Road-Tested: 10 Of The Best Maternity Clothing Brands In Australia In 2024

10 Of The Best Maternity Clothing Brands In Australia In 2023

Falling pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time! There is so much to think about and plan, like decking out a cute nursery, choosing a newborn pram, and getting your car seat sorted, just to name a few. However, one of the most important things you can organise is a range of clothing for maternity that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful throughout your whole pregnancy.

Luckily for us, there has never been a wider range of maternity clothing on offer, and better still - it's never been so comfortable and so on trend! Kind of makes you want to go for another one... am I right? wink

What kind of clothing for maternity do I need?

Depending on the season that you hit your second and third trimester, the best maternity wear may be different for someone else who is pregnant and due to give birth in a different season. If your due date is in January for example, you’ll need to look for maternity dresses and maternity shorts, while a woman due to give birth in July will need to stock up on maternity leggings and maternity jeans that give extra room to the bump!

Different kinds of maternity clothing:

There is a bigger range of maternity clothing available than ever before! As to when you’ll need to start wearing maternity clothing, this will differ from woman to woman and will also depend on how fast your bump grows - and how big. It’s always best to arm yourself with a few essentials like the ones listed below once you hit 12 weeks of pregnancy, in preparation for your ballooning bump in trimester two!

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Maternity jeans:

These are a must-have for women who are due to give birth in any month of the year, as non-maternity jeans don’t have much ‘give’ to accommodate a growing bump, so it means that most women have to give them up early! Maternity jeans with an elastic waistband and super soft pocket to sit over your bump, allow you to rock skinny jeans – or any jeans you desire – up until you give birth!

Maternity leggings:

Many women choose maternity leggings as a comfortable day-to-day option as they sit over the bump and feel secure. They can be paired with a long top for the ultimate in comfort!

Maternity dresses:

Perfect for all-season pregnancies, many women choose lightweight flowy maternity dresses made with cotton or linen for the hotter months, while in winter many women opt for tighter-fit knit dresses, which reveal a neat silhouette of your bump without feeling too restricting.

Maternity shorts:

Great for the summer months to help avoid any potential thigh chafing (it happens!), maternity shorts can be made from denim, or even materials such as linen or cotton, and sit either over or under the belly, depending on the style you choose.

Maternity skirts:

Similarly to dresses, there is a wide range of skirts for maternity available, and you can choose from flowy lightweight skirts, tighter skirts with an elastic waistband, or ruched skirts that showcase your bump perfectly!

Maternity pyjamas:

Pyjamas seem like they were made for pregnancy, as most come ready with an elasticised waistband that can sit over or under the belly, depending on your preference. The difference is that maternity pyjamas feature a little more room in the front, allowing for a growing belly.

Maternity swimwear:

There has never been a more impressive range of maternity swimwear available! Many of these are gorgeous one-piece swimsuits that feature ruching on the sides to allow for a growing bump.

1. Boody


Maternity wear that doesn't 'feel' like maternity wear, but has all of the glorious features that pregnant women want out of their go-to wardrobe during each trimester. The best bit? These maternity dress clothes from Boody will be in rotation long after baby is earthside.

What makes Boody different?

Mindfully made for a comfortable, relaxed fit, Boody womenswear is made and crafted in breathable organically grown bamboo, this everyday essential is soft, simple and sustainable. Organically grown bamboo is highly breathable and comfy, making it perfect for garments that sit close to the skin. This style is naturally eco-friendly, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic.

Why buy Boody pieces?

We love the Boody Downtime Wide Leg Lounge Pant crafted with a wide waistband and wide leg. This gives you plenty of room to move. Lightweight, breathable, and complete with two pockets, these pants are hypoallergenic and will keep you feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

We're also a fan of the Boody Goodnight Nightdress. Not just for sleeping, this dress is perfect to slip on around the house, or even out for coffee. Just pop on a denim jacket and some comfy slides to feel comfortable and cool throughout your pregnancy - and beyond! This comfortable bamboo nightdress features wide neckband detail, a tonal cover-stitch, a curved hemline, flattering centre-back seam detail, and a soft extended sleeve. No zippers, buttons, ties, or other irritants - just ultra-soft fabric crafted in a loose, relaxed fit

Real customer reviews:

“​​I love these - I have been wearing them [Boody Downtime Wide Leg Lounge Pant] NON-STOP when at home, sometimes even wear them to the shops. They have been an absolute life-saver in the hot weather - so cool and comfortable. They breathe well and they wash well. I will definitely get more. I hope they get made in the new sage green colour..” - Karen C

"Love wearing this little nighty [Boody Goodnight Nightdress] as a casual dress. It’s not tight but still flattering and is so easy to care for, no ironing, just wash and throw it back on again. Mid-thigh length, not too short. Couldn’t be more comfortable." - Lillian P


LEGOE HERITAGE Camille Maxi Dress Pumice 02 Copy 2

What are some of the key and most popular pieces from LÉGOE HERITAGE?

What makes LÉGOE HERITAGE different from other maternity brands?

Ever evolving and redefining maternity wear, LÉGOE HERITAGE provides elevated options for a contemporary (and comfortable) pregnancy and motherhood. 

Made with only the finest materials, and luxurious detailing, LÉGOE HERITAGE pieces are designed to celebrate the woman you are, while adding comfort and wearability to your wardrobe. So much more than a maternity brand, subtle design changes mean that these pieces will stand the test of time long after your baby has arrived earthside.


Est. in 2015, LÉGOE HERITAGE is a contemporary Motherhood label curating timeless and elevated pieces for you to wear and love during pregnancy and years to come.

Ever evolving, ever shifting and ever re-defining maternity wear, the collections are brought to life in contrasting materials and textures, thoughtful fabrics and detailed finishes; a fact that will propel these pieces to ‘capsule’ status as soon as you first try them.

Real customer reviews:

"Simple and elegant pieces. I get complimented on how fresh I look every time I wear pieces from LÉGOE HERITAGE. Cool, comfortable and easy to wear." - Amanda S
"Purchased this beautiful set and it is now my most adored maternity brand! The quality, sizes and styles are simply incredible, I can dress this outfit up or wear it casually and it’s one of the only outfits I can wear post-pregnancy. I will definitely be purchasing the other colours to add to my collection!" - Sera S

3. TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings

theRY group compression tights

Experience enhanced physiological benefits in optimal comfort during your pregnancy with TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings. Crafted for functionality, with modern styling in mind, these maternity leggings provide graduated compression to alleviate swelling and enhance blood flow, making them a staple for any expecting mother's wardrobe - it’s not just about the bump, they are a lifesaver! 

What makes TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings different?

Did you know that during pregnancy your body needs to deliver more oxygen and blood to both you and your growing baby. Your body creates 50% more blood and your heart must work 30% harder to pump that blood around the body and to the placenta where the maternal blood provides nutrients to your unborn baby. Up to 80% of women experience insufficient circulation during pregnancy. This can result in feeling dizzy and tired, suffering from cankles, or developing varicose veins. Graduated compression leggings help to improve circulation, and TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings have a pressure rating of  15-20mmHg, which is the same as hospital TED stockings.

Your body holds more water than usual and extra fluid gathers in your lower legs and feet. It can be worse in summer or if you've been standing or sitting for more than 4 hours. About 65% of pregnant women suffer from ankles, legs and feet swelling. The pressure of your growing womb can also have an adverse impact on the blood flow in your legs.  Those who suffer from swollen feet are also 40% more likely to develop varicose veins. This is where the scientifically tested TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings can help.

TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings are ARTG Assessed and TGA listed, which means in addition to a lot of careful research & development in their design to provide health benefits, some health funds will provide up to 100% health rebate (check with your insurance provider).

Why try TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings?

TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings have a number of features that makes them a game-changer during pregnancy and postpartum:

- The soft belly panel grows with you from the first trimester to the third.

- TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings help provide optimum blood flow throughout the body, which provides nutrients to your baby (via maternal blood flow).

- Compression created through the leg panels helps to reduce fluid retention & swelling.

- Ankle zips make TheRY Saviour Maternity Compression Leggings easy to put on and take off.

- Features large pockets to stash all of your things.

- Helps to get rid of cankles!

Real customer reviews:

“FINALLY some maternity tights that are comfortable, supportive and keep me active in my 3rd pregnancy. TheRY have thought of everything... zips on the legs to help you get them on, pockets for your phone and belongings, tight and supported where you need it and soft and comfortable in spaces you need to grow eg belly. And the fact they look good but also are doing good things for bubs and it is the best. My only regret is I didn't have them in my first pregnancy where I gained 20kg of fluid, cankles with their own postcode and the only thing I could wear was my hubby's shoes and T-shirts!! Oh and claiming them on your health insurance is an absolute win!!” - Liz T 

“I absolutely love these leggings!! Everything about them. The material, the comfort, the pockets, the zips on the ankles. I have developed varicose veins since the first trimester and these (and the compression socks) are the only products I can wear now. My SRC leggings & 2XU both cut off circulation as they were mega tight at the ankles. Wish I bought them sooner!” - Kristin H

4. Bae the Label

4  Bae The Label

Bae the Label describes their brand as ‘Effortless, unexpected and as feminine as she is cool’, and we think that’s pretty spot on. These timeless maternity pieces are designed to be mixed and matched to create comfy styles that are also cool and current. The label offers everything from summer maternity dresses to winter jumpers, bump-hugging skirts, maternity jeans, and even office-appropriate maternity wear!

What makes Bae the Label different?

Bae is made for real mums, by real mums and they spend hours sourcing the best quality fabrics and perfecting their design details and fit. They also offer ‘bundles’, where you might buy a top and pant set and you save money by buying the whole look. Also, their new C.O.M.F.Y™ range of maternity leggings, tops, and jumpers has just landed!

Why buy Bae the Label pieces?

We love that their tops and jumpers are nursing-friendly, too!

Also, when you’re shopping on their website you can use the toggle to shop by whichever stage you’re at, turning bump ‘on’ for maternity wear, or ‘off’ to see breastfeeding-friendly and non-maternity wear.

Real customer reviews:

“​​Absolutely love the clothes I’ve ordered from Bae and seriously the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with! My go-to maternity shop now.” - Kerry Jech, 3 June 2021

“Every item of clothing I purchased has been amazing quality. The fit is great and can be worn during and post-pregnancy. Absolutely love the range.” Charlene Theuma, 6 December 2020



If you're looking for maternity pieces for an occasion, such as a wedding, or a birthday party, the ASOS maternity line has you covered. Featuring stunning bump-friendly designs in ultra modern styles, this is the place you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

What makes ASOS maternity different?

Aside from occasion pieces to make a statement, the ASOS maternity line also features a wide selection of everyday maternity clothing. From over-the-bump leggings, to maternity t-shirts, ASOS is a one-stop shop.

Why buy ASOS maternity pieces?

The ASOS maternity line is an essential store when purchasing for clothing for maternity. Enjoy fast shipping and a huge select of current styles, fabrics and colourways.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of ASOS DESIGN Maternity co-ord knitted straight leg pants in oatmeal] "I am 5 months pregnant and wanted a super cozy cute outfit that I can lounge in, wear out or even to work and this hits the mark all around. The pants are high rise over the bump style and so soft and so cute and paired with the sweater it’s adorable. Love this company’s maternity clothes." - verified purchaser,, February 2021

[Review of ASOS DESIGN Maternity high rise 'original' mom jeans in lightwash with elasticated side waistband] "I was hesitant to order any maternity clothes but decided to get one pair of jeans to hold me over until it’s warm enough for sundresses. When they came in the mail they were much cooler than I was expecting! I love the wash and the cut, especially the relaxed ankle. To be honest I like what I got better than what I thought I ordered. I would maybe be a little wary of variation when ordering but I’m a happy customer. I ordered my regular jean size and they fit perfectly."

7. QueenBee Maternity

queenbee maternity

What makes QueenBee Maternity different?

Based in Sydney Australia, QueenBee Maternity is a well-curated collection of the best maternity brands for pregnant women or new mothers. Their specialty? Dreamy baby shower maternity dresses, the prettiest nursing bras, gorgeous sleepwear, high-performance maternity leggings, and the best-in-pregnancy shapewear for all-sized bumps.

QueenBee Maternity is your one-stop shop for all things motherhood. It’s all in the quality and detail when they scour the globe to bring you the latest maternity fashion and the best maternity brands right at your fingertips. If you have an event coming up and you need the perfect outfit, you’ll be sure to find it at QueenBee Maternity, as they’ve been servicing pregnant mamas for over 18 years.

Which Queenbee Maternity products are a must?

It’s not just fashion-forward pieces at QueenBee Maternity, but supportive and comfortable pregnancy and postpartum essentials too! From nursing tops with thoughtful features, to recovery belts and shorts to help literally take the pressure off, QueenBee have you covered.

Say hello to happy feet and goodbye to cankles and varicose veins with the exclusive Mama Sox compression socks. For post-birth, the famous recovery postpartum shorts are a must. Plus be sure to check out the vast QueenBee Maternity wellness range including skincare, belly oils, perineum oil, bath salts and more.

Real customer reviews:

"This was the perfect baby shower dress. The fit was perfect. Delivery of the product was super quick too. Love your collection." - Rhea
"Wow! This is THE most comfortable bra! I've just gone back and ordered another one! The fabric is so soft and even though the band is thick and supportive it doesn't cut in at all. Comfortable enough to sleep in. The colour is pretty and light/subtle and the added lace makes it that bit sexy that I actually feel good wearing it. I LOVE that there is separate stitching between each breast section and the pads are shaped to each section (with a wing going upwards) so they stayed put while wearing but also in the wash!! Surprisingly this bra gives me nice cleavage (!!) which I wasn't expecting from a nursing/wirefree bra. Definitely recommend!" - Mel

9. úton

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If comfort and sustainability are high up on your hit list, there’s one brand expecting mums can’t afford to bypass, and that's úton. Exceptionally stylish and incredibly comfortable, they’re the ultimate supporting brand for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

What makes úton different?

úton offers a curated selection of seasonless staples and wardrobe basics for mums, all produced locally in Melbourne. The brand works tirelessly to create a modern spin on traditional maternity wear and provides an aesthetically fresh, high-quality alternative for mums, that blends seamlessly into any postpartum wardrobe and can be cherished for many years to come. The big point of difference is the balance of comfort and style by combining an asymmetric minimalist aesthetic with exceptionally fitting practical pieces.

Why try úton?

úton prides itself on using premium quality certified fabrics, focusing not only on the environmental impact but also the comfort they provide. The viscose used for the core range of maternity wear is extremely stretchy, breathable, and buttery soft, giving mums uncompromising comfort when they need it most. The OEKO-TEX certification means that they are tested and certified free from harmful chemicals so no nasty toxins are mixing onto mama’s sensitive skin.

What is the most popular úton product?

The maternity leggings and the maternity lounge pants are definitely the most popular items in the úton range, with mums across Australia - and abroad - loving the unique under-bump crossover waistband that sits comfortably below the waist, but still provides some much-needed lower back support.

Real customer reviews:

"“I love my black lounge pants so much, I practically live in them, I just ordered a charcoal pair as well!! I needed something comfy for work and these are perfect just so soft and stretchy but they don’t look like maternity pants at all!! LOVING them!!”" - Taylor
"“Hands down the most comfortable pants I ever owned! I’m pregnant with my 3rd bub and went through so many maternity pieces over the years I just wish I found these leggings sooner! The waistband is so comfortable sitting under my belly and I can feel there’s still plenty of room for me to grow, but my favourite part is the really thick band at the back. It feels snug and supportive wearing them all day, I didn’t need to wear support garments or a belly band yet and I’m in my 3rd trimester. Great design, would highly recommend!”" - Lara

10. Toots & Co

5  Toots Co

Toots + Co maternity clothing is made consciously with design and comfort in mind.

What makes Toots + Co maternity clothing different?

Forget regular clothing with stretchy sides! Pregnant women deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable throughout what can often be an uncomfortable pregnancy. Toots + Co clothing is designed for you to wear as soon as your clothes become snug... to carry you through to your final days of your pregnancy - and beyond. All options are feeding friendly and still flattering to a post baby body - which is so important!

Designed from one mother to another, to be loved and worn, washed and only sometimes ironed - and worn again straight away. To be lovingly loaned to a friend, and returned for future babies... and then loaned again! People speak of conscious design and slow fashion… this is that - and so much more.

Why try Toots + Co maternity clothing?

If you’re looking for a throw-on-and-go option throughout your pregnancy that you can be sure looks and feels incredible - even on a day when you feel less than fabulous - Toots + Co is the brand you can depend on!

Simple enough for casual, elegant enough for any occasion, and comfortable enough for lounging and traveling in - It's the kind of style you can dress up or down. Pair with nice sandals, or even sneakers; Toots + Co creates the kind of garments that you will love to live in throughout your pregnancy and long after baby has arrived.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of The Icon Maternity Dress - Black] “I bought this dress to wear to a wedding. I love that everything is adjustable so I can tie it to fit my changing body. This will be a dress I can wear to many occasions for years and years to come.” - Laura, 01/14/2022

Shop Toots + Co below:

11. Ripe Maternity

Ripe Maternity

Loved by mums around the world, Ripe Maternity is dedicated to making women feel confident, stylish and comfortable in their journey through motherhood. Ripe Maternity's mission is to inspire women to celebrate and embrace the amazing moments of pregnancy, nursing and beyond through our specialised product offering that is contemporary and complimentary to her lifestyle.

What makes Ripe Maternity different?

The pieces from Ripe Maternity are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy, including through the fourth trimester. They are well known for producing high quality, wearable jeans that are well loved by many pregnant women around the world.

Why buy Ripe Maternity pieces?

One of the best things about Ripe Maternity is the 'Find Your Fit' function on the website, where you can find a comprehensive step-by-step sizing guide to ensure you find the perfect size the first time you shop!'Find Your Fit' function on the website, where you can find a comprehensive step-by-step sizing guide to ensure you find the perfect size the first time you shop!

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Ripe Maternity Tyler Classic Slim Leg Jean, Blue] "Super happy with these jeans! I purchased two different pairs to see which one I liked better but I love them both so I'm keeping both. The jeans are long enough for my 5.7 which is great and they're very comfortable. The legs are not super narrow and skinny which I like about this pair. Thank you!" - Bianca Van M, 23 August 2021

"I purchased some lounge pants and two nightdresses in the first few months of pregnancy and wore them throughout, including in hospital after my c section birth and once home. I absolutely love them! The nightdresses were so comfy during my pregnancy but are also great for nursing. They're great quality and will last for my any future preganancies too but to be honest I probably won't stop wearing them in between." - Tracy Cooper, August 2019

... and here's a #11: Cotton On Maternity

Cotton On Maternity

The beauty of the Cotton On maternity range, is that it features clothes that don't look 'maternity' at all. They've got maternity activewear, maternity sleepwear and maternity intimates so you can move without restriction during pregnancy and after your new bub arrives.

What makes the Cotton On maternity range different?

The maternity Sleep Recovery range has been made from soft and breathable bamboo viscose so you can get a better night's sleep. They're also making staying active easy during pregnancy with comfortable over-the-belly active tights that grow with you, and relaxed maternity t-shirts. The maternity Sleep Recovery range has been made from soft and breathable bamboo viscose so you can get a better night's sleep. They're also making staying active easy during pregnancy with comfortable over-the-belly active tights that grow with you, and relaxed clothes for maternity including t-shirts.

Why buy Cotton On maternity pieces?

Cotton On are known for updating their styles often, so if you're after a varied maternity wardrobe, the Cotton On maternity range might be a good place to start. One thing to keep in mind though, is that they don't stock the maternity ranges in story, you'll need to shop them online!

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Cotton On Maternity Core Tight Over Belly] "These tights are great quality and the fit is to size. I’m at the end of my pregnancy and I live in these. Throw on a t-shirt or boyfriend shirt and your done." - CharlotteV, January 2021

[Review of Cotton On Maternity Super Stretch Jean (Over Belly)] "These are so comfy and true to size! I've worn them a few times and washed them once and no change which is great! They do sometimes slip down a little bit but compared to my other maternity jeans - these are by far the best. I also love that they have real pockets front and back! I will be buying in the black colour too." - Alex093, July 2021

Noteable mention: Kmart Maternity range

Kmart Maternity Range

The Kmart maternity range is perfect for the woman looking for a few no fuss maternity essentials that will make her feel comfortable and look stylish. The Kmart maternity pieces are set to take you from pregnancy to breastfeeding with ease.

What makes Kmart maternity range different?

No fuss, functional pieces you can wear daily and the affordable price tag means you can use them as basics, and team them with more luxurious maternity pieces. Kmart maternity clothing is stylish and well made - and designed to see you through your pregnancy with ease.

Why buy Kmart maternity pieces?

The affordable price tags means you can stock up on pieces if you'd like to, otherwise they make the perfect foundation for a stylish maternity wardrobe. Simply purchase a few staples from Kmart and then invest in a few key pieces to team them with.

Real customer reviews:

[Review of Kmart Maternity Feeding Crew Neck Jumper] "Jumper is comfortable and a nice colour. Bought a 12 like pre pregnancy but if you have a bigger bump I would go up a size as it parts near the bottom sometimes. Otherwise comfortable and nice to wear." - Eleasha A, 12 July 2021

[Review of Kmart Maternity Trackpants] "Love these, very comfy and cosy and they have pockets!" - Alexandra, 17 April 2021

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