Road-Tested: 9 Of The Best Play Pens In Australia In 2024

9 Of The Best Play Pens In Australia In 2023

Play pens are one of those items many parents forget to add to their baby essentials list, because it doesn't come into play until your baby is well and truly on the move. That leaves many people with a baby nearing one - and suddenly desperate for an infant playpen as a safe place to leave their baby, to ensure they don't wander off and get into anything they shouldn't!

Teaming a play yard or playpen with the perfect cushiony play mat is key - as it means your baby is contained in a safe and comfortable space, where you can feel comfortable they'll remain safe and sound.

What to look for in a playpen:

There are a few factors to consider when looking for a playpen for your baby.

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- Size:

When choosing a play pen, you have to consider the space in which you have to play with - pardon the pun. Do you have a smaller space within an apartment, and are simply looking for a smaller play pen to keep your baby away from sharp corners or breakable objects your baby can climb on? You may have a larger area to play with and want to provide your baby with a wide and varied area where you can set up different activities to keep baby busy.

Likewise, you may be on the hunt for an expandable play pen, which can be used say, indoors in a smaller area, and then extended out to provide a larger playing area on the deck or outside on the grass.

- Interactive features:

For some parents, a simple, wooden or plastic play pen is all they require to keep their little ones where they can see them. But for some parents, something with a few extra features to engage baby is essential.

Many play pens come with mirrors, bells and rolling toys attached to the sides of the play pen that baby can play with while they're in the play pen.

- Sturdy structure:

Obviously when purchasing a play pen, you want to choose something that can't be pushed over, pulled apart or climbed over. A good, solid play pen will keep your baby within the boundaries, providing a strong structure for your baby. Anything flimsy may mean a sweet escape for your baby!

1. Regalo Six Panel Baby Portable Play Yard and Pen, $119.00

1 Regalo Six Panel Baby Portable Play Yard And Pen 119 00

The Regalo foldable play yard or play pen can fold out easily to create a slightly elevated and cushioned - but most importantly - safe, play area for your little one. This can be used both indoors and outdoors!

What makes the Regalo Portable Baby Play Yard Play Pen different?

  • Materials: aluminium, nylon, polyester

  • Includes: 1 x 6-panel portable play yard

  • With a generous play space, it is truly ideal for mobile babies at home, when travelling, at the park, or even a day at the beach

  • Creates a safe play area for children in a few simple steps

  • Foldable play yard that can be used indoors & outdoors

  • Sets up & compactly folds down in seconds

  • Water-resistant for indoor & outdoor use

  • For children 6-24 months

  • Sturdy all metal frame

  • Lightweight

  • 270 ° foldable, lockable hinge.

Why try the Regalo Play Pen?

Anyone living within a smaller space who is looking for a playpen that folds away easily to be placed in storage will love this playpen. The playpen is also elevated for extra cushioning.

2. Bubbli Interactive 20-Sided Baby Playpen, Rrp: $199.00

2 Bubbli Interactive 20 Sided Baby Playpen Rrp 179 99

Give your little one a safe and multi-sensory place to play and explore in thanks to this colourful playpen that boasts interactive tadpoles and frogs that encourage sensory play and help with early development.

  • Encourages early development and exploration

  • Interactive game panel with sound effects

  • Rubber hanging bag behind the door

  • Bottom base with suction cups

  • Safety gate with double lock

  • Easy to assemble – no tools required!

Keep the kids occupied while you read, cook or complete household chores with the Bubbli Interactive 20-Sided Baby Playpen that provides a safe space to enjoy hands-on development and hours of fun experimenting.

Perfect for:

Anyone who is looking to be able to extend or reduce the size of the play pen, while offering an engaging experience for their baby.

3. Dwinguler Castle-2 Playpen For Baby, Rrp: $549.00

3 Dwinguler Castle 2 Playpen For Baby Rrp 549 00

The Dwinguler Castle-2 Playpen in the Downy Grey and Classic Warm White has been custom designed to suite our Extra Large Dwinguler or BubbaMat play mat and is available in a durable and high-quality design.

