Road-Tested: 10 Of The Best Pregnancy Pillows In Australia In 2024

10 Of The Best Pregnancy Pillows In Australia In 2023

If you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy, you probably won’t have experienced the turbulence that often accompanies the different stages of pregnancy. You see, each trimester has its own set of potential hurdles, and for many women as their belly grows wider, the need for a pregnancy pillow becomes greater.

You know how everyone tells a pregnant woman to ‘get as much sleep as they can before the baby arrives’? Yeah, well that’s easier said than done. Aside from frequent urination and pregnancy insomnia, simply trying to get comfortable in bed with a pregnant belly can be incredibly difficult. Especially as many health professionals recommend pregnant women sleep only on their left side from around 28 weeks gestation. That doesn’t leave you with a lot of options to get comfortable - am I right ladies? Here's where the magic of maternity pillows come in, offering a comforting solution for a good night's sleep.

Here is the ultimate list of pregnancy pillows in 2024:

  1. The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow, $139.95

  2. Butterfly Maternity Pillow, RRP: $147.00

  3. Baby Studio Body Pillow With Chevron Grey Pillow Case, RRP: $79.95

  4. Belly Bandit S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow, RRP: $159.95#4

  5. Mamaway Medical Grade Hypoallergenic 3-in-1 Maternity Support and Feeding Pillow, $103.95

  6. Growbright Belly Support Pillow, RRP: $69.00

  7. Boppy® Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow, RRP: $45.38

  8. Body Massager Velvet U-Shaped Pregnancy/Full Body Pillow, RRP: $109.90

  9. Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow, RRP: $105.00

  10. Dreammaker Maternity Pillow, RRP: $129.95

When do I need a pregnancy pillow?

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Pregnancy pillows are most commonly used in the third trimester, as this is when a woman’s pregnant belly is largest. This is also when common pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain and pelvic pain can start to cause trouble.

What kind of pregnancy pillow should you be using?

Speaking of the best pillow for pregnancy, there's a variety to choose from. In fact, we've got you covered with the 10 best pillows for pregnancy, and now, let's explore the added comfort that specific pillows can bring to your maternity journey.

U-shape pillow:

U-shaped pillows are probably the most popular pregnancy pillow shape available. Designed to envelope you from either side, a U-shaped pregnancy pillow will allow you to wrap your legs around the pillow no matter which side you sleep on, and likewise, the deep U-shape allows your pregnant belly to have a cushioned resting place.

Pillow wedge:

Designed to be used where you need it most, a pregnancy pillow wedge can be placed directly underneath your belly when lying on your side, or placed between your legs for added support.

Full body pillow:

A full body pillow is similar to a U-shape pillow, but with just one side. This means you can hug your pillow no matter which side you’re sleeping on, and is slightly smaller in size than the U-shape pillow, so can also be used on the couch.

Butterfly pillow:

A butterfly-shaped maternity pillow is designed to provide comfort underneath your growing belly and to your lower back, which can often feel just as much discomfort as your belly or pelvis.

1. The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow, $139.95

The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow 139 95

Sleepybelly is the ultimate pregnancy pillow, as it helps pregnant mums enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep with back, side and tummy support.

What makes the Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow different?

Sleepybelly is a unique three-piece adjustable pillow set made from premium quality fabrics and internal latex. It’s the perfect option for pregnant mums who are finding it difficult to get comfortable when they sleep. In fact, it’s proven to aid better sleep. For that reason, it's widely loved by Australian mums-to-be with an impressive 4.9/5 star rating plus it comes with a 30-night money back guarantee.

Why try The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow

Recommended by Physios, Osteos, and women’s health nurses, the Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow helps to prevent the back sleeping position and features an adjustable width that grows with your belly. The Sleepybelly is a pillow for pregnancy that actually fits in your bed! And the best part is, there’s no risk! Sleepybelly offers a 30-night money-back guarantee so you can try this maternity pillow risk-free!


Real customer reviews:

" The best pregnancy pillow! Amazing, I felt an immediate difference with my sleep as soon as I started using the Sleepybelly pillow compared to my previous pregnancy pillow. I highly recommend this to anyone expecting a baby… it really does help!". Shannee T.

"Life Changing! Amazing product! From packaging, support and customer service. It’s so versatile with being able to change the support pieces and I look forward to using this through my nursing period too. Highly recommend". Teena L.

"Only wish I knew about this for my last pregnancy! LOVE IT! Wish I knew about this product for my last pregnancy, I'm sleeping so much better. I have such a bad back pretty much all the time but especially during pregnancy so this pillow is a dream for me! The back support is just amazing and then of course the belly support is also great! So so happy, highly recommend this product!". Amy V.

