Road-Tested: The 13 Best Baby Play Mats In Australia In 2024

grace and maggie playmats

1. Why should I buy a baby play mat?

2. What qualities should I look for in a baby play mat?

3. What are the top 10 best play mats of 2024?

Why Buy A Baby Play Mat?

You’d be forgiven for leaving a baby play mat off your baby shower wish list. Let’s face it, with a pram, a cot, and a car seat to think about, a baby play mat especially for newborns seems pretty far down the priority list.

But take it from any mum who’s ‘been there’, a play mat for infant indoor play is just about one of the most important things you can buy if you want your newborn to build strength during tummy time, rest on it while you pop the kettle on - or play on when you’re looking for a safe, clean and non-toxic spot to set up their toy corner.

It's also so handy when your baby starts crawling to protect their gorgeous knees and can even double up for mum's pilates mat!

What Should I Look For In A Baby Play Mat?

A durable, chic and easy-to-clean baby play mat will be your new best friend, from the newborn stage to toddler hood and beyond. You should make sure your baby play mat is durable and offers plenty of support, such as shock absorption for babies with a clunky new walk! You also make sure it’s easy to clean because I hate to break it to you, but you’re going to be cleaning it A LOT. Like, all the time.

Here’s what you need to look for in a good play mat:

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Easy to clean play mat

If the play mat is designed to keep your newborn occupied, or provide a safe surface in which to practice their kicking or their tummy time, you’re going to want something that’s easy to clean the drool and vomit you’re bound to endure. Likewise if your toddler is going to put a play mat through its paces, you’re going to want one that can handle having food rubbed into it - and maybe even the addition of the occasional Crayola artwork. Ideally you want something waterproof and that can be wiped-clean.

Make it chic

We all know of the Scandi bare-minimum look that’s so in right now. Gone are the days of brightly coloured zoo-covered playmats everywhere you look. Now your Instagram feed is no doubt chock full of nurseries with play mats in more neutral, earthy tones. Plenty of different brands and price brackets are offering up Scandi-style play mats to complement any nursery space. Just make sure they’re child-friendly, too!

Durable play mat

With the potential of texta-prodding, tough shoes roughing up the surface and constant cleaning on the cards, it’s important to ensure your play mat can handle anything. Make sure your play-mat will stand up against colour-fade and is made from a material that can withstand a toddler’s might.

Plenty of padding

Shock absorption is an important factor when it comes to play mats, because as the clunky walk starts to take off, so to does the impact to their legs and feet! A well-padded play mat will provide a soft landing for any spills and save the knees of any adults indulging in a little play time, too!


No doubt babies and toddlers will choose their play mat to wrap their lips around at some point, so it’s important to ensure the mat is free from any nasty chemicals or additives such as PVC and BPA and is also hypoallergenic.

Lightweight and portable

As your baby begins to move, so to does your play mat! It’s important to choose something that’s not too big and heavy to move from room to room, so that you always have a safe space to rest your baby, with the satisfaction that won’t be able to get into too much trouble!

1. Grace & Maggie Playmats

grace and maggie playmats

Grace & Maggie Playmats are the play mat all rounders! Chic, durable and loved by kids, the hardest part is choosing a size and style! 

What makes Grace & Maggie Playmats different?

Long gone are the days of playmats adorned with brightly coloured animals, clowns and letters! What the world is loving is contemporary, minimalistic designs that encourage a clear, uncluttered play space, where baby’s minds can be free to explore without feeling overwhelmed. This calming play space will then make way for imaginative play, all the while looking and feeling like it fits perfectly within the space you’ve so lovingly designed.

Why try Grace & Maggie Playmats?

Grace & Maggie playmats have been lovingly designed with parents and children in mind, creating a flow for blended living spaces. The multi-use mats are hard wearing and double as a supportive base for tummy time or at-home workouts alike. 

Being double-sided, Grace & Maggie playmats allow you to showcase a chosen side based on your mood or the style of play! This is also great if you have children with different play styles, and want to play trucks driving on the ‘Baby Driver’ side, or hold a classroom or ballet studio on the patterned side!

What is the most popular Grace & Maggie Playmat?

That would have to be the Baby Driver / Boho Large Playmat.

The look of a decorative rug, with the safety features of a soft, waterproof activity mat. Since it’s production in 2018, this playmat has sold out either before or shortly after restock.

