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14 July, 2022

The Best Cloth Nappy Baby Brands in Australia in 2022

Reusable, or cloth nappies work just like regular single-use nappies, except for one thing. Once they become soiled or wet, you don’t just toss them out, you rinse them, soak them in a nappy bucket, then wash and hang them out to dry. Who knew nappies for newborns could be reusable too! Often, reusable cloth nappies will come in two parts, the nappy itself that provides the absorbency, and an outer layer that provides the waterproofing. Inside the nappy cloth you would normally use a disposable liner which disintegrates and can be flushed down the toilet. At night you might use a booster pad to provide extra absorbency for that 12-14 hour period for the nappy cloth. Some reusable nappies will provide this all-in-one. In terms of fit, many fitted reusable nappies feature press studs around the thigh and waist area, meaning that you can bump up to the next press stud along as your baby grows bigger. Cloth nappies are to be folded to fit your baby - so can be considered a little bulkier than fitted nappies - only if they’re not folded correctly!

Why should I use a cloth nappy?

Reusable cloth nappies are a no-brainer for those who want to do their bit for the environment, instead of adding to landfill like disposable nappies, reusable nappies only have one ‘throw away’ part, which is the liner or booster pad that goes inside the nappy and catches most of the poop and wee! Read more...

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Top 6 Cloth Nappy brands in Australia in 2022:

1. Designer Bums - cloth Nappy from $36.95

Designer Bums have been nurturing little humans and the environment for close to a decade. Their multi-award-winning products are ethically made and the premium choice when it comes to design and quality.  

100% Australian owned and designed in Melbourne, they embrace the mindful parenting practice of being gentle on the earth, while still being the leader in style.

Real review:

"We’ve been using cloth nappies exclusively since my son was just a few weeks old. When we first began our journey I was determined to try every style, brand, shape and price point I could to ensure we found the best reusable option for our family. It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon Designer Bums and the unique prints immediately caught my eye, I knew they were on the list! Once we tried Designer Bums, we knew we had already found “the one”, nothing was going to compare to a brand that had well and truly ticked all the boxes. Its been over 2 years exclusively in designer bums now, as we near toilet training and are nowhere near outgrowing them, I can confidently say this one size fits most cloth nappy truly does cover birth to toilet training and beyond! Designer Bums trim fit design means we’ve not struggled with ready to wear clothing and the stay dry topped, bamboo inserts are absorbent beyond comprehension giving us piece of mind no matter the length of the nap, or how the day progresses. If the practicality of this nappy wasn’t enough, the lovingly hand illustrated designs by a team of gifted artists make nappy changes an absolute joy, even more so with prints for a cause regularly released in aid of charitable organisations. The Designer Bums brand offers so much more than just a reusable nappy option and incredibly versatile accessories, they have given us everything, from the comfort of knowing that we are reducing our environmental impact, to a community of supportive, likeminded parents and a company who truly listens and exceeds all expectations for its customers. I can honestly say, without Designer Bums and everything that comes with this brand, we wouldn’t have enjoyed, or possibly even succeeded in using cloth. Designer Bums is a brand unlike any other, they have us as customers for life." - Julia.S QLD

2. Evia Collective Modern Cloth Nappies, $29.95

Evia Collective Modern Cloth Nappies allow you to feel good at every nappy change knowing that you’re helping reduce your environmental impact by choosing reusable.

What makes Evia Collective Modern Cloth Nappies different?

Evia Collective understands that choosing to use modern cloth nappies can be overwhelming at first but as a small family business that strives to make every day more earth-friendly, they are here to support you throughout your cloth nappy journey. They do this by helping families make it easier to swap from single use items to reusable options. The best bit is, Evia Collective Modern Cloth Nappies are designed in Australia and ethically manufactured.

Why try Evia Collective Modern Cloth Nappies?

