Road-Tested: 10 Of The Best Baby Change Mats In Australia In 2024

Henlee Change Pad

Choosing the Best Change Mat for Your Baby

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that an unsung hero in their newborn starter kit, along with the pram, the bassinet, and the swaddles, is actually the humble baby change mat.

You may think that any old changing mat will do the trick, but you’d be wrong - very wrong! The fact is, a good change mat should be easy to clean, a cinch to fold and take anywhere with you, and ideally - look chic, that’s if you want it to match your gorgeous baby nappy bag! 

You also need to ensure that your change mat is comfortable for your baby, thick enough to protect them from those (very) sturdy change tables in shopping centres, and wide enough to keep the germs far away!

So what are the main things to consider when choosing a baby change mat?

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Size Matters: Ensuring Adequate Dimensions

You want your baby change mat to be long and wide enough to ensure that your baby is kept on the mat, and not likely to be able to touch the surface - and the germs - around them, especially while they're very young and vulnerable.

On-the-Go Convenience: Portability is Key

An excellent baby-changing mat should offer exceptional portability. It should easily fold and fit into your nappy bag or any other bag you choose to carry with you. The ideal mat will feature a tie or clasp function to keep it securely folded while you're out and about.

Cleanliness Made Easy: Simple Maintenance

The material of your changing mat matters too. Velvet, linen, or suede may be luxurious, but they're not practical for baby changing mats. These fabrics can be challenging to clean and aren't as easily wiped down as other materials. You don't want to find yourself machine washing your changing mat daily, as this can lead to forgetting to pack it when you're on the move.

Plush Comfort: Prioritising Baby's Well-being

When it comes to baby change mats, the more plush, the better. A comfortable mat reduces the likelihood of your baby squirming and attempting to flip over during diaper changes, making the process smoother for both you and your little one.

1. Henlee UNI Mat, $34.00

Henlee uni mat

If you’re looking for baby changing mat that doesn’t sacrifice on style or functionality, then the Henlee UNI Mat could be the one for you. With an enviable price point, a gorgeous colour range, and made with comfortable vegan leather - it’s the ultimate changing mat for any family!

What makes Henlee UNI Mat different?

Known for their premium quality vegan leather, Henlee’s non-toxic, buttery soft fabrication ensures that baby’s skin is safe and protected every nappy change. Double sided, easy to fold and light as a feather the Henlee UNI Mat is the perfect baby changing mat for mums on the go. 

This waterproof, stain resistant and wipe-to-clean UNI Mat is available in a range of neutral colours so you never have to deviate away from your pre-mummy aesthetic.  

Why try Henlee UNI Mat?

The versatility of this UNI Mat is in a league of its own. Use it as a placemat, desk mat, baking mat, craft mat, pet mat… the options are endless… it’s UNIversal! 

Real customer reviews:

"“Love love love! I bought two of the uni mat in tan to use as both a mat in my change basket as well as keeping one rolled up to use as a travel change mat. the fact they're wipeable is perfect. The vegan leather is soft and such a beautiful colour! We have also just put one of the large round tan mats on the carpeted floor of the nursery for some 'splash proof' tummy time in the future to help save the carpet!”" - Abby M
"“Henlee making motherhood easier! That's what we all want right? 🙂 I'm sure all parents know how messy babies can be. I purchased the UNI mat and can't imagine life without it. No matter how hard you try, baby will poo or wee on the change mat many times! With the UNI mat, simply wipe it down to good as new! Without it I would be purchasing and washing so many change mat covers. Don't add to your laundry! They have so many other beautiful products too that I'd love to purchase at some stage. Thank you Henlee!!”" - Nadia D

2. The Nappy Society TNS Luxe Change Mat, $69.00

The Nappy Society Tns Luxe Change Mat

Crafted from their signature coated cotton canvas, The Nappy Society TNS Luxe Change Mat makes changing nappies chic (and convenient) on the go and at home!

What makes The Nappy Society TNS Luxe Change Mat different?

A unique blend of chic and comfortable, The Nappy Society TNS Luxe Change Mat opens out to a larger change mat, it features a convenient pocket to stash nappies, wipes, and creams easily. The design is so sophisticated it can even be disguised as a clutch.

