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3 January, 2022

The Best Unique Baby Names in Australia in 2022

Unique Baby Names - TV Inspired For 2022

Choosing a baby name can be a super fun activity, but also a super hard one. 

You may choose the perfect name, then at the last minute change your mind as you hear one that beats it. Or you may lose your nerve when baby Cersei, looks more like baby Sansa. 

The stats show that as a nation, we tend to favour more traditional names. Royal names inspire many and remain popular. On the flip side, finding an original name is getting harder, as we get more comfortable with the unusual. ABCDE, anyone?  

With Oliver and Charlotte taking out the number one spots for the last three years, we ask where they will be in 2022! What will be the most popular baby names in the new year? 

We took a look at some recent popular TV-series to guess some of the names that we might see appearing in 2022.

Stranger Things


Good girl, gone bad - Nancy is a central character in the popular TV-series. In 2019 we still see a focus on traditional names like Olivia, Grace, Ava and Chloe. Will Nancy be a favourite in 2022 as it was in 2022? 


The delightful comedian of the group. Dustin’s pals Lucas and Max already feature in top 100 lists in both New South Wales and Victoria. But, will we see a few Dustin's making an appearance in 2022?

Photo by Shamia Casiano from Pexels

A Handmaid's Tale


Leading the dystopian revolt is handmaid June, who will almost certainly have a few namesakes in 2022. June historically is a popular name but dropped out of the top 1000 in the last 20 years. Names based on months were once common (January, April, May) and have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last decade. 


While we love to hate the blue-clad wife to Mr Waterford, her name has a particular charm. Will Serena make a play for one of the top names in 2022? We have to say it does have a certain ring to it, meaning calm, peaceful and tranquil, it would be an attractive choice for any bub.

Image by @jessesalterphotography  | Sourced from OFB Instagram 

Peaky Blinders


Familial bonds run deep for Ada who is sister to Tommy Shelby. Ada becomes a focal character in the 1920's drama. Yet surprisingly, Ada isn't in the top 100 in any Australian state. Will we see the rise of Ada, a rivel to Ava perhaps? 


The fearless protagonist and a popular name for hundreds of years. The name Thomas has been in the top 10 for the last 5 years. Will Thomas move up and give Oliver a run for the top spot in 2022? 


Perhaps a little character, but nonetheless an important one. Isaiah or Isiah is a popular name of Hebrew origins. Appearing just once in the top 100 in 2017, will it pop up more frequently in 2022? 

Image by @expectful | Sourced from OFB Instagram 

No matter what you choose and how you pick it, babies have a way of growing into their names. We wish you luck in your name hunt! 

Find the NSW top 100 here

Find the VIC top 100 here

Image by @pattischmidt | Sourced from OFB Instagra

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