schedule for your baby, so that the daycare staff stick to the same timings you would at home.

Real customer reviews:

“Love these bottles!! We have the OG version and decided to try these as our breast fed baby is growing and drinking more. Love the easy fast clean up and assembly. Never had any issues with her latching or leaking for those concerned! Hubby also commented on how he loves this design and feel. I even did a test use with one of the bottles in my Wabi dryer and sterilizer and it works wonderfully with no warping so far! Finally was able to snatch the pink ones, thank you nanobebe for giving us 4 color choices!!! So now we have 3 pinks and blue.” - Jaime, 20 October 2020

“I absolutely loved these bottles. We noticed our daughter didn’t spit up as much or even at all sometimes which is her normal. The silicone feel is one of my favorite features. Our loves to hold onto it, and is almost fascinated by the feel. We have never used plastic bottles with her. She’s 5 months, and enjoys these bottles just as much as I do I think haha. Easy to clean, and let’s not forget to mention how cute they are! We bought 3 to start with, and I have more in my cart already with all nipple sizes!! I plan to try these with our next baby as well!” - Brent, 16 October 2020

Shop Nanobébé here:

12. A sleeping bag provides extra warmth and security

As children in daycare reach the cooler months, you may choose to send a sleeping bag to provide some extra warmth. Likewise, some parents like to send a sleeping bag or sleeping sack for their younger children, as it is a bedtime association that tells them it’s time to go to sleep!

Our picks: Love to Dream and Anchor and Arrow (pictured)

Both of these brands provide comfortable sleeping bags for babies to toddler age with varying degrees of warmth for the different times of year. While Love to Dream have a gorgeous array of subtle shades and comfortable quilting, Anchor and Arrow feature more colourful hues and eye-catching designs. Both brands feature a TOG system to identify the ideal sleeping bag depending on the temperature. In the warmer months, the TOG rating should be lower, and in winter, it should be higher.

Tips for finding the right sleeping bag for your child:

If you find a sleeping bag that your child likes, such as an ‘arms out’ vest-style sleeping bag, or one that covers their arms as well as their body - stick with that style! You want your child to have a seamless transition from home to daycare, so you should keep as many things the same as home as you can. Daycare is not the right setting to introduce something new, as there is a lot of that going on for them already. Of course, you should always ensure your sleeping bags are clearly labelled.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Anchor and Arrow Summer Sleeping Bag 0.4 TOG - Peony] “​​I am so in love with our new Winter Sleeping Bag. It feels so soft and snuggly and my toddler sleeps really well in it too. I'm already trying to decide which design I get next!” - Anonymous, 24 July 2021

[Review of LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT™ 3.5 TOG Soft Pink] “Love this suit. My girl has been in love to dream since the day she was born. I love knowing that she's warm and comfortable while she's asleep. Washes really well, and looks super cute too!” - Melissa C, 8 August 2021

Shop sleeping bags here:

13. Slip, slop, slap with the right sunscreen

Many daycare centres focus on a decent amount of outdoor play each day, as a chance for the children to receive a good dose of vitamin D, but of course, they need to be protected too! When searching for a sunscreen to send to daycare for your child, you need to look for one that will provide the utmost protection from UVA and UVB rays, and won’t clog their skin.

Our picks: Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen SPF50+ and Happy Hours Protect Natural Sunscreen - SPF50+

We love the Cancer Council Sunscreen for children as it provides SPF50+ broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, is fragrance and paraben free, and specially-formulated and dermatologically tested for the most delicate of skins. Happy Hours Protect Natural Sunscreen SPF50+ is a natural SPF50 broad spectrum zinc sunscreen, with a 4 hour water resistance that is safe for all skin types and ages. Free from octocrylene, oxybenzone, octinoxate & synthetic fragrances, this sunscreen is reef, kid and pregnancy friendly... hallelujah!

Tips for sending sunscreen to daycare:

Most daycare educators are trained to reapply sunscreen every four hours if children are outside in the sun. However, it can’t hurt to relay this information to your child’s educator on a warm day during dropoff. Likewise, always send your child to daycare with sunscreen already applied, and let the educator know you have done this, so that they don’t reapply straight away. As with everything else you send with your child to daycare, label your sunscreen clearly!

