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5 April, 2019

Behind The Brand: Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes - Nursery Artwork for your baby room

Artist and designer Ainslie Fletcher is not only the creative talent and founder of Violet Eyes children’s artworks, she is also an inspired mummy!

Here, Ainslie explains the magic behind those dreamy artworks...

You’re a designer, artist and have a textiles background. What did life look like before your daughter and Violet Eyes was born?

I worked for many years as a creative and illustrator for fashion and print media. I have mostly always worked for myself and enjoyed the challenges that freelance work gave me creatively. I have a design degree and am a graphic designer but I also studied art and so I have skills in both worlds.

Becoming a Mum, I wanted to create a new way of working that was more about my own ideas and vision rather than realising other peoples’ dreams! I also wanted flexibility to be available for my baby.

What was the inspiration behind Violet Eyes?

I was definitely inspired to create something that I couldn’t find in the market place - which was artwork specifically for kids’ rooms that was beautiful and would also work with the rest of the house styling

Tell us about Violet Eyes artworks. How are they different?

Every single piece of art is made by me with so much love. I spend a lot of time getting the colours and designs just right and making sure every detail of the artworks are perfect. I really feel proud of every artwork in the collection. I love hearing and seeing where they end up and why people like them. It always makes my day!

Your artworks capture ‘Australia’ and ‘childlike nostalgia'. Can you explain?

Initially I felt very drawn to create artwork that reflected the Australian point of view featuring our flora and fauna. As the business has evolved I have expanded my focus to include other animals and subject matter. I find that a lot of my work inspired initially by colour palettes and also by interests my daughter has as she grows. We create a lot of art together, and I get lots of inspiration seeing the world through her eyes

What was life like launching a new business with a baby?

To be honest it was pure grit and determination that kept me going initially, and also what gets me through even now. I have such a passion for creating things. The joy of dreaming something up and releasing it into the world never loses its shine for me. You need to have that urge that pushes you through the tough bits as there is always a million things that get in the way of your work when you are a Mum. Finding ways you can get things done require resourcefulness and sacrifices. The magic happens when you surrender to this reality and just get on with it.

Explain why digital printing is a better environmental option than older printing methods?

Digital printing is so fab because it uses minimal ink and is very clean. Offset and screen printing create more environmentally damaging ink, and huge runs of one print style are required also, encouraging waste. I aim to create just what we need. We are always thinking about ways we can reduce the carbon footprint of the business. We have reduced excessive packaging this year and working to transition to shipping direct from the manufacturer. All these changes add up to less fuel used, less waste and a much lighter footprint. We are working on ways we can go plastic free completely with our packaging.

Can you share some nursery decorating tips?

Start with one or two key colours that you want to use. Use Pinterest for ideas. Buy furniture first, then artwork and wallpaper. Everything else can be tied together using cushions and décor items! Hang art at eye level. I personally think it’s better to have one or two larger pieces of art for focal points, and then smaller pieces on shelves or dressers. Choose calm colours for nurseries and more lively hues for kids’ rooms. Less is more!

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