  • Features a double-lock gate system to ensure safety and security

  • Compatible with our Extra Large Dwinguler or BubbaMat play mat (2.3m x 1.4m and 15mm thick +/-3%) - Sold Separately

  • Thick and colourful panels that are interactive and fun

  • 12 month warranty

The Dwinguler Castle-2 Playpen may be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom. This children’s playpen has been custom designed to fit our Extra Large Dwinguler or BubbaMat play mat, and these play mats are available in a variety of designs and styles. Browse our wonderful selection of infant play mats, toddler play mats, and playpens today!

Real review: Rosemary Moses,

"We can not imagine life without this pen. It is beautifully, strong and large enough for two adults to play with baby. The colour is blends perfectly with a modern home design."

4. 4Baby Noma Playpen Room Divider With Mat And Wall Fix White, Rrp: $219

4  4baby Noma Playpen Room Divider With Mat And Wall Fix White Rrp 219

The lightweight and versatile Modular safety gate range is designed to fit openings from 79.4cm | 31.25” to 315cm | 124” without the need for extensions. Easy to install, and shape to your surroundings, the modular gates can be configured as a 3 panel, a 5 panel enclosure or room divider or as a full 6 panel playpen to suit your lifestyle. Once installed, the safety gate opens to create a walk-through area and comes with our signature soft shut closing system as standard.

  • Push and lift opening mechanism for easy one handed opening.

  • Soft shut closing system

  • Easy Fit Wall Brackets for room divider or enclosure options

  • Two way opening for use in doorways.

  • Snap Fix Panels

  • Safe Lock Hinge

Perfect for:

Anyone who is looking for a play pen that can be used a number of ways, including as a boundary for a play area, or as a gate to section off a particular area of the home securely.

5. Kiddy Cots Link 70 - 6 Panel Baby Playpen, Rrp: $160.00

5 Kiddy Cots Link 70 6 Panel Baby Playpen Rrp 107 00

Designed with interlocking connectors, this playpen can be easily changed from a square, to a rectangle, or a hexagon.

What makes the Kiddycot Playpen different?

This playpen allows your baby to crawl at a safe place and provides a big place for young kids to play without having to destroy your house. Although this playpen is suitable for babies or children from 6 to 24 months, you can add additional panels to create larger playpens as they grow older. The quality of this playpen is guaranteed as it is made and designed in Australia with sturdy timber construction from all natural Australian timber.

As there is no current mandatory or voluntary Australian standard for playpens, many cheaply made playpens are imported in Australia that would not pass test methods used for European or North American mandatory standards. Unlike any other playpens, this playpen meets and surpassess all ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) requirements and also has ASTM (American Society for Testing Material) certification. Moreover, this product is organic and environmentally friendly, which includes a 12 months warranty. The measurements in the section below can be used as a reference to how this playpen can be adjusted.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking to change up the shape of their play pen to keep things interesting for their baby. The timber play pen aligns with the minimalist Scandi theme that so many parents are a fan of, and the play pen has the capacity to grow in size, along with your baby.

6. Au Choice Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre + Safety Play Slide + Play Mat, Rrp: $569.90

6 Au Choice Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Slide Play Mat Rrp 489 95
  • Dimension: 148x173cm (inner size) and 70cm tall (Extra Height!)

  • Slide and mat are also under product variant for purchase together with the pen if needed.

  • Slide size:172cm(L)x80cm(H)x43cm(W)

  • Play mat thickness: 4cm.

  • Rubber Base: The playpen is specially designed with a rubber base underneath to keep it stand sturdy on the floor and not be pushed or dragged by children.

  • Anti-clip design of the junction safeguard kids from the danger of being stuck by the playpen.

