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7 December, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements For New Mums

hq health vitamins

Why is it important for new mums to receive nutritional support?

From the second you wee on that pregnancy stick and discover you’re pregnant, you become instantly responsible for that little baby growing in your belly. That means filling your body with the appropriate nutrients to help support the growth of that baby and fulfil any nutritional gaps that may come about during pregnancy. It’s a well known fact that when pregnant, the baby receives first dibs on all nutrients that come from any food consumed. For that reason, that nutritional gaps can be widened and filling them with nutritional support by way of consuming more vitamin-rich foods is never more essential. However, it’s understandable that you can’t always receive your recommended daily nutrient intake from food (apart from cravings cutting out a lot of good stuff - you’d have to eat a lot to meet all the nutritional requirements), so supplements can be a great way to help fill any nutritional gaps in your diet.

What kind of nutritional support should new mums seek out?

Nutritional support should begin before you fall pregnant, with a folic acid supplement as our bodies use folic acid to create DNA. During pregnancy, it’s important to ensure you are topping up your body with the essential vitamins and minerals you need to help both your baby grow and produce enough energy for yourself to get through the day and feel mentally and physically strong. It’s also incredibly important to support a healthy immune system to fit off illness, as many traditional ailments are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy - and certain supplements can help you to achieve that.

#1: Pre-pregnancy supplements

Folic acid is considered one of the most important vitamins to consume throughout your entire pregnancy. This is essential, as it helps the development of your baby's nervous system and neural tube early in pregnancy. Where possible, it’s beneficial to have a healthy level of folic acid in your system before you fall pregnant, as it helps to prevent spinal defects in growing babies. If you prefer, you can opt for a pregnancy and breastfeeding multivitamin, many of which contain a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iodine and vitamin D3, as well as omega-3 DHA. These are designed to be taken throughout your entire pregnancy, from before conception, well into breastfeeding.

A healthy diet can help prepare your body for pregnancy. Natural foods also contain essential nutrients and co-factors that make it easier for your body to absorb and use effectively. Wholefood supplements such as Daily Vitality by HQ Health provide organic and natural sources of some of the essential nutrients you need when planning to fall pregnant, such as folate, calcium and protein.


#2: Pregnancy supplements

As your baby grows inside your belly, so to does their need for essential vitamins and minerals to help support that growth. This means that it’s integral to ensure you’re providing your body with the essential nutrients you need to support both you and your growing baby. A good list of vitamins to start with are iron, calcium, vitamin D, DHA and Iodine to assist with maintaining your energy levels, healthy brain function and bone and muscle strength as your body grows and changes.

Raspberry leaf tea has also been known to assist women in the lead-up to childbirth, with many women claiming that consistent drinking of raspberry leaf tea can help to shorten labour.

#3: Post partum and Breastfeeding nutritional support

Once baby has arrived earthside, a woman’s body goes into milk production mode. It’s a big job, producing the lifeline that our babies need to grow healthy and strong. Maintaining a nutrient-rich diet is never more important than during this time, because your baby will again take first dibs of the vitamins and nutrients they need, so you need to ensure your diet is enriched with enough for you, too.

There are certain products that can help with the production of breast milk, such as lactation support tea blends, lactation cookies and even tea blends made up of traditional chinese medicine foods, which can help to re-energise and assist sleep (when you can get it!).

Pregnancy and birth take a toll on your body and emotions, as well as the increased nutrient demands on your body following birth and while breastfeeding. Pregnancy followed by childbirth results in a loss of essential nutrients for you, which can lead to postpartum depletion.  It is important these stores are replenished post birth regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not. Wholefood supplements such as Post Birth Vitality can help to restore essential nutrients as well as provide nutritional support for hormone regulation, energy, mood and milk supply.


Before taking any vitamin or pregnancy supplement, it’s important to consult with your doctor about whether it is appropriate for you.

Top supplements

hq health vitamins

HQ | Intelligent Health has scientifically formulated high quality wholefood supplements packed with the nutrients and vitamins that women need for postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond. 100% plant based the way nature intended. 

Post Birth Vitality is the postpartum care every new mum needs. Scientifically formulated nutrient powder with plant-based organic vitamins, Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients and wholefoods to support recovery from pregnancy and birth, hormone regulation, mood, vitality and milk supply. Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of the Golden Month to nourish and care for mums in the first 6 months postpartum. Tastes like a spicy chai latte and delicious hot or cold with your plant-based milk of choice.

Re-Energise is a high-quality nutrient powder full of protein, whole foods, organic vitamins, adaptogens and Traditional Chinese Medicine foods to support breastfeeding mums.  This power punch is scientifically formulated to help you get the energy, protein and nutrients you need, with traditional ingredients to support your mood and a healthy milk supply. Each 10g serve provides more than 100% of your recommended daily needs for B2, B3, B5, B6, Folate and Vitamin C as well as 18% of your daily calcium needs. Yummy with water, juice or in a smoothie.

