9 of the Best Baby Loungers in Australia in 2024

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While we’d all love to sit and snuggle our precious babies all day long, sometimes we need a moment to prep dinner, take a shower or simply enjoy a hot cuppa. Baby loungers are the answer! Super-soft and supportive, baby loungers are a comfy nest that hugs and supports your newborn bub, so you can take a much-needed break.

Designed to calm and comfort little ones, baby loungers can be used for floor time, play time under a baby gym, or even tummy time, as long as bubs are always supervised. Most have raised, padded edges to help keep babies safely on their backs without rolling, while others are designed to grow with your baby and can be used as a soft play space for years.

They are also portable, providing a padded, safe space for your baby to lie while at the park, the beach, or when visiting friends and family.

Seen a few brands on the market but not sure where to start? We’ve done the research for you and found eight of the best baby loungers in Australia in 2024, perfect for providing comfort and support for your newborn.

So what are the main things to consider when choosing a baby lounger?


First and foremost, baby loungers should always be used with supervision and while bub is awake. While the comfort and support might make it easy for bub to doze off, according to safe sleep guidelines from Red Nose Australia “babies should be placed for sleep on a firm, flat - not elevated, surface with their head and face uncovered.” Pods/nests/loungers are not recommended for sleep, as many are soft and padded and may create a risk of suffocation, especially if baby rolls.

Loungers should also always be placed on the floor, not on a bed or table, and not used inside bassinets or cribs, or for co-sleeping.

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Look for loungers made from natural, breathable materials such as 100% cotton and bamboo, which will keep babies comfortable and reduce the risk of overheating.

Easy to clean

Most loungers have machine-washable covers you can purchase to help protect the lounger from dribbles, spills, and messes (and baby blowouts!).


Some baby loungers come with travel bags or handles to make it super easy to transport nests from home to the car to take on holidays or to grandparents’ houses.

Still looking for the best baby loungers to provide a comfortable and safe space for your newborn?

1. DockATot Baby Loungers, from $199.00

Dockatot Baby Lounger

What makes DockATot Baby Loungers different?

The DockATot baby lounger is a new parent life-saver! The DockATot lounger reinvents a womb-like environment, offering a calming and familiar place for your baby to lounge, wherever the day takes you.

Did you know? DockATot is the world’s most loved lounger! Trusted since 2006 and with over 4700+ 5-star reviews, it is parent-approved and loved by over 1+ million babies. Seriously.

It’s also a multi-award-winning product, recognised internationally as ‘best-in-class’ across both parenting and design categories. The DockATot baby lounger is also loved by Aussie celeb mums and influencers!

It’s also SO much more than a baby lounger… it’s your extra set of hands!

The DockATot is the only baby lounger to offer a range of attachable accessories to increase its multi-functionality and value. Keep your baby entertained for longer with the Toy Arch for playtime. Going to the beach or park? Don’t forget to bring your Cabana Kit Sunshade to protect your baby from the elements. Travelling? Take a look at the amazing Getaway Travel Totes and Waterproof Base Protectors.

Why try DockATot Baby Loungers?

Unlike many other baby loungers, DockATot’s padded base keeps your baby comfy even on hard floors and cold tiles so you can use your baby lounger anywhere, anytime!

Better yet, longevity is guaranteed - as the DockATot is the only lounger designed to grow with your baby. By unclipping the end, the length can extend and accommodate your baby comfortably for longer.

Soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, the DockATot is made from the highest quality, hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex certified materials. Strict Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certification ensures DockATot products are free of any harmful substances and are safe for your baby. Handmade in Europe with the utmost attention to deal, the creation of each DockATot is a labour of love from start to finish, they’re also machine washable with a removable cover for easy care!

For more reasons to try DockATot, click here. 

Real customer reviews:

"It is the freaking best! I seriously can’t recommend this enough. It means I can keep my baby with me and she loves it." - Laura Byrne, much-loved Aussie mum of 2

"You can just tell the quality compared to all the other loungers out there. It’s very comfortable and baby feels snug in it! Plus the Cabana Kit accessory is amazing! It's also easy to wash. A great purchase!" - Anne P

The DockATot has over 4700+ 5-star reviews, read more reasons why parents love this lounger so much here.