Real customer reviews:

"[Review of Baby Driver / Boho Large Playmat] “Perfect rectangle size for a medium or large sized room. The boho print with the baby driver on the flip side is the perfect combination of prints, I've not seen any other company do this and is the reason I chose this brand. Switching from fun to calming in an instant depending on baby's mood and play. Packaging was thought out well.”" - Katrina K
"[Review of Run Forrest / Grey Large Playmat] “This was the most well received gift that I have ever given. It was recommended to me by a friend who loved the product for her own Bub. I would highly recommend purchasing it as a gift and will look to spoil my new baby cousin with more Maggie and Grace products. Fantastic quality and beautiful around the home.”" - Emily T

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2. Rockabye River Padded Play Mats, $189.95

rockabye river play mat

The team at Rockabye River are driven by the belief that children’s imaginations should be nurtured and encouraged to develop through play and exploration. It's for this reason, and many more, that Rockabye River Padded Play Mats are a go-to for parents and kids everywhere.

What Makes Rockabye River Padded Play Mats Different?

With her background as a research scientist, Rockabye River founder Sarah was able to source the best non-toxic, biodegradable, shock-absorbing material to create the range of gorgeous, stylish play mats.  The matsfeature incredible hand drawn water colour illustrations of Australia’s favourite animals or a coral Reef landscape and are designed by a children’s book illustrator in Australia. 

Rockabye River stay away from repetitive, geometric prints, and believe that a play mat should include all the beauty you would expect from a designer rug, or a piece of art. Double-sided, each padded play mat features an engaging children’s side of animal illustrations and your choice of either a faux-rug (designed to look just like a woven rug) or one of Rockabye River's two fabulous Indigenous artist collaboration designs (by sisters Mayi Bunyanna or Bunya Designs).

Why try Rockabye River Padded Play Mats?

If you're looking for a safe and comfortable place to practice crawling and tummy time with your little ones, or to host play time for your bigger kids, you can't go past Rockabye River.Made from extra thick shock absorbing TPU foam, these mats are so protective you can drop and egg on it from standing and watch it bounce. 

Certified non-toxic with certificates provided on the Rockabye River website demonstrating safety standards compliant to International standards (there are no play mat safety standards in Australia). Free from all the nasties and suitable from birth.

Rockabye River Padded Play Mats are waterproof, easy wipe clean, durable, shock absorbing, reversible, certified non-toxic and designed in Australia.

Real customer reviews:

""I have a 2yr old and absolutely love my playmat from Rockabye River. I had just recently built my dream home before my son came along and I knew I wanted to keep my house stylish whilst having to incorporating baby and now toddler toys etc everywhere. So I searched high and low for a stylish but practical playmat for my main living area. I wanted something my son could enjoy and one that I could easily flip when we had guests over etc. Now my mat has become the showstopper of the house! I purchased the ‘sitting on country/ outback’ and the quality, colours, and design is just beautiful. My son loves pointing out all the animals and tries to feed them his breakfast quite often. All the spills and mess just wipes straight off, it’s truly been an absolute dream and I’m thinking I need to purchase another to put in our main bedroom as a feature piece. I wouldn’t buy anywhere else!""
""We love our Rockabye River Playmat! I had been searching for a stylish playmat that would meet the needs of my son as well as being aesthetically pleasing in my house. When I found the sitting on country playmat I knew it was more than a playmat, it was an Indigenous artwork that I could proudly display. The playmat is so versatile and has been a safety barrier for when my son was learning to walk, and his dedicated spot for art and craft, water play and even his snack spot. The designs are unlike anything else I had seen on the market and knowing that it was a Brisbane based small business, I was happy to support.""

3. Mamas & Papas Playmat & Gym - Welcome To The World, $249.95

Mamas Papas Playmat Gym Welcome To The World

If you’re looking for a safe and supremely comfortable place to lay your baby down for some playtime, you can’t go past the Mamas & Papas Playmat & Gym - Wish Upon A Cloud.

What makes the Mamas & Papas Playmat & Gym - Wish Upon A Cloud different?

Aside from being a stunning addition to any home, the Mamas & Papas Playmat & Gym - Wish Upon A Cloud features super soft fabric and is perfect for snuggling up with your little one. The four hanging toys and gym arches stimulates baby's senses, while helping your baby develop coordination skills.

