Road-Tested: 11 of the Best Maternity Bra and Underwear Brands in Australia in 2024

NipCo Maternity Bra

All potential symptoms aside, if there’s one thing you’re bound to feel during your pregnancy - it’s uncomfortable. Now for the lucky few, the feeling of being uncomfortable doesn’t last the whole way through, but it definitely can, which is why it’s essential to have maternity bras and underwear to keep us feeling supportive and comfortable.

Quality maternity bras and underwear are an investment you’ll be glad you made, well after your baby has arrived earthside! Not only do they provide support for breasts that can change throughout your pregnancy, due to the arrival of milk, tenderness, and sensitivity, but they also allow you fast access for breastfeeding! Likewise, great maternity underwear will keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and supported as your belly grows.

What to look for in Maternity Bras and Underwear:

1. Breathable fabrics:

The last thing any pregnant woman wants is to feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable! Carting around a growing belly can be tough enough, without feeling sweaty and ‘yuck’! Fabrics that offer breathability are essential to ensure you stay cool and fresh, even during the warmest days.

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2. Functional design:

Most maternity bras come with the ability to make breastfeeding quick and accessible. Many feature clasps where the bra strap meets the cup, so that you can easily feed on the go. Others are made with soft fabrics that are crossed over at the front and can be ‘pulled down’ to expose your breast for feeding and pulled back to cover your breast.

3. Comfort: 

Comfort is paramount during pregnancy, and many maternity bras also feature comfortable materials (and no underwire!) so that your bra never feels as though it’s ‘cutting’ into you!

Seek out maternity bras that won't dig into your skin, ensuring you feel at ease throughout the day.

Additional Features to Consider...

When choosing the best nursing bra for you in Australia.

4. Adjustable Straps:

Bras with adjustable straps provide a customized fit as your body changes during pregnancy and postpartum. This feature ensures that your bra remains comfortable and supportive.

5. Removable Padding:

Some bras offer removable padding, allowing you to adapt the level of support and coverage according to your preference.

Some bras come with pockets to hold nursing pads in place, preventing leaks and ensuring cleanliness.

6. Flexibility

Bras with convertible straps offer versatility, allowing you to switch between traditional, racerback, or cross-back styles to accommodate different outfits.

Bras with extended hook-and-eye closures accommodate changes in your body size and provide a secure fit.

Choose maternity bras that align with your personal style and make you feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

With these features in mind, you can confidently choose maternity and nursing bras and underwear that offer both comfort and convenience during your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

1. NipCo The OG Maternity Bra, $88.00

NipCo Maternity Bra

What makes NipCo The OG Maternity Bra different?

The NipCo Maternity Bra is a buttery soft second skin, uncompromising in support, style and functionality. Designed to make you feel a little more you throughout all the changes that come with pregnancy and beyond, the OG Maternity Bra is a stylish alternative to the traditional maternity bra.

Why try the NipCo The OG Maternity Bra?

Designed with every Mum in mind, The OG Maternity Bra from NipCo comes with a breastfeeding option, but is designed to support you through whatever feeding journey you undertake. Soft enough to grow with your ever changing boobs, supportive enough to give you comfort when you're chasing the toddler with a newborn in the carrier and stylish enough to flash in public. The buttery soft fabric also has a 4 way stretch meaning your sensitive nips will thank you!  


  • Adjustable straps with drop down clips
  • 4 way stretch fabrication allowing for fluctuating boob size
  • Moisture wicking fabric (IYKYK)
  • Built in cups providing shape not bulk
  • Narrow straps so that you can wear the clothes you want
  • The bra closure has a three-row design, with each row having three clasps. It allows for adjustable fitting and ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Medium support with optional additional support of a butterfly clip, because let's face it, motherhood is a workout

Real customer reviews:

"Love this gorgeous bra - the supportive band, stunning pink colour and, best of all, the moisture-absorbing fabric. Can’t wait to purchase my second." - Caitlin
"First maternity bra I’ve found that is fun, super comfy, and really good quality! Such a nice change from usual frumpy maternity options. Customer service amazing too :)" - Katherine

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2. Boody Wireless Maternity Bra, $44.95

B11083 Black Wireless 20maternity 20bra 1

What makes the Boody Wireless Maternity Bra different?

As requested by customers, Boody has launched its Wireless Maternity Bra, crafted in Boody’s signature organically-grown bamboo viscose, making the bra comfortable, highly breathable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.

Ideal for pregnant and post–partum skin when breasts are most sensitive, the seam-free bra features a drop-down overlay with a clip and removable cups that can be replaced with leak-proof pads.

Why try the Boody Wireless Maternity Bra?

Product details:

  • Adjustable straps for a customisable fit

  • Double-layered for light protection

  • Stretchy yet supportive wireless construction

  • Contouring details for enhanced shaping

  • Moulded cups and a low-cut neckline that define, separate, and shape

  • Fits up to an E-cup

  • Internal mesh strap that provides additional shape and support, especially during pre/post breastfeeding

3. Plie Maternity Wellness Nursing Bra, $135.00

Plie Maternity Wellness Nursing Bra

The Maternity Nursing Bra Duomix from Plie is developed to provide total comfort for your body, mind and baby. This is made for active mums who want support!