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2. Cushii Lounger, $179.00

Cushii Lounger

The Cushii Lounger is a soothing and soft nest for your bub that will give you some much-needed hands-free time.

What makes Cushii different?

Lightweight and portable, the Cushii Lounger is designed to calm and comfort your baby. Silky smooth for your baby's sensitive skin, Cushii loungers helps to regulate body temperature, and are (of course!) machine washable. The contoured mid-section is designed to wrap around, and supportively cradle your baby’s body, and the premium Tencel fibres keeps your little one dry and cool in summer and warm in winter.

Why try Cushii?

Why not?! With a 14-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! If you or your newborn don't love using their product, ship it back, and they’ll give you a full refund within 14 days of the original purchase.

Real customer review:

""The Cushii is every parent’s dream. Time and time again our baby wanted to sit up with us in bed but that’s tough when you want to be able to have a cup of tea or just have some time not holding them. The Cushii is great for this reason, now he happily sits between us on a lazy Sunday morning and we get to be with him but also still feel like humans!”" - Sam T.

3. Bubba Cloud Organic Baby Lounger, $199.95

Bubba Cloud Organic Baby Lounger

Let your bub lay back, relax and lounge in style – as comfy and calming as floating in a cloud! Bubba Cloud has passed the new parent test, winning the Best Baby Nest Award at the 2022 Organic Baby Awards.

What makes Bubba Cloud different?

The Bubba Cloud is made with innovative GOTS-certified 3D organic cotton mesh fabric and a hypoallergenic polyester filling creating optimum airflow, breathability and shape control. The polyester filling and outer 3D mesh organic cotton are known for their temperature regulation and allow the lounger to be easily machine washed for any spills or little accidents!

Why try Bubba Cloud?

Soft, comfy and stylish – what’s not to love?! Plus, choose from a range of gorgeous French Flax Linen covers for your Bubba Cloud in pretty colours like Sand Dune, Spearmint and Cinnamon Stripe.

Real customer review:

"“We loved our first Bubba Cloud so much that we purchased a second one! The Bubba Cloud in our house acts as a warm hug for our newborn son when we don’t have the hands to hold him. It’s has definitely allowed us to adjust quicker to life with two children under 3.”" - AM

4. Little Ares Hypoallergenic Baby Lounger, $209.95

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What makes the Little Ares Hypoallergenic Baby Lounger different?

The Little Ares Hypoallergenic Baby Lounger is portable, foldable, and comfortable - making it a game changer for new parents. The lounger comes complete with its own handles and snap button, making it super convenient for travelling and outings, the Little Ares lounger creates a safe and familiar rest space for babies to relax.

The Little Ares Baby Loungers are available in 5 different beautiful embroidery designs to match your baby’s personality and your home’s aesthetics.

Why try the Little Ares Hypoallergenic Baby Lounger?

Made with 100% pure cotton, the Little Ares Lounger also comes with a 3D mesh backing and a hypoallergenic polyester filling providing maximum airflow and temperature regulation for your baby. Featuring both raised and flat padded sections, you can also use the Little Ares baby lounger to relieve reflux, as a tummy time pillow, a changing place or even as a cushioned spot for baby massages.

The Little Ares Baby Lounger is machine-washable for easy cleaning, making it the ultimate newborn essential. 

Real customer reviews:

‘This is the best buying decision I have made for my little ones. I bought two for my twins and I never regrets it because it is great for travelling especially when I go to my parent’s home and it also tick all of the basic baby lounger checkbox. I love the fact that it also come with beautiful soft embroidery & portable handles. Easy for machine washing and foldable for storage. We have used this lounger everyday since our twins was born and would highly recommend!’ – MichelleL

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5. Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger, $168.00

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

From tummy time to supported sitting, the Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger will grow with your bub.

What makes Snuggle Me Organic different?