Why try the Mamas & Papas Playmat & Gym - Wish Upon A Cloud?

The Wish Upon a Cloud Playmat and Gym is designed to stimulate and engage your baby with its luxuriously soft faux-fur base, accompanied by gym arches and 4 hanging toys. This combination encourages babies to reach out and grab, helping them develop their motor skills in the process. The detachable gym arches are perfect for stimulating and engaging your baby from birth. The hanging toys each featuring crinkle, squeaker, or rattle noises to keep them entertained. Your little one will love playing with their new feathered friends!

4. Warren Hill Linen Baby Play Mat, from $159.95

Warren Hill Linen Play Mat

What makes the Warren Hill Linen Baby Play Mat different?

Gold Coast-based family-owned linen play mat company Warren Hill recently achieved a significant milestone in its tree-planting mission with over 60,000 trees now planted in Africa. To reduce their carbon footprint and protect the planet, brand owners Tori and Paul pledged to plant one tree for every product they sold. Four years on, they’re well on their way to their goal of planting 100,000 trees in partnership with Trees for the Future.

Why try the Warren Hill Linen Baby Play Mat?

When Tori and Paul started their family six years ago, they noticed a gap in the market for high-quality linen play mats. They set out to create a play mat that was simple, stylish, sustainable, durable and machine washable – and Warren Hill was born. 

Made from high-quality French flax linen, Warren Hill play mats are stonewashed to make them luxuriously soft on children’s skin. Because the play mats are hard-wearing and get softer with every machine wash, they can be passed down in the family for years and generations to come. Their timeless design and neutral colours mean they’ll never go out of style.

Real customer reviews:

"I’m incredibly happy with my purchases of both the olive and natural play mats. Definitely heirloom-quality pieces that I can’t wait to use with my baby for years to come." - Marcus W
"This mat is everything! It is superior quality and as a gift is received so well. I would recommend this mat to any parent or family member wishing to gift something you know will be used every single day. We love it! Well done Warren Hill." - Candice H

5. Henlee Quilted Play Mat, $169.00

Henlee Quilted Play Mat

Image via Kayla Vandenham

A play mat like no other - bring the luxury of leather to your nursery or playroom with the Henlee round quilted vegan leather play mat. You and your babe are sure to love play time on this beautiful and incredibly soft mat.

What Makes Henlee Quilted Play Mat Different?

Made with premium quality non-toxic vegan leather, the Henlee Quilted Play Mat is generously padded making mat time soft and comfortable for both mum and bub. Nappy free time will be a stress-free experience thanks to the waterproof and stain-resistant fabrication.  

Why Try The Henlee Quilted Play Mat?

The Henlee Quilted Play Mat is as beautiful as it is functional. From your baby’s very first tummy time, through to independent toddler play, your little one will use this Play Mat for years to come. It won’t clash with your interiors or add to the washing pile. 

Take this Play Mat when you’re on the go and use as a picnic rug at the park or when visiting friends and family.  

Real customer reviews:

""We have loved our collection of Henlee products for our first born. We bought the quilted play mat, bib and uni mat and have used all of them daily! The quilted play mat lays on our lounge room floor permanently as a play space for bub and is often taken outside for sky-gazing on the grass or deck with our little one. Perfect for folding up and taking to Nana's or the park too. So easy to wipe and keep clean too. Keen to buy a village or nomad for the whole family next! Thanks Henlee. x"" - Courtney A.
""In love with my purchases! The padded play mat is one of my favourite things I've purchased for my daughter. Perfect for using around the house and can be folded up and taken along to play dates. Easy wipe and clean and still soft and comfortable for baby to lie on. The worst part was picking a colour since they're all so nice. Packaging is also beautiful. Highly recommend."" - Emily H.

6. The Kairos Child Linen Baby Play Mats, $149.99

The Kairos Child play mat

What makes The Kairos Child Linen Baby Play Mats different?

Kairos Child Linen Playmats aren’t your run of the mill design. In fact, owner Olivia spent 12 months designing and fine tuning these play mats, handpicking every fabric - and dozens of samples later, they were finally perfect! She had a vision to craft the perfect calming sanctuary, merging functionality and safety without compromising style. These play mats serve as gateways to connection, development and imaginative play, made for bonding moments between parents and their children.

