Poppies For Grace 5

Come with us and step into a world of colour and party fun that is full of the stuff of dreams and the best of what memories of made of! Childhood parties are memories your kids will hold on to for a lifetime. They are the times we as adults often look back on with fondness and there is no better way to ensure that for your own kids than to be inspired by the colour, shimmer and ‘wow’ of the Poppies for Grace collection of decorations and partyware!

We have loved Poppies for Grace from their humble beginnings of producing gorgeous stationery, and the business has become one of those inspiring stories that prove hard work can make business dreams come true! 

Their latest collection sees an extension of their signature pieces with more bursts of fun, fruit, and animals. A true celebration of colour and paper. There are bespoke prints, invitations, gift cards and tags, confetti balloon pops, honeycomb fancies and garlands. Every piece is a celebration in its own right and combined – they are the perfect tools to bring the imagination alive!

“We believe that celebrations are good for the soul”. – Poppies for Grace

Enter the Poppies for Grace world of colour and party fun at One Fine Baby and let your imagination get carried away! Buy your tickets online now and we’ll see you at the fair!

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