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6 May, 2022

6 of the Best Pregnancy Belly Bands in Australia in 2022

While pregnancy can be a glow-filled euphoria for some women - who just love to feel their baby growing bigger inside them. For others, it can be plagued with symptoms that make it hard to focus on that ‘pregnancy glow’ and forget all the ways their body is changing.

While in the early trimesters it’s all about a surge of hormones that can make you feel off balance, as your pregnancy progresses, it’s the physical symptoms that become the hardest to contend with. For many, with a growing belly comes an overcompensating back, and a sore pelvis - so it pays to have a quality, supportive belly band to take the pressure off - literally.

What to look for in a pregnancy belly band:

  • Something that grows with your belly

A great belly band will be able to be altered to snuggly fit your bump as it grows. The right fit will ensure the right support and will therefore take the pressure from your back and pelvis. An added bonus is a belly band that can also be adjusted to be worn after birth to keep you feeling supported and help with your after birth healing.

  • Comfort

A good belly band will be made with a stretchy material that is also soft on the skin. Padding around the front of the belly band will help ensure the belly band is comfortable to wear all day.

  • Breathability

Using a breathable material will ensure you don’t feel overheated whilst wearing the belly band. 

  • Professionally-recommended

When choosing a belly band, ensure you select one that is recommended by obstetricians or midwives. This way, you know your belly band will be effective at actually helping to support your back and pelvis.

Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt, $69.95


Recommended by Australian obstetricians, the Mamaway Maternity Support Belt is made with stretchy and breathable materials designed to lift the weight of mum's growing belly like a firm pair of hands. By using the support belt, it can ease some of the pressure on the back, pelvis, and spine. In addition, it will stabilise mum's belly during sleep, allowing her to easily roll from side to side on the bed.

What makes the Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt different?
  • Relieves Pregnancy Discomfort: By lifting the weight of your growing belly, our support belt is designed to ease the pressure on your back, pelvis, and spine. It provides optimum support for your pregnancy belly to prevent straining your back by lessening spinal pressure effectively.
  • Ergonomic Support & Firm Grasp: A scoop-shaped front panel securely grips onto your belly without slipping and rolling up. Two stretchy bands hold your bump like a strong pair of hands for durable, balanced, and binding support around the entire waist. It's perfect for stabilising your belly during sleep for effortless rolling over, as well as reducing the bladder pressure and frequent urination at night. Also, it allows you to keep up with daily activities while correcting your posture.
Why try Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt?
  • Adjustable & Stretchable: Fully adjustable to accommodate your shape and growing belly throughout your pregnancy and brace your back without creating pressure. Velcro on two stretchy bands can stick anywhere on the front panel for added flexibility and control. Thoughtfully designed pockets allow you to put on the belt and stretch easily by yourself.
  • Moisturised & Breathable: Moisturising your expanding belly is essential for reducing stretch marks and itchiness. That's why Papolis deep sea squalene fibers are used to hydrate pregnant mum's sensitive and stretching skin. The belt is also made with ultra-soft and breathable fabric, and is safe to put on your skin for discrete support.
Customer Review:
"I ordered the belt at 22 weeks as little one felt like it was stretching my belly to the maximum (heaviest 500gm I've ever carried!). When I got this little beauty, I put it on straight away and instantly felt relief. Little did I know I had put it on wrong, I read the instructions and turned the belt around, so the cup carried my belly, and then it felt even better. I've been wearing it for support around the house, and to take my dogs on 40min+ walks. My back feels so much better, and my belly feels so much more supported. Then to add to my surprise, I have recently realised (again bad at reading instructions) that you are meant to turn the handles around so that more velcro attaches to the band! That's right ladies, I have been getting support from this belt, with maybe 1cm of velcro on each end, that's how good the velcro is. I went the next size up for my belt so bubs could grow into it, and there is plenty of space for the velcro to stick to. I 100% recommend buying this belt! Thank you Mama way for a great product! "

Belly Bands Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band, $89.00


The Original 3 in 1 Belly Band is an award-winning maternity support garment, designed and made in Australia. 

Made safe for mums-to-be to help ease pain, while protecting the tummy muscles, back, and pelvis during pregnancy, postpartum and c-section recovery.