Portable and lightweight, The Kairos Child Linen Baby Play Mats easily move from room to room and fits effortlessly under the pram. Encased in a reusable linen dust bag, they make easy solutions for gifting, storage, and travel while ensuring a safe, antimicrobial space for your child anywhere you go.

Better yet, these play mats are durable and versatile, perfect for every stage; from newborn to childhood. They evolve with your child, making every tummy time, reading session, play date or trip to the grandparents’ an adventure in comfort and style.

Plus, enjoy FREE Shipping Australia Wide!

Why try the The Kairos Child Linen Baby Play Mats?

There are so many amazing reasons to love The Kairos Child Linen Baby Play Mats, but here are just a few to consider:

  • Australian Owned & Designed - sent with love from the Gold Coast
  • Hypoallergenic (Sensitive skin safe)
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable & thermoregulating non toxic materials (doesn't trap heat)
  • French Flax Linen
  • Double layered OEKO TEX certified padding
  • Premium vegan leather finishings

Real customer reviews:

"I was gifted another brands playmat at my babyshower that is very very “Similar” to this one, same price range and aesthetically pleasing as well and I do love it… But honestly the quality has nothing on my playmat from The Kairos Child. The Fabric alone is so soft and hypo-Allergenic for my sensitive baby’s skin - It’s leaps and bounds on my other mat. The packaging of the mat is undeniable, it feels luxury and like a lot of thought has gone into the design process outside of the mat itself - Which let’s be honest, as mamas we love a little lux in our lives. The actual mat is thick and plush and is honestly so beautiful. My baby uses it every day, she plays on it, and has her naps on it. Besides my baby loving it - It looks beautiful in my home. I love it so much I’m contemplating getting another in a different colour to take around with me and I will be purchasing them for my pregnant friends." - Hannah F
"We got our Pampas Linen play mat and could not be happier, we already had a plastic/foam mat and despite it being a good play mat, my babies would always cry when I put them on it because it’s so cold and would give them abit of shock! This beautiful linen mat is so breathable and not cold at all, all my babies love playing around on it & it’s also BEAUTIFUL !! All round, such a perfect play mat, practical and pretty, we love that 🥹😍" - Ellesha B

Why Try Mikro' Australia Play Mats?

Biodegradable and non toxic, Mikro’ Australia play mats are affordable, safe and stylish. They suit children of all ages, from babies practicing tummy time, to older children during imaginative play. Designed for parents and loved by little ones, these play mats are a beautiful addition to any home.

What Makes Mikro' Australia Play Mats Different?

Trusted by over 60,000 Australian families and winner of the best Eco Luxury Brand in 2022, hosted by Luxlife, Mikro’ Australia play mats are double-sided padded play mats that provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning and play. Easy to wipe down, they’re a favourite for parents too. 

Real customer reviews:

""Should have bought one years ago when I found you guys. Absolutely love the mat. It looks great, it’s super easy to clean and so comfortable. Makes playing with my daughter while heavily pregnant a lot easier. I have so many people comment on how comfortable it is. And a few have bought one since.""

8. Rugabub


Rugabub Play Mats are made of the utmost sustainable and 100% non-toxic material available to the industry. The next-level innovative TPU foam used has been extensively tested to comply with, and exceed International Safety Standards. The brand even displays their own Safety Report on the website. As parents, our children’s health & safety is priority. We care about our own children, and the world that we leave behind for them, which is the reason for the highly sustainable products offered by Rugabub. Not only that, but they have also created safe play mats that allows you as a parent, to show off your beautiful home, furniture, artwork and creative space; a play mat that can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as your decorative elements - and make for a fun, safe place for your kids to play - too!

What makes Rugabub different?

Rugabub care about you, your child’s safety, and the environment!

They designed all of their play mats to look like designer rugs. Their designs are timeless and simple, but still carry with them just a hint of sophistication in the most stylish and chic manner. They do this by keeping the designs neutral enough to go with anything.

Rather than just ADDING a play mat to your home because you need one for your child, choosing a Rugabub Play Mat that's designed to be a part of, and complement the look of your home is ideal - and benefits everyone! Being double-sided means you can adjust the look the play mat brings to your home by simply flipping it over.

The perfect cushiony and stylish play mat

""This play mat is the perfect way to have a safe space in our lounge room for our little one to play without making our living area look like a kiddie playpen! It actually looks like a rug! Quality is also fantastic.""