2. Butterfly Maternity Pillow, RRP: $147.00

Butterfly Maternity Pillow

Butterfly Maternity Pillow® - Voted one of Australia’s best pregnancy pillows, 100% Australian-made and manufactured.

What makes the Butterfly Maternity Pillow different?

Made to support you and your bub. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow’s® distinctive wedge-shaped design supports both your lower back and your growing bump. Made by mums who know, the body-hugging Butterfly wings cradle your bump, aligning your hips and lower back, dispersing pressure evenly to ensure deep rest.

Why try the Butterfly Maternity Pillow?

Butterfly Maternity Pillows are made with premium Japara Cotton and filled with Cloudfil® fibre balls to reduce clumping and create the optimum support for your body. The pillow covers are made from a medical-grade blend of natural cotton and durable polyester, for easy care, comfort, and breathability. 

Butterfly have re-engineered the manufacturing process, choosing environmentally-friendly Tencel ™ from certified sustainably grown eucalyptus trees for their latest Butterfly Maternity Pillow® Covers. All Butterfly Maternity covers are also OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified.

With its dual-use design, the Butterfly Maternity Pillow® can be used for breastfeeding and even propping up your little one as they grow. Our new Nursing Covers also have a splash-proof coating to further protect your maternity pillow from spills. 

Real customer reviews:

“I love this pillow as its not too big, the support on both sides means when you roll over, you don't have to lug a massive pillow with you. It's soft, easy to wash and to take with you on travel. Definitely would recommend.” - Brittney

“I Love it. It's so compact and really comfy for side sleeping. Also great for the car too for back support. My husband approves of It's compact size. Doesn't push him off the bed like my other maternity pillow did lol.” - Nads

Shop Butterfly Maternity:

3. Baby Studio Body Pillow With Chevron Grey Pillow Case, RRP: $79.95

Baby Studio Body Pillow With Chevron Grey Pillow Case

A 3-in-1 design, this soft, supportive maternity pillow from Baby Studio was designed by a chiropractor to comfort you both during and after pregnancy.

What makes the Baby Studio Body Pillow different?

It’s a 3-in-1 design and will therefore serve you through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Design 1 is ideal during pregnancy, where its fully body can provide support to your hips, back, shoulders and joints for a better night’s sleep.

Design 2, the maternity pillow, is aimed at helping support you while breastfeeding your little one. Wrap it around you and your baby to keep your body as relaxed and keep any stiffness and aches at bay.

Design 3 can be used as a chair for your baby when they’re a little older and you need your hands free.

Why try the Baby Studio Body Pillow?

This pillow will not only provide comfort throughout your pregnancy but also provide incredible value for money as it's not just a pillow for your pregnancy but can be used once your baby is born and as he or she grows.

Real customer reviews:

“This pillow changed my pregnancy. It's perfect thickness and size for me (I'm 163cm tall) and then to have it triple as a nursing pillow and a baby nest. This was worth every penny and I recommend to everyone.” - Alic, September 2020

“After weeks of sleeping terribly and a night of repeatedly waking terribly upset (thanks to hormones) that I'd rolled yet again onto my back I bought this pillow this morning. As soon as I got it home, I opened it up to test it out. I am currently laying in bed comfortably for the first time in weeks and now that I have back support, I know I won't be rolling onto my back putting my baby's heart rate at risk!” - Jessjack, August 2020

Shop Baby Studio:

4. Belly Bandit S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow, RRP: $159.95

Belly Bandit Sos  Sleep On Side Pregnancy Pillow

This doctor-designed, patent-pending pregnancy pillow is your ultimate sleep solution. 

What makes the Belly Bandit Pregnancy Pillow different?

No more worrying about waking up on your back, the "S.O.S." Sleep Solution keeps you securely in place, on your side, to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to your baby. The "S.O.S." is easy to use, grows with you throughout your pregnancy and puts your mind at ease so you can get your Zzz's!

Why try the Belly Bandit S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow?

  • Keeps you on your side to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen to your baby 

  • Comfortable, functional, and portable 

  • OB/GYN developed

  • Supports your back and belly while you sleep

  • Takes the worry out of sleeping in your 2nd & 3rd trimester

Real customer reviews:

“I love my SOS pillow. I previously purchased a C-shaped pillow and for some time used both the C pillow and the SOS every night, but now use the SOS pillow exclusively. I've always been a side sleeper, but for whatever reason, in pregnancy always ended up on my back at some point during the night. The SOS pillow gives me peace of mind that I am keeping myself and baby safe by keeping me on my side to sleep- especially now that I am in my 3rd trimester. I also love that it isn't as bulky and doesn't take as much space as the C pillow so it's not like I'm isolating myself from my husband in bed. It is definitely a must-have in pregnancy.” - Roma16, 3 August 2021