Another thing to love about these cloth nappies is undoubtedly the design. The insert is a trifold design and made from 3 layers of 100% certified organic bamboo cotton. When folded into thirds, it provides 9 layers of fabric for maximum absorbency. You can take comfort in knowing there are no nasty chemicals near your little one’s bum, just natural fibres. Better still, the fabric used to craft the nappy cover is made from recycled water bottles, and each nappy print has been lovingly created by Australian designers because Evia Collective believes in the importance of supporting local talent and their ability to bring designs to life.

Real customer reviews:

“The new Evia collective literally feels like butter! The second thing I noticed after I stopped patting and stroking the material was the length of the nappy is quite long, longer than my other two brands which makes for a beautiful fit. They fit so well and nicely on my petite boy, the new multilayer bamboo cotton insert also feels like butter but most importantly has great absorption. Highly recommend them!” - Mel 


“After about 1 week of using them I am in love with them all over again and the fact that they are made out of recyclable plastic is even better! Thankyou for creating such a great product with amazing patterns!” - Heather

3. Hippybottomus - cloth nappy from $16.95

Available in a huge range of gorgeous colours and patterns, Hippybottomus' Stay Dry Bamboo Nappies make going cloth simple, affordable AND fashionable.

What makes Hippybottomus different?

With their adjustable snaps you don't even need to buy more nappies as your baby grows, as they can fit all the way from birth to toilet training. And their unique fabric against the skin, that is both natural and stays dry, really sets them apart. If purchased along with Hippybottomus' Reusable Bamboo Wipes and Reusable Wetbags you can really cut back on what you send to landfill

Real review:

"We’ve been using your nappies since day dot. They have been amazing. Truly, amazing. We recently had to travel, and didn’t want to burden our family with washing his nappies so decided to use disposables. That weekend we had more nappy failures than in the entire 4 months of using Hippybottomus, had more costume changes than a Pink concert and ended up having to use our family's washing machine at any rate. So thank you, for making such a wonderful product, that not only works (we have marvelled at the millimetre perfect stopping power of your nappies) but doesn’t add to rubbish, and is keeping with our way of life of trying to be decent humans.. So thanks !!! You have an awesome product !!"

4. Itti Bitti - cloth nappy from $21.95

Itti bitti provides modern cloth nappy solutions in Australia and worldwide. Cloth nappies (reusable diapers) are an effective choice to reduce your baby's environmental footprint. With our signature ultra trim fit and luxurious fabrics; itti bitti will change the way you think about cloth nappies!

Real review:

"These were one of my favourite nappies. slim yet absorbent. great fit too. Love the wipes & wet bags too. Highly recommend. We used these till mid 2016 when the last of my babies toilet trained."

5. Eco Naps - cloth nappy $34.95

Designed in Byron Bay for free-spirited, barefooted and beautiful little souls, EcoNaps lead the way when it comes to beautiful mature inspired cloth nappies. They make it easy for families to choose an environmentally conscious option without compromising on style.

Real review:

"I’ve used a few different brands of cloth nappies in the past and these stand out by far. Our twins wear these 100% of the time, so they must be good!"

6. Happy Tushy Co - cloth nappy $14.95

Happy Tushy Co create a friendly, honest and judgement free community, encouraging more parents to ‘give cloth a go’ . Their core focus is keeping cloth simple and affordable and we aim to provide all the information a parent needs to start their cloth journey with confidence.

Real review:

"We absolutely love the Alva nappies. This print is so vibrant and fun. Great quality and lasts around 3 hours with a 3 layer bamboo/ microfleece insert. Product arrived quickly and was easy to order. Thanks Happy Tushy 🙂"

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The One Fine Baby team are first and foremost mums - between us we have 14 children, and decades of experience in all things bump, baby and beyond. We regularly bring together our tried, researched and recommended products in a review style format such as this post. The articles include some paid inclusions which goes to helping us keep our audiences informed on the top products happening right here, right now in the parenting space. Please be sure that no product will ever be included in our articles, paid or otherwise, if it doesn’t deserve to be there.

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