9. Little Wiwa Play Mats

Little Wiwa Play Mats

The pioneer of minimalist style baby play mats, Little Wiwa offers soft, stylish, and luxurious play mats to suit any home. Versatile and elegant, the range of sizing allows you to choose the perfect-sized playmat for your home.

What makes Little Wiwa Play Mats different?

Little Wiwa don’t just offer playmats - they offer award-winning playmats, earning over 1200 5-star reviews since the launching their play mats to the public in 2018. Currently they are in the homes of 50,000+ minimalist-loving people around the world.

Earlier this March, Little Wiwa dove into Japandi aesthetics through an exclusive collaboration with iconic Japanese character, Doraemon! We can’t wait to check out what awaits their future collections!

Why try Little Wiwa Play Mats?

Reversible with simple and elegant designs, Little Wiwa waterproof mats are non-toxic and thickly padded for the safety of your children. With its thick shock-absorbent cushioning, they provide a safety guard and comfort for tummy time support of our little adventurers, even as they learn to crawl, walk and play, without intrusion to the aesthetics of any existing home decor. Boasting timeless Scandinavian principles, they come in neutral colour ways and complete the look of any contemporary home seamlessly.

Real customer reviews:

"“My only regret is not buying one sooner. Bub has just turned 5 months and loves tummy time and commando crawling on the mat. It’s so soft if he accidentally rolls a bit too abruptly it doesn’t bother him at all, we love it.”" - Chloe K
"“We love our Little Wiwa playmats, this is our second one and equally as happy with it as we were four years ago! I still think a quality playmat is one of the best investments, makes tummy time so much more enjoyable and can use it into the toddler years for a place to craft and play, we even use ours to lie on or do yoga. I really love the new herringbone patterns, looks just like a rug and somehow makes the lounge less cluttered with all the toys about.”" - Aneeka T

10. Lillefolk


Inspired by Swedish minimalism, and brand new to One Fine Baby, Lillefolk Play Mats feature hand-illustrated designs and create an inviting play space for your nursery - or anywhere in your home. We are so excited to have these gorgeous, functional and comfortable play mats available on site in three stunning designs. The only trouble is, which one to choose?

Why Lillefolk are different:

Unlike other play mats that stay put all the time as they're too big to be rolled up an stored away when not being used, Lillefolk Play Mats are created from six 60x60cm tiles that are placed together to create one big play mat. Want it even bigger? No problem. A three tile 'booster pack' will ensure your play mat grows even larger. The best bit is, when playtime is over, the mat can simply be disassembled, tiles stacked on top of each other and stored away in a space that takes up no more than 60x60cm.

Why try Lillefolk play mats?

Lillefolk tiles are 100% waterproof - hooray! They can be wiped clean and are made from a non-toxic EVA foam, which is also Free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, and lead. There are also no loose edges attached to the play mat, so no choking hazard for your little one.

""Absolutely gorgeous, looks like a rug in my living room without the worry of baby drool and food ruining it. Definitely want to purchase more and would love to see more designs in the foam tile style."" - Hannah G
""Being new grandparents there were plenty of items we needed, but the floor mat has been one of the nicest purchases. Our floors are tile and this mat provides cushion for baby's floor playtime. We put a blanket over the mat and our granddaughter loves playing under her mobile. When she goes home, it breaks apart easily and is easy to store."" - KJTK

11. Marmalade Lion Baby Play Mats

Marmalade Lion Baby Play Mats

New to One Fine Baby, we are absolutely in love with these play mats from Marmalade Lion! Our new favourite play mats - perfect for indoor and outdoor use (thanks to their patented waterproof eco-friendly fabric), these play mats are super soft and super versatile, every detail has been considered to make your life easier.

The thick, soft memory foam means these play mats have a huge number of uses, and will easily become one of your favourite baby products - perfect for napping, ‘tummy time’, learning to roll, crawl and beyond. It is body temperature activated so it keep your baby superiorly supported no matter what the beneath surface is. Use in the nursery, bathroom, backyard, the park, the beach, anywhere!

Choose from a huge range of prints (the covers remove for easy washing!), and two different sizes (100cm and Super 145cm), there's a size and print to suit every home.