Daily Vitality is a power punch of organic vitamins B &C, protein, grasses, Traditional Chinese Medicine foods and adaptogens to help replenish energy and wellbeing for pre-conception, after weaning or for the new dad/partner. Scientifically formulated to provide essential nutrients and support energy, immunity, stress and hormones. Yummy with water, juice or in a smoothie.


Customer Reviews

"Within just one week of using Post Birth Vitality, I've noticed a significant difference in my overall energy and mood. As a first time, the newborn phase can be overwhelming to say the least. Since taking the PBV blend, I have been a lot less stressed, much calmer and more relaxed (which has meant a happier baby too). I also found it helped with my milk supply too! I take the blend each morning (mix the powder in with my chai tea) after breastfeeding and know that I'm fuelling my body with quality nutrients to assistantships with my post birth recovery. I would highly recommend this product to all new mums and mums to be. It's been a serious game changer for me." - Jasmin
"I am incredibly grateful to come across your product [Re-Energise]. I spent months going through so many different health products, not finding one that properly suited me as a breastfeeding mumma. Since finding your product, I have now gone through 3 tubs of it & have found my energy levels along with my entire general wellbeing has improved so much! Also knowing my little babe is getting such good nutrients is such a bonus! Thank you so much to all your team for creating such a wonderful product. Highly recommend mumma’s, especially breastfeeding mumma’s to get onboard thank you!" - Lucie
pregnancy supplement

Professionally developed by a team of highly qualified Naturopaths, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Certified Australian Tea Master, MaterniTea provides specially formulated 100% Organic and Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Blends, designed to support women at every stage of their pregnancy. From Fertility, Pregnancy, Post Birth Recovery & Breastfeeding, providing the right support at exactly the right time. The MaterniTea blends have been designed specifically with the needs and challenges of each trimester in mind.

Customer Review

" Once I started using Maternitea my pregnancy was a breeze. I had a wonderful and easy pregnancy compared to most other people I know and I put a lot of it down up starting the tea. I then have had a caesarean 3 weeks ago and my recovery has been so easy which I am both surprised and grateful for. I definitely recommend maternitea to everyone I know who is pregnant and planning on becoming pregnant." Genevieve Darling

js health vitamins

The JS Health range has been tried and tested by the OFB team and we are huge fans. In particular we have tried the hair + energy and the skin + digestion supplements. Both have shown great results! JS Health have a wide range of nutritional supplements for many different areas of the body .

Customer Review

"I suffered from postpartum balding after having my daughter. I’ve never really had good hair. It’s always been pretty thin and didn’t really grow past a certain length. I was recommended these by a friend and saw results within 6 days. I actually cried. I’ve been using for just over a month now and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My hair has grown back completely, my bald spots are gone and I no longer have handfuls of hair coming out in the shower and it’s growing longer and thicker than it ever has. Literally amazing. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 " Katie H.

The Beauty Chef have a wide range of supplements with their aim to unlock glowing skin and a healthy gut with their bio-fermented probiotic-rich wholefood supplements.

Customer Review

"Great pack excellent products love love love them ! I have been using glow now for many years and I just love it.The new formula is a bit different to the old but still tastes great and I believe even more beneficial to me.I usually put a spoonful in my Greek yoghurt each day and mix it all in and it is divine. Just recently tho I have been having it in water first thing in the morning as I think this is the preferred way ,so most days I have 2 serves.

The collagen liquid I add to my morning drink and it just enhances the flavour so much I really enjoy it.

The body product I don’t take all the time ,I have a bit of a troublesome stomach and it seems to react a bit if I take it regularly so I don’t ,it is quite tasty tho I use with soy milk or water." Karen D.

Vida Glow believe in holistic wellness that goes beyond a one-dimensional approach to beauty. Created on the foundation that nourishment for hair, skin and nails begins within, their mission is to provide a comprehensive range of pure yet potent ingestible beauty products that support inner health for a visible outer glow.

Customer Review

"Vida glow is a great product I have noticed such an improvement in my hair health since using it. My nails are much stronger and my skin feels dewy and more hydrated. It is such an easy product to incorporate into your daily routine. I love the flavourless powder in the mornings in my tea or just a glass of water. I keep a stash of the peach and blueberry with me incase I need and afternoon pick me up. I would definitely recommend anyone interested try Vida glow you will notice the difference!" Melissa G

blackmores vitamins

As Australia’s leading Natural Health Company, Blackmores is passionate about supporting your wellbeing during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold provides an ideal daily dose of 20 important nutrients for mother and baby including folic acid, iodine and vitamin D3. It also has omega-3 DHA to support baby’s brain, eyesight and nervous system development and a lower constipation iron.

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