What makes the Plie Maternity Nursing Bra Duomix different?

Made with Nilit® Nylon 6.6 fibers with anti-odour technology and hydrophilic treatment, the Plie Maternity Nursing Bra Duomix is the perfect maternity and postpartum bra. Designed to improve transpiration and thermo-regulation, and eliminate the growth of bacteria, this wonder bra allows your skin to breathe freely and keeps the body dry!

Why try the Plie Maternity Nursing Bra Duomix?

  • Perfect for active wear when you are pregnant and when you're breastfeeding.

  • Easy front opening with click closure to facilitate breastfeeding with comfort.

  • Good support for large breasts.

  • Wider straps that hold the breasts well to avoid pain and discomfort.

  • Soft, stretchy fabric that follows the growth of your breasts and keeps the nipple comfortable.

  • Back closure with 3 adjustments.

  • No side seams.

  • Balanced compression with a pre-shaped breast area. 

4. BONDS Originals Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra, $49.99 - and Maternity Bikini, $18.99

Bonds Originals Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra

BONDS have gone and mum-hacked the brand for the better with the Originals Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra.

Why try BONDS Originals Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra?

This super comfy everyday maternity bra combines the Originals BONDS comfort you love with all the features new mums need.

• Originals womens wirefree maternity bra with comfy coverage and support

• Contour cups and an integrated sling for bub's comfort

• Feeding clips for easy access

• Extended hook and eye for extra comfort

What makes the BONDS Maternity Bikini different?

Designed to support pre and post-baby bumps of all sizes, the BONDS Maternity Bikini features soft fabric and a beautiful, flattering cut. Maternity underwear as the bump intended it to be.

• Low-rise maternity bikini

• Matte elastic trim around the legs with subtle BONDS branding

• Cross-front contour waistband for extra support

• Available in a great range of colours, stripes and patterns

Real customer review:

"“These bras are the best for feeding, so super soft and easy to clip and unclip for feeding. This green colour is stunning! I definitely prefer these bras to the ones with the elastic bands, these are way more comfortable! Always love when these bras go on sale, such good value!”" - Cherie K

5. Active Truth Nursing Magnetic Sports Crop Bra - Black, $159.99

Active Truth Nursing Magnetic Sports Crop Bra Black

The ultimate maternity sports bra designed for nursing on-the-go! The Active Truth Nursing Magnetic Sports Crop Bra has it all: support, comfort and functionality!

Why try Active Truth Nursing Magnetic Sports Crop Bra?

The ultimate maternity sports bra designed for nursing on-the-go with secure, innovative magnetic clasps for quick one-handed access when feeding wriggly bubs — and easy snap back post-feed! This underwire-free sports bra features full adjustability with a hook-and-eye closure and convertible straps for a comfortable and supportive fit. Made to move in as you ease back into exercise, you'll love this ultra-comfy style for workouts and for everyday wear.

Active Truth Nursing Magnetic Sports Crop Bra Black 2

What makes Active Truth Mama Pregnancy Support Brief different?

Active Truth Pregnancy Support maternity briefs provide you with firm yet gentle compression under your clothes when pregnant. Experience core and pelvic support wearing these discreet compression briefs with skirts, pants or dresses — perfect for long work days or extended time spent on your feet.

Real customer reviews: Active Truth Mama Pregnancy Support Brief:

"“Was hesitant about buying these because I usually don't like anything over the belly but they are so comfy! Will be wearing lots over time (13 weeks now) to be as comfortable as possible and not wearing only if I have back aches - like I did with my previous baby and tights. Just in time for summer.”" - Nicole

6. Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra, $27.95

Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra

When we fall pregnant, our body receives an influx of hormones, and with that, our body begins to change as it works to accommodate the growing little miracle inside us. The team at Boody understand that, so they created the ultimate bra, this is breathable, functional and above all - comfortable!

What makes the Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra different?

The Padded Shaper Crop Bra from Boody is wire-free and features smooth and lightly padded removable cups. The soft contour ribbing of this style gives you medium support and the padded inserts are added to create a little extra support, which is a must during pregnancy - while also preventing your nipples from showing (another must!).

Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra 2

Why try the Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra?

Style, fit - and above all - comfort!

This comfortable and sustainable Padded Shaper Crop Bra from Boody has non-adjustable, wide fabric straps which ensures there is no digging around the shoulders. They've done away with tricky fastenings, clips and hooks and have crafted a comfortable and breathable zero-waste bra that is better for you and the planet.

The flexibility of the bamboo viscose fabric allows for easy nursing once baby arrives, and the wide straps again provide comfort and support without 'digging in.'

7. Juem Maternity range

Juem Maternity Range

Seriously, everything in the Juem range is gorgeous, and not at all ‘maternity’ looking. With cute button details, and subtle touches, the nursing crops and shorts put comfort at the forefront, while not sacrificing on style.

Which Juem Maternity products are our fave?

We love them all! But the Ray Maternity Bra in Raisin, and Bobbie Short in Raisin caught our eye!