Why try The Nappy Society TNS Luxe Change Mat?

  • Sleek, luxe design

  • Made from a durable coated cotton canvas

  • Water-resistant fabric

  • Large mesh pocket inside which holds 2-3 nappies, travel/slim packet of wet wipes and creams

  • Strong and secure velcro tab closure

  • Polished gold-tone hardware

  • The baby change mat is padded to ensure comfort

  • Wipes clean

  • Comes with branded dustbag

Real customer reviews:

"“First time mum here that was looking for baby items that weren’t going to steer from my style / identity. I love the style of these items, the product quality is amazing as well as the style.. please extend the range!!! Baby bottle bags, pram covers the lot! Take over the baby world with your style please not all mums like the cutesie look.”" - Daniela Spinelli

3. L&M Boutique Baby Change Basket, $199.00

Lm Boutique Baby Change Basket

L&M Boutique Baby Change Basket is an original nursery accessory that transforms any suitable surface into a safe and comfortable space to change your baby.

What makes L&M Boutique Baby Change Basket different?

Made from Premium 100% ECO Cotton this changing nest will be sure to become a statement piece in your nursery, soft and gentle space for your baby's play time. Designed to suit any aesthetics with its timeless look and fulfill the need for practical and multifunctional accessory making nappy changes effortless. 

Once changing days are over, this Baby Change Basket will become a beautiful decor statement piece or a practical storage space for clothing, linen, blankets or toys.

Why try L&M Boutique Baby Change Basket?

The L&M Boutique Baby Change Basket is a luxurious and thoughtful baby shower gift that undoubtedly will impress any mumma-to-be. It’s a must-have baby item that will be used for many years, growing with your little one from changing nappies to storing your toddler's necessities in style.

  • Portable, Lightweight and Foldable for easy transportation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Versatile design offering multipurpose use from baby changing and play space to stylish storage solution or a keepsake display statement piece
  • Complimentary soft water-resistant mattress insert* limited time offer
  • Complimentary 100% ECO Cotton mattress cover* limited time offer 
  • Complimentary branded linen drawstring storage bag
  • Machine washable - gentle cycle - mild detergent - air dried

Real customer review:

""I am so excited to put this basket to use. It’s currently sitting on my dresser looking beautiful patiently waiting for our baby girl's arrival.”" - TT
"“Beautiful and practical baby basket. Easy to move around the house to change the bub. Nice choice of colour and the material feels soft yet durable. Very happy with it, thank you!”" - Emily

A special offer:

30% off + Complimentary mattress insert with ECO Cotton cover. See the full offer details here...

4. Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Change Mat, $49.00

Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Change Mat

The Bunnie Change Mat is a stylish and ultra-functional companion to your Bunnie Caddie. Beautifully quilted like the matching bag, it's a stylish accompaniment that's comfortable for your baby too!

What makes Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Change Mat different?

The Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Change Mat has a luxurious look and feel, with a water-resistant and sleek finish. The extra padding helps you ensure extra comfort for your little Bunnie when changing. Designed with finer details honed to perfection every feature of this beautiful Baby Change Mat has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

Why try Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Change Mat?

With some wonderful features, the Bunnie quilted fabric is elegant and durable and the Change Mat comes with foldable functionality, making it portable and sleek.


- Each Change Mat will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an organiser.

- Water-resistant sleek, Bunnie-quilted nylon/polyester for easy cleaning.

- A Storage Pocket for all the essentials with every Change Mat.

Shop Bunnie Caddie:

5. Ben and Ellie Baby The Original Nappy Change Clutch, $189.00

Ben And Ellie Baby The Original Nappy Change Clutch

The original Ben & Ellie Baby nappy change clutch is a designer nappy wallet and baby changing mat. This baby changing mat folds up into a compact nappy clutch to organise your baby bag and make nappy changes on the go effortless and stylish.

What makes Ben and Ellie Baby The Original Nappy Change Clutch different?

Designed in Australia, Ben and Ellie Baby have considered every last detail in creating the perfect product for easy and hygienic nappy changes on-the-go. Easily pack everything you need for a day's worth of nappy changes in the one compact nappy wallet.

