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3 January, 2022

8 of the Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers in Australia in 2022

There is no time in the last few decades that has seen sterilisers become more important than they currently are. Global pandemic aside, keeping your baby’s bottles sterilised is essential to protect their vulnerable immune system, and help to ensure they don’t pick up any diseases or illnesses that could be circling.

Never has there been a greater range of sterilising options available to sterilise everything from baby bottles to teats, dummies, and even sippy cups! Some of these baby bottle sterilisers are able to sterilise a large number of items at a time, while others are able to quickly and efficiently sterilise dummies and bottles on the go!

What should you look for in a baby steriliser?


When choosing a baby bottle steriliser, it’s important to select one that will properly sterilise in a sterile container, which is unable to become contaminated. It’s a good idea to read reviews before purchasing your steriliser and to ensure the bottle steriliser doesn’t have any openings or means for contamination. Read more below...

Ease of use:

The easier your steriliser is to use, the more likely you are to use it. Ensure your baby bottle steriliser only requires one-two steps and can completely sterilise within a minute or two.


If you’re looking for a portable option that can help to sterilise dummies or bottle teats on the run, you’ll need an option that doesn’t require boiling water or the use of a microwave. It will also need to be more compact than standard bottle sterilisers.


Does your baby bottle steriliser automatically turn off? This is a great safety feature to have, also look for BPA free materials.


Can you sterilise multiple bottles at one time in your at home steriliser? It makes sense to be able to wash and then sterilise at least the day’s next bottles so you can dry and store away, ready to be used when you need them.


Does your