“This wedge is great. I like that I can adjust the back portion so if I want to turn over it is still comfortable. The belly wedge is the perfect size as I found the larger ones were too wide and up to my boobs which wasn’t comfortable. It also stays in place which is a huge plus. Currently 23 weeks and love it.” - Jen, 2 January 2021

5. Mamaway Medical Grade Hypoallergenic 3-in-1 Maternity Support and Feeding Pillow, $103.95

Mamaway Medical Grade Hypoallergenic 3 In 1 Maternity Support And Feeding Pillow

There comes a time during pregnancy when your maternity pillow becomes a more important bed companion than your partner. This is the time when Mamaway's breastfeeding pillow should swiftly enter your life!

What makes Mamaway Support and Feeding Pillow different?

Made with top-quality materials, the Mamaway Support and Feeding Pillow will enter your world as the perfect snuggle companion and complete it as an invaluable aid for breastfeeding your new bub with the right posture, which is key to a successful breastfeeding experience. You can also use it as a soft booster ring for your little one when she or he is learning to sit up.

Why try Mamaway Support and Feeding Pillow?

For mums who have difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep in during pregnancy, simply put on the maternity belt and place the Mamaway Support and Feeding Pillow between your thighs for an easy sleep night. The ultimate pillow for maternity sleep.


  • Long-lasting. Does not collapse or deform easily. Stays in shape all the time.

  • Multi-functional. Can be used as a pregnancy body pillow, breastfeeding support pillow, and baby booster. In fact, it has up to 10 different purposes!

  • Temperature regulating foam. Provides the benefit of body temperature regulation for optimal comfort all year round.

Real customer reviews:

“I started experiencing horrible hip and lower back pain when I was 20 weeks pregnant. It had gotten to the point where I woke up 3-5 times every night tossing and turning. But this nightmare stopped when I got this pillow. Since then my sleeping quality has improved so much and I am now 32 weeks pregnant. I feel lighter and less tired every day. I really recommend it for any mums out there who suffer from sleepless nights during pregnancy. This one isn’t saggy, it bounces back when you press on it - you can really feel the solid supportiveness. My husband loves it so much that he’s buying one for himself too! I can’t wait to see how this one will work as a nesting pillow when my little one comes. All in all, incredibly happy with my purchase so far.” - Anna Y, 24 June 2020

“I really like that you can use this pillow in many ways, both for me and my baby. I liked to keep things simple so I was worried about having to buy gigantic pillows for my pregnancy and separate nursing pillows for my baby. But this pillow is very practical- it’s smaller so it doesn’t take that much space, but it’s just the right size for everything you need it for. I can imagine how hot and suffocating it’ll be if I sleep in one of those giant pillows and you wouldn’t be able to flip to the other side with it. Plus we’re always looking for a more comfortable position when we lie down, it’ll be impossible to move giant pillows around. I’m really satisfied with the size and shape of this pillow, it’s perfect for minimalists like me.” - Yen-Ling, 21 June 2020

6. Growbright Belly Support Pillow, RRP: $69.00

Growbright Belly Support Pillow

The pillow for maternity that is made from repurposed memory foam capsules. The Growbright Belly Support Pillow gently lifts your belly into a neutral position while side sleeping to stop that dragging feeling. 

What makes the Growbright Belly Support Pillow different?

The Growbright Belly Support Pillow is great for pregnant women, as it prevents you from rolling forward and twisting your spine, relieving lower back pain. It has a capsule design making it extremely soft yet supportive. The capsules can also be removed as your belly grows, to adjust the height of the pillow.

Why try the Growbright Belly Support Pillow?

The pregnancy pillow comes with a removable, washable cover. Made from a TENCEL™ polyester blend providing exceptional moisture-wicking properties and softness that feels so good on your skin!

Real customer reviews:

“Best thing about this is that it’s small (so you can take it if you’re traveling) & It doesn’t swamp your whole body. I got the free knee pillow alongside it & they’re the perfect pair. Has already helped with my newly developed SPD!” - Samantha, 23 September 2020

“This pillow has been a fantastic support to a great night's sleep throughout pregnancy. It acts like a wedge to keep me in place and I love how you can adjust the foam levels depending on size and comfort. So glad I can use my normal head pillow alongside it. All around a great investment!!” - Monika, 24 July 2020

7. Boppy® Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow, RRP: $45.38

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

The Boppy® Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow (FKA the Bump and Back) is perfect for doctor recommended side sleeping. 

What makes the Boppy® Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow different?

The compact design features a unique stretch panel to accommodate your growing bump and makes you feel stable as you nestle between two connected pillows. It’s also a great pillow when pregnant to feel supported not only in bed but on the couch or in the car, too.