Feel organised, stylish and prepared, no matter where you are. Take it out on its own for short trips or use it as a nappy bag organiser to turn any bag into a neatly organised nappy bag. Pop it in your favourite designer tote to turn it into a designer baby bag!

It’s the perfect baby shower gift and a must have for any new mum. Be warned, once you have a Ben & Ellie Baby Nappy Change Clutch, you'll never leave the house without it!

Suitable from newborn until the toddler years, for the duration your child is in nappies.

Why try Ben and Ellie Baby The Original Nappy Change Clutch?

  • 5 clever pockets to store and organise up to 6 nappies, nappy rash creams, baby wipes and additional items like a spare onesie, a wet bag or disposable nappy bags

  • Waterproof lining

  • High quality vegan leather that won't scuff or crack despite years of use

  • Padding for baby’s body and extra cushioning for baby’s head

  • Secure magnetic closure allows for easy one handed opening

  • Unique pocket for your baby wipes (use our custom refillable wipes case for the perfect fit).

  • Wrist strap for hands free carrying and hanging off the pram

  • Australian Registered Design protected on the IP register of Australia


  • Use in public baby changing rooms

  • Use as a nappy bag organiser - conveniently stores all your nappy changing essentials

  • Short trips when you don't want to pack the entire baby bag

  • Airplane travel with a baby

  • Converting designer totes into designer baby bags

  • Use as a portable baby changing mat in locations without baby changing facilities eg at the beach, park and even the boot of your car.

  • Babies and toddlers aged 0-2 years old

Real customer reviews:

"“The baby item that every parent needs! This is the third clutch I've purchased, it is now my go-to gift for new mums. The clutches are top quality and 100% worth the investment.”" - Gabby F

6. Henlee Changing Pad, from $138.00

Henlee Change Pad

What makes the Henlee Changing Pad different?

Designed with Henlee’s signature premium quality vegan leather, this buttery soft Changing Pad is waterproof and stain resistant, ensuring you are equipped to handle those unexpected surprises with ease!

The Henlee changing pad’s dense and supportive inner foam ensures your baby is comfortable during every change with extra support thanks to the raised sides.

Why try the Henlee Changing Pad?

This wipe to clean changing pad will sit proudly on display in your nursery and is lightweight enough to easily move from room to room.

The perfect blend of fashion and function for the modern parent. Elevate your changing game with ease and style!

6. The Somewhere Co Change Mats, $39.95

The Somewhere Co Change Mats

The Somewhere Co travel change mat is a must-have baby accessory for any fashion forward mumma. Not only does it look appealing, but it’s super practical too! 

What makes The Somewhere Co Change Mats different?

The Somewhere Co Change Mats features an internal pocket to keep changing essentials like baby wipes and a nappy together, meaning there is no need to take your full nappy bag out of the pram just for one change!

The exterior of the change mat is a bold, stylish print, while the inner lining is padded with BPA-free polyester and is easily wipeable for any spills. The mat is foldable and easy to carry with a strap that can be used to attach it to a pram or bag. Changing nappies is about to get a whole lot easier!

Why try The Somewhere Co Change Mats?

  • 100% certified BPA-free polyester wipeable lining

  • 100% certified BPA-free polyester filling

  • Internal pocket to keep baby wipes and/or a diaper

  • Strap with button closure to keep your mat folded

  • Strap to attach mat to pram, handbag, etc

  • Bespoke prints designed by local and international artists

  • Dimensions: 48.26cm x 71.12cm | 19” x 28”

7. Leander Matty Change Mat, $209.95

Leander Matty Change Mat

The Matty change mat from Leander lets you create a changing station where it suits you best. The Matty can be put on any flat surface like the top of a dresser, a table or the laundry bench and the be kept in place and safe by the non-slip base.

What makes the Leander Matty Change Mat different?

The Leander Matty Change Mat is made from PUR (polyurethane foam) which is a robust and strong material which also provides a very soft touch. So soft that you do not need any fabric layers, like a cover or a towel, before you lay your baby on it. The mat measures 70x50x11cm and weighs 2.9kg. The Matty Change Mat is 100% waterproof and easy to wipe down and clean.

Why try Leander Matty Change Mat?