  • Extra height panels (70cm): The height of the fence is enough for baby to stand and walk while the area inside the pen is plentiful for them to explore around.

  • Safety locks will give you a sense of relaxation and surely engage your children in all sorts of playful activities within the enclosed limit.

  • The playpen is sturdy but still light weight. Easy to put together and take down.

  • BPA Free Material: Non toxic and Odourless recyclable high density PE, environment friendly.

  • All panels are manually checked to ensure panel surface is smooth.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for more than just a play pen, this beauty is an activity centre, too!

7. Dreambaby Brooklyn Converta Play-Pen Gate, Rrp: $289.95

7 Dreambaby Brooklyn Converta Play Pen Gate Rrp 179 00

The Dreambaby® Brooklyn Converta® Play-Pen Gate can be used as either a play-pen or extra-wide barrier gate, with mesh fabric panels adding visibility and style to safety.


  • Dreambaby® Brooklyn Converta® Play-Pen Gate

  • Includes: 1 Play-Pen Gate

  • Fits opening from 85.5cm / 33.5-inch up to 3.75m / 147.5-inch

  • Gate height 74cm / 29-inch

  • 6 modular panels including a convenient walk-through gate

  • Arrange panels to your specific layout

  • Soft mesh sides for easy visibility

  • Smart Stay-Open feature

  • EZY-Check® Indicator

  • Swings both ways

  • Optional One-Way Stopper

  • Easy-Close

  • Folds for easy storage

  • Sturdy, compact design & easy installation

  • Pack Dimensions: 80.5cm(H) x 16cm(W) x 66cm(D) x 12.8kg approx

Real review: Ben,

"Really good playpen. The mesh is much better than bars I find so this was exactly what we wanted. Would have preferred an extra panel or two to make it a bit bigger. You can buy these seperately but overpriced for a single panel. Very flexible to make different shapes. For a while we actually had it open in a semi circle and joining with the couch although the little one figured out after a while and learner to escape. Once joined up its impenetrable. Very easy to fold up and transport too. A solid 4 stars as it's a very good product and design but expensive to add on as for us making a playpen and it felt like a panel or two too small. I think they've missed a trick here as the extra panels just don't justify the cost. Of course, depending on what you want for the size it may be perfect for you! Also the additional wall kit is great and adds more flexibility although we aren't currently using it that way."

8. Veebee 6 Sided Play Yard, Rrp: $249.00

8 Veebee 6 Sided Play Yard Rrp 245 00
  • Ultra large play area

  • Lightweight – fully padded frame

  • Easy to assemble & disassemble for storage

  • Soft-mesh walls

  • Airflow & two-way visibility

  • Safe play area for children 6 months+

  • Keeps older kids and pets away from your little one

Perfect for:

Anyone looking to travel with the play pen, as it's lightweight and easily moveable (by an adult!)

It's also a great option for anyone who prefers transparent mesh panels, instead of bars

9. K-Mart 3-In-1 Playpen, Rrp: $145.00

9 K Mart 3 In 1 Playpen Rrp 129 00

Use this 3-in-1 Playpen as a wide barrier gate, room divider or a playpen for your child. Keep them safely in one easy to observe location while they play or prevent them from running into out-of-bounds rooms.

  • Suitable for ages: 6-24 months

  • Includes 1 safety gate, 5 safety panels, 2 wall fittings (screws included)

  • Fits openings 73cm to 370cm

  • Easily configure to use as a room, divider, safety barrier and playpen

  • All 6 panels can be used together to enclose up to a 3.7m opening

  • Adjustable width

  • Easily folds for storage or travel

  • Excellent for pets

  • Instruction Manual

  • Adult assembly required

  • Dimensions/Size: Safety gate - 73cm x 77cm; Safety panels - 65cm x 77cm

Real review: Liz M,

"Purchased this for our baby grandchild - it is sturdy, great value for money and suits the purpose we wanted it for."

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