What makes the Belly Bands Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band different?

The Belly Band offers great value for money as it can also be worn after Vaginal and Caesarean delivery. Protecting a c-section incision and assisting the tummy and uterus to return to their normal size sooner after childbirth.

The many benefits of using the 3 in 1 Belly Band during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

  • Pregnancy back pain
  • Diastasis Recti (abdominal muscle separation)
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SPD)
  • Stretch marks
  • Bladder control
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Umbilical Pregnancy Hernia 
  • Postpartum wrap
  • C-section recovery
  • Work and exercise
Customer Review:
“Truly the best thing I have bought while being pregnant, helps lift my belly easing pain as well as greatly supports my back removing back pain aswell! Can’t wait to use it during recovery and postpartum. Will recommend to anyone I know who is pregnant!”
Ebony M

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly, $119.99


The Upsie Belly® pregnancy support band from Belly Bandit helps to help provide belly and back support where and when you need it most.

Why makes the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly different?

The popular Upsie Belly® was designed to lift your belly, support your back, and stabilise your pelvic area, which can help:

    • Ease back aches by redistributing belly weight and reducing the strain on your back muscles
    • Soothe an aching back with included hot/cold gel pack
    • Alleviate pelvic pain by limiting the mobility of your pelvic joints
    • Relieve pressure on your bladder
    • Increase postural stability, which can weaken during pregnancy as your center of gravity shifts
    • Reduce discomfort during exercise
Customer Review:
“This is a great product that supports your back, hips and adds abdominal support. The hot and cold gel pack adds relief to a sore back. Very soft and comfortable to wear. A great present for any expecting mum.”
Amanda A

Target Maternity Belly Band, $12.00


A pregnancy must-have, this Target maternity belly band provides you with support as well as more coverage. It features a breathable cotton material, stretch for comfort and easy pull on and can be worn for extra coverage as you grow.

What makes the Target Maternity Belly Band different?
  • Maternity belly band
  • Breathable cotton rich fabric
  • Stretch for comfort
  • Wear this piece throughout your pregnancy to extend your current wardrobe
  • Can also be worn post-pregnancy for comfort and coverage
  • Easy pull on
  • Regular fit
  • Black
Customer Review:
“Great basic belly band. I like to wear under dresses and skirts for more support.”
Clare S
“Comfortable to wear all day long and True to size.”

Queenbee Barely There Belly Band, $46.95


Soft, supportive and seamless for all day comfort - you'll barely notice it's there. That’s what so great about the QueenBee® - Barely There Belly Band. It offers support and takes pressure off your back, to allow you move around more comfortably.

What makes the QueenBee® - Barely There Belly Band different?
  • structured contoured panels around the bump and back for support
  • soft thin stretchy belly panel allows for growth without constricting
  • the shorter back length anchors the band in place 
  • shaped to sit supportively under your bump without rolling up
  • moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry
  • provides a smooth finish under clothing
Customer Review:
“I’ve been wearing the bandeau bra and belly band for the past few days, and I’m in love! I wish I got these sooner in my pregnancy. I’m amazed at how supportive and comfortable both are. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my bump just by wearing the belly band during the day. Highly recommend both products!”

Ripe Maternity Seamless Tummy Band, $29.95


Ideal for wearing under sheer styles, the Ripe Maternity Seamless Tummy Band adds length to provide comfort and confidence. Try it over the bust for an added layer of colour or warmth. Wearing it will ensure your belly feels comfortable and secure throughout the day.

What makes Ripe Maternity Seamless Tummy Band different?
  • Seamless knit
  • Polyamide / Elastane
  • Length: 19cm side seam
Customer Review:
"These belly bands are an absolute must-have - classic and comfortable, and fabulous quality. My most recent purchase was for my niece's first pregnancy ... I still have a couple of these in my wardrobe from my own pregnancy purchases over 15 years ago, and they are still in excellent condition, despite having been in constant rotation since then. You will find them a versatile accessory, whether for maternity support or just extra warmth and support around your midriff/hips. I cannot recommend Ripe's Tummy Bands enough - I never found another product that came close to the fit and quality of these!"
Em S

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