What makes the Juem Ray Maternity Bra and Bobbie Short different?

The Juem Maternity Bobbie shorts ($85.00) are made from soft GOTS certified organic cotton ribbed elastane. A mid thigh length short made for lounging, exercise or pure comfort. They are designed to feel like a second skin.

The Juem Maternity Ray bra ($85.00) has been designed for comfort in mind. Made from soft GOTS certified organic cotton ribbed elastane. a modern approach on the traditional maternity style, the minimalistic chic design features a tortoise shell colour button at the top of the frame for easy unfastening.

8. Bae the Label BodyHold™All About It Nursing Bra, $49.99

Bae The Label Bodyholdall About It Nursing Bra

A nursing sports bra that’s comfortable enough for everyday wear! Bae the Label delivers!

Why try Bae the Label BodyHold™All About It Nursing Bra?

Made with technical Nilit Softex LYCRA for superior stretch and comfort, this nursing bra is the base layer that every maternity wardrobe needs.

What makes Bae the Label BodyHold™All About It Nursing Bra different?

Specifically designed for mums with a cross front for easy nursing access. It's a maternity bra that strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

Real customer review:

"“Seriously so comfortable - I love this bra! One of the best things I have purchased in my pregnancy. They are so good I am going to buy in every colour :)”" - Jennifer E

9. Kmart maternity bras and briefs

Kmart Maternity Bras

If you’re after a comfortable solution to see you through your pregnancy and into postpartum, the Kmart range of maternity bras and maternity underwear will get the job done!

Why try Kmart maternity bras and briefs?

Comfortable to wear each day, the Kmart 2 Pack Maternity Wirefree Crossover Crop doesn’t have any irritating underwire or annoying clasps to contend with. It features a double-lined front, and crossover design, which allows you to 'pull aside' for easy feeding. The soft bamboo blend allows for maximum stretch and fluctuations through feeding and adjustable back shoulder straps and a wide back band for extra support making you feel supported.

Likewise, the Kmart 3 Pack Maternity Briefs are a low-rise style of brief that sit under the bump, with deep sides and full back coverage. The soft bamboo blend allows for maximum stretch and fluctuations through pregnancy and postnatal stages - and the cotton breathable gusset will prevent overheating.

Kmart Maternity Bras 2

"“Look, there's not much support here but they are so comfortable and I use them mainly as sleeping bras as they're so much easier to just pull down when half asleep than having to deal with a clip.”" - Georgia M
"“So comfy and don't cut into bump, great buy !!!”" - Amanda H

10. Hot Milk Enlighten Black Nursing Bra - Flexi Underwire, $55.96

Hot Milk Enlighten Black Nursing Bra Flexi Underwire

If you’re looking for a maternity bra that doesn’t look like a maternity bra - Hot Milk’s Enlighten Black Nursing Bra - Flexi Underwire is definitely the one for you.

What makes Hot Milk Enlighten Black Nursing Bra - Flexi Underwire different?

The Sexy smooth Enlighten balconette bra by Hot Milk is stunning and sensual in a soft slinky microfibre and delicate fishnet mesh. The four-piece cup lifts, rounds, centres on your bust and provides a lower flattering neckline and smoother profile under tops. Cotton lined bottom cup and the side sling nursing support offers skin-to-skin feeding.

Why try Hot Milk Enlighten Black Nursing Bra - Flexi Underwire?

Because this is the bra to choose if you still want to feel desirable! If you want your bust to look flattering under any top, you have found the bra of your dreams, no matter whether you’re pregnant, in the postpartum period or beyond!

Real customer review:

"“Love the shape that this bra gives, as well as the support. Especially given the size! The straps sometimes dig in a little, but it's a super comfortable bra with a lovely soft material. Cannot presently comment on the breastfeeding portion of the bra, as I'm not quite there yet, but would 100% purchase in other colours!”" - Pennie M

11. Charley M Viva T-shirt Maternity & Nursing Bra, $49.99

Charley M Viva T Shirt Maternity Nursing Bra

Even pregnant and nursing women crave lift and confidence! The Viva T-shirt Maternity & Nursing Bra by Charley M will do just that, while making you feel supported and comfortable.

What makes Charley M  Viva T-shirt Maternity & Nursing Bra different?

While it might go undetected under clothing, the flexi-wire support in the Charley M Viva T-shirt Maternity & Nursing Bra is perfect for pregnancy and beyond, offering lift and shape for most breast shapes. With easy drop-down cups designed to be clipped single-handedly providing easy access for breastfeeding. 

Why try Charley M  Viva T-shirt Maternity & Nursing Bra?

  • Flexi-wire for support, lift and shape.

  • Easy-feed drop down cups with a mesh sling.

  • J-hook conversion for extra support and versatility.

  • Leopard print adjustable hook & eye closure

All Charley M bras feature the signature leopard print closure and double spaced hooks & eyes for each trimester, ensuring that our bras expand with you throughout your pregnancy.

Real customer review:

""I love this bra and find myself reaching for it almost every day. This bra fits beautifully under low cut tops and feels great on. Great quality bra and one I'll use long beyond my feeding days.”" - Kate

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