  • Materials: polyurethane foam

  • Includes: 1 x change mat

  • 100% waterproof

  • Sturdy material but soft to the touch

  • Easy to wipe down & clean

Real customer reviews:

"“Love this change mat so much. Bought for my second as we had a change table for my first which was never used once!!!!! I now use this everyday it’s so convenient using it wherever and easy wipe down!! Shipping with Temple and Webster was also soo quick!!!”" - Taylor

8. Storksak Organic Change Station Rain Drop Seashell, $69.99

Storksak Organic Change Station Rain Drop Seashell

Organic cotton grown without chemicals is used for this handy baby change station, so you know every nappy change is on the most natural surface.

What makes the Storksak Organic Change Station different?

The Storksak Organic Change Station contains a wipes dispenser pocket and large zipped pocket, which allows you to easily store everything needed for nappy changes. Ideal to slip inside your changing bag or attach to your pram with the stroller bar attachment on the grab handle.

Why try Storksak Organic Change Station?

  • Organic cotton with subtle print using inks free from Azo dyes and other harmful chemicals

  • Stain resistant + wipe clean lining made from recycled material certified by the Global Recycled Standard

  • Grab handle with integrated stroller attachment 

  • Concealed wipes dispenser pocket Internal mesh pocket for storing wipes 

  • Zipped back pocket, nappies, creams + spare clothes Removable + machine washable changing mat.

9. Kmart Foam Change Mat, $17.00

Kmart Foam Change Mat

If you’re looking for a soft and comfortable change mat, or second change mat for another part of the house, the Kmart Foam Change Mat is a great option.

What makes the Kmart Foam Change Mat?

Keep your baby comfortable during nappy changes with the Kmart foam change mat, which features a soft moulded foam design for added safety during nappy changes.


  • Easy to clean

  • Soft moulded foam design for baby's added safety and comfort

Real customer reviews:

"“Perfect purchase. It fits exactly into the change table. A very reasonable price.”" - Julie B

Team the Kmart Foam Change Mat with a beautiful nappy change mat cover:

We love the gorgeous designs from Banabae and Bella Buttercup!

10. Bella Buttercup Baby Change Mat, $30.00

Bella Buttercup Baby Change Mat

The Bella Buttercup Baby Change Mat is a small portable cushioned area to make changing your baby easy - and comfortable!

Why makes the Bella Buttercup Change Mat different?

Its convenient size means you can use the change mat anywhere for changing your baby in public spaces, on airplanes, out at cafe's or anywhere in the home. It's the perfect accessory that folds down to a size of a nappy and can be stored in a nappy bag. The water-resistant lining acts as a barrier for damp surfaces or little mistakes.

It's easy to clean and can be machine washed or spot cleaned. Do not use Napisan to wash your Bella Buttercup Quilted Collection products. On dark colours this may cause fading

The Change Mat is designed for baby changing purposes only and is not suitable as a baby sleep product.

Why try the Bella Buttercup Change Mat?

  • 100% Cotton Jersey

  • Double sided colour-way

  • Water-resistant internal layers

  • Cushioned for hard surfaces

  • Quilted finish offers comfort and style

  • Easy to handle (for any multi-tasking parent)

  • Perfect for change-time or nappy-off time

  • Machine wash or spot clean

  • Measures 40cm x 62cm

Shop Bella Buttercup:

Made with one of your favourite designs based on a recent competition, the Marmalade Lion Cuddly Faces print is a timeless classic - and makes a pretty adorable change mat!

What makes Marmalade Lion Cuddly Faces Change Mat different?

Designed to fit perfectly in your nappy or pram bag, the exceptionally comfy and compact Marmalade Lion change mat is filled with a thick and soft knitted fabric creating a soft barrier for those hard surfaces and is finished with our high quality waterproof coating.

Why try Marmalade Lion Cuddly Faces Change Mat?

  • Our easy fold design makes it slim and compact to fit in any nappy or pram bag
  • The easy to wipe fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Knitted fabric inner create a soft place for baby to rest whilst being changed

Real customer reviews:

"“Could not be happier with our change mat. Super soft, wipeable surface. Gorgeous print. Folds up easily. Love love love! Will be buying more Marmalade Lion products for sure!”" - Kim H

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