Why try the Boppy® Side Sleeper?

It’s compact, filled with 100% virgin polyester fibres, and ensures durability and reliable support. This maternity pillow is also machine washable and features an ultra-soft removable slipcover.

Real customer reviews:

“This is a great pillow to help support your back and bump while you sleep. I didn’t want a full-body pillow as I share a queen bed with my husband and there’s not a ton of room. So this was the perfect size to still support me but without taking up all the extra space in bed! I sleep really well with this!” - Hannah G, August 2021

“I've always been a side sleeper with back problems. Now that I'm pregnant I keep waking up throughout the night as I would roll onto my back. Since I got this pillow, even if I do roll onto my back it keeps me mostly tilted to the side and reduces the discomfort, making it possible to sleep more peacefully. I love that it's not bulky and I get just enough support without it putting too much pressure on my back.” - Courtney S, February 2021

8. Body Massager Velvet U-Shaped Pregnancy/Full Body Pillow, RRP: $109.90

Body Massager Velvet U Shaped Pregnancyfull Body Pillow

The Body Massager U-shaped pregnancy and maternity pillow was specially designed to offer comfort and full-body support to mothers during their pregnancy and long after the baby is born as a nursing pillow or as a comfortable full-body support pillow for daily use.

What makes the Body Massager Velvet U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow different?

There's no need to reposition your pillows during the night with this intelligent design. The inner contours were designed to specifically follow the natural curved shape of your body no matter how you like to sleep. Simply turn from side to side, and your full-body maternity pillow will have a custom fit all around you.

Why try the Body Massager Velvet U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

The Body Massager U-Shaped Pillow features a "caress your neck" comfort curve for your neck and shoulders, with a velvet fabric cover that will keep you warm and cosy and can be easily removed to wash at any time.

Real customer reviews:

“I am currently pregnant for the first time and once I hit the second trimester I already became so uncomfortable sleeping as I’m a tummy sleeper & couldn’t get comfortable on either side. I tried putting pillows between my legs but would still switch from side to side throughout the night and each time would need to rearrange the pillows around me which kept me awake. I was n sleeping much at all and knew I couldn’t keep going like that for another 25 weeks… I saw someone recommended this online and although it looked very big I needed to try it. Well, it now has a nickname (that’s staying private lol) but from the first night, I have been sleeping like a LOG.. to the point I don’t even hear my partner snoring anymore. It’s been the best maternity purchase! I recommend it to anyone! My pillows have all been removed from my bed and this is the only pillow I need! Thank you thank you thank you. Life saver!” - Taneal, 16 August 2021

“I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep until I bought this pillow. I think I’ll be using it even after having my baby. It’s so comfortable.” - Jodi Carroll, 17 January 2021.

9. Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow, RRP: $105.00

Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow

This luxurious Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow supports your growing tummy while also providing support to your lower back when pregnant.

What makes the Back To Basics Chiropractic Maternity Pillow different?

The Tummy Snuggler is made from memory foam and has been specially treated to inhibit allergens and it comes with a quality 100% cotton cover that adjusts to your body movement.

The specifically designed memory foam sleeves diffuse pressure to the abdomen and back to disperse pressure evenly and increase the quality of sleep. The Tummy Snuggler is made of a unique combination of memory foam and soft polyfill giving you the option to use the side that best suits your comfort and needs.

Features of the Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow:

  • Supports your tummy and lower back while in the recommended side sleeping position.

  • Suits all body sizes and shapes.

  • Memory foam is treated to inhibit allergens.

  • Stops tossing and turning.

  • Reduces backache by maintaining correct spinal alignment.

  • Removable soft polyfill to adjust the height to best support your needs.

  • Maintaining the side sleeping position may assist in the reduction of light snoring.

10. Dreammaker Maternity Pillow, RRP: $129.95

Dreammaker Maternity Pillow

Say goodbye to discomfort and painful sleepless nights, and find relief with the supportive and comfortable u-shaped Maternity Pillow from Dreamaker. 

What makes Dreamaker Maternity Pillow different?

Filled with 2640g of lofty polyester fibre, and crafted with your relaxation in mind, this bedroom essential is perfect for use throughout your pregnancy. The pillow is perfect to use when pregnant as it is specifically designed to follow and mimic the natural contours of the body, and is fashioned to provide head-to-toe comfort all night long.

Why try Dreamaker Maternity Pillow?

Easily removable for washing, the cover is made from polyester and biodegradable bamboo, widely used for its anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly properties. Highly water absorbent and sustainably sourced, the super soft fabric is the perfect sleeping companion all year round.

Real customer reviews:

“Amazing. Quick delivery and brilliant product. Prevents me from sleeping on my back!! So comfortable.” - Adele, 19 February 2021

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