The Snuggle Me Lounger is uniquely designed to hug your baby's body and create a safe space to play. Not just a short-term product, the Infant Lounger is suitable for babies 0-9 months and can also be used for tummy time, sitting up support and actively engaging in play.

The lounger is made with non-toxic, breathable 100% organic cotton with a polyester fibre filling.

Why try Snuggle Me Organic?

Available in eight stylish colours to suit any nursery décor, the Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. We also love that it’s machine washable and can even be tumble dried.

Real customer review:

"“We absolutely love this lounger. I was worried about him out growing it but his feet just hang off the edge and he doesn't have a problem with it. We've washed this countless times in the washing machine and it’s held up amazingly, but we do wash it on delicate cycle. I also put it in the dryer on low and never had a problem.”" - Hayley E.

7. Audrey & Me Linen Baby Nests, $189.95

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Made with the highest quality linen, which is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and temperature-regulating, Audrey & Me Baby Nests are ideal for sensitive newborn skin and are second to none. They’ll very quickly become bub’s favourite place to be.

What makes Audrey & Me's Baby Nests different?

From the nursery to the poolside, Audrey & Me Linen Baby Nests are the most convenient & comfortable portable baby loungers you'll find. Featuring both raised and flat padded sections, you can also use our baby nests to relieve reflux, as a tummy time pillow, or simply as a convenient place to change or settle your little one. 

Why try an Audrey & Me Baby Nests?

Despite being the most comfortable place for baby to be, each Audrey & Me baby nest is full reversible - all you need to do is undo the belt and the rope, flip it over and attach/tie again on the other side.

Real customer review:

"This was honestly the best purchase. We did our research and looked at a few brands but are so happy we went with Audrey & Me. The quality is fantastic and it is easy to wash. We have used this nest everyday since our baby was born and would highly recommend!" - Kathryn

8. Bubnest Organic Baby Nest, $249.00

Bubnest Organic Baby Nest

Founded in 2015, Bubnest was created when Swedish-born owner, Astrid, made a nest for her own bub when travelling overseas visiting friends and family. Her bub and the nest soon became inseparable as Astrid found herself using the nest all around the house, and she quickly realised that all new parents could benefit from a breather while baby rests in a familiar environment.

What makes Bubnest different?

Locally made in Australia with top-quality 100% organic materials, Bubnest products are good for baby and good for the environment. They offer four nest sizes, ranging from newborn up to 3 years, so your little one has a safe, soft and cosy space to play and rest. The sizes of all nests can be adjusted with a rope tie and we love their gorgeous range of stylish covers.

Why try Bubnest?

With low edges so bub’s nose is above the nest for maximum airflow and a natural latex mattress compliant with Australian standards for Infant Sleep Surfaces, the Bubnest is lovingly made with quality and safety top of mind. They’re so sure you will love it, they’ll even offer a full refund if you change your mind or are not happy with the product.

Real customer review:

"“The baby nest is such a beautiful product. The fabric is super soft and I love the sage colour. It’s super handy to use in multiple locations around the house to pop my bubba in. Also, great for taking around to family and friends houses for supervised nap time. Very happy with my purchased and would recommend the baby nest!”" - Catherine R.

9. Done by Deer Cosy Lounger with Activity Arch, $199.95

Done By Deer Cosy Lounger With Activity Arch

Keep baby stimulated and engaged while your arms get a much-needed rest with this 2-in-1 lounger by Done by Deer.

What makes Done By Deer different?

With a removable activity arch to hang your baby’s favourite toys, this stylish lounger by Done by Deer is a worthy investment offering bub a comfy and safe place to rest and play from newborn up to nine months. We love that it’s lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it from room to room.

Why try Done by Deer?

Made of soft organic cotton with a polyester filling, the ultra-soft 3D mattress secures constant airflow. The lounger also has two fun giraffe ears for bub to explore during tummy time.

The 100% organic cotton covers come in three cute colours and is removable and machine-washable making it easy to keep bub clean and cosy.

"“I purchased this for my friend from her baby registry, I liked the look of it so much, that I bought one for myself as well. My son absolutely adores it and I just pop it down wherever I am in the house.”" - Taryn S.

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