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen SPF50+] “This product entices children to want to use it. It has specific illustrations that children can relate to. It does not have any offensive odour to discourage children from using it, and it goes on effortlessly. The high protection, and the longevity of the application is a big bonus.” - VasD, 15 October 2018

[Review of Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen SPF50+] “Love this sunscreen for our daughter. It's super quick and easy to apply. Non greasy and great value for money. We always use sunscreen when going outside even on overcast days. We can trust in this sunscreen to protect her delicate skin whilst having fun in the sun!” - Donna2509, 6 April 2016

14. In a COVID world, hand sanitiser is a must

Even though we all know what a crazy world we’re living in at the moment, our children don’t know any different, which is a good thing. By the time they're old enough to fully comprehend the world around them, we’ll hopefully have a real sense of normality back! For this reason, hand sanitiser is all part and parcel of the daycare process, as your children have probably used hand sanitiser in the last year more than you have in your life!

Our pick: Happy Hours skincare sanitiser

To add a sense of novelty for children, the Happy Hours Skincare sanitiser is actually a spray! Fun! The hand and surface spray sanitiser is designed to protect the whole family and keep the skin clean, healthy and hydrated. Using only natural ingredients, this non oily or sticky formula is kid safe, pregnancy safe, vegan and cruelty free and can be used on anything your child touches, hopefully before they touch it!

Real customer reviews:

“What have I been doing this whole lockdown! One of the Mums at mother’s group was spraying this stuff around and it is to die for! You could honesty use it as a perfume ( or maybe a cocktail lol) Just the most amazing smell and light beautiful feel on the hands. No more dry cracked skin! I’m converted.” - Olivia L, August 2020

“An easy to use hand sanitiser my daughter recommended. Does the job naturally without leaving chemicals all over your hands. I think they should make a slightly larger size as you can go through it quite quickly. The smell was nice, I’m not sure if the name happy hours makes reference to a cocktail, although it does smell a little like a margarita, in a good way! All in all a great product.” - Sarah K, July 2020

Shop sanitiser here:

15. Now pack it all up in a gorgeous daycare bag!

Finding the perfect daycare bag is part and parcel of the whole transition to daycare! It’s the fun part, where children can be included in the process of selecting a bag they love (once they’re older of course!). For the little ones, a personalised backpack (like the ones from Hippo Blue) are a wonderful bag to choose, as they’re big enough to fit all of the bits and pieces your child will need throughout the day, plus they’re easily identifiable by educators, as they have your child’s name clearly visible on the front!

Our picks: Hippo Blue and Marmalade Lion

Hippo Blue child backpacks come with a handy inner pocket, spacious front zippered compartment and two side pockets, meaning you’ll never run out of space. It’s a high quality, totally personalisable bag made out of super durable, lightweight and woven polyester with piping. The Marmalade Lion Expect-A-Spill children’s backpacks are unlike any other! Made from Maramalade Lion’s signature waterproof fabrics and including an inbuilt lunchbox cooler and bottle cooler, these super-sturdy bags are built to take everywhere. From a nappy bag to a preschool bag, as you might have guessed the Expect-A-Spill backpacks are super easy to simply wipe clean inside and out. Plus, the ergonomic, padded shoulder straps make it extremely comfy for little shoulders to carry.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Hippo Blue Medium Backpack] “I order some name labels and a backpack for my daughter. I ordered just after Christmas and my order arrived in only 4 days. I am very happy with the quality of my order. I will definitely order from you again.” Jess L, May 2019

[Review of Marmalade Lion Cockatoo Expect-A-Spill Backpack] “I am always nervous when buying products online without seeing them but I know M&L are great quality so I bought the backpack. I live it. It’s waterproof but subtle (not heave or super plastic) design in gorgeous and it’s a fabulous size! I wish I had found this earlier.” - Rachel, February 2021

Shop backpacks here:

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