Why we love Marmalade Lion play mats

  • The covers are machine washable - genius! Some other mats can accumulate spills and germs, but the beauty of Marmalade Lion play mats is that you can take the covers off them and wash in the washing machine. You can even buy the covers by themselves, enabling you to change up the design for different children or when one is in the wash.
  • The mats will last through 1000's of uses, the memory foam never loses its structure or consistency. The waterproof insert is thick and padded, ensuring the mat can be used on hard surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom floors and outside decking. Memory Foam reacts to body temperature supporting your baby with every movement and then, recovers to its original shape!
  • Super portable, Marmalade Lion mats come in a reusable carry bag - great for travel, it will even fit perfectly under most prams as well!
  • The waterproof non-slip backing makes these play mats perfect for indoor/outdoor use - we love to take them on picnics!

Real customer reviews:

""This is the second mat I have purchased from Marmalade Lion - I love them so much! We have the super activity mat for home and purchased the standard size for taking out and about with us. They are such beautiful quality/soft and love the prints. The covers are easy to take off and put in the washing machine."" - Jenna Rogers, via
""I’m thrilled with my activity mat. The crystals pattern is colourful and photogenic and the memory foam mat is essential for both my baby and my knees on our wooden floorboards! Just washed the cover and it was easy to remove, wash, dry and put back on - the whole thing is well made and of high quality."" - Hannah, via

12. Freddy & Co Play Mats

Freddy Co Play Mats

Freddy & Co foam baby play mats are made from non-toxic high quality polyurethane foam (TPU). Free from BPA, Heavy Metals and Pthalates, these play mats are a safe choice for your little one - plus, they come with a wide range of engaging reversible designs!

What are Freddy & Co's most popular products?

Undoubtedly the play mats featuring the signature Freddy & Co Road Trip car and town play mat are incredibly popular for little girls and boys! This ultimate car and road play mat is inspired by the founder's own childhood carpet mat. Designed in Australia for the modern home it features familiar places for your little one to explore. These include the farm, airport, police station, parks, schools and hospital. Furthermore, this foam play mat will grow with your child from babyhood right up to pre-school and beyond making this car play mat a great investment. The opposite side of these mats feature a more minimalist, subtle colour, meaning that when your little ones aren't playing on the car and town side of the mat you can showcase the slightly more subtle side.

Real customer reviews:

""Love that there’s a pretty side AND a playful side. Nice and cushy for bubs to lie down on or fall on. Easy to clean and fantastic quality."" - Sarag Sgroi

13. Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat, $99.00

rudie nudie play mat

The Rudie Nudie bright and colourful waterproof playmats are comfy, fully absorbent and machine washable. They make the  perfect solution for messy or sensory play, nappy-free playtime, toilet training, and fun family outings.

What makes the Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat different?

The Rudie Nudie playmats are a versatile playmat - portable and ready to catch all of the mess that comes with kids! Although they aren’t made of plastic or rubber, the soft cotton playmats are surprisingly waterproof. Any spills or accidents will soak into the top absorbent layer, but your floors will be protected by the waterproof bottom layer. Pop them in the car for a handy playmat in the park or decorate your favourite play space indoors. 

Why try the Rudie Nudie Large Playmat?

These stunning play mats are waterproof, making them perfect for nappy-free time with your baby, and messy, sensory play with your bigger kids! Rudie Nudiehave also been lucky enough to collaborate with amazing artists over the years to create bright, colourful and playful designs to bring into our products. We know how important visual stimulation is for children – but mums and dads deserve to have beautifully designed products too!


- Waterproof

- Machine washable

- Dimensions (large size): 130 x 130cm

- 1400+ 5 Star Reviews

Real customer reviews:

""If you’re on the fence about buying this mat, just do it. I wish I had bought this sooner!! We use our large Pip Pop Pow every day for so many different activities - it’s the perfect size for indoor sensory and water play for our 2 year old, folded up it’s a great change mat and it’s ideal for tummy time for our 4 month old as it catches all the dribbles and spit up. And the colours are just stunning. The large also is quick to dry and folds up nicely into the draw string bag. It fits the four of us well too. Definitely a must-have item for little ones!” - Emilee F, 23/01/2023"
"“Wish I had got one sooner! I bought the larger flamingo-a-go-go playmat and absolutely love it. Great quality, easy to wash. Can’t remember how I survived without it. Would make a great gift.” - Lucy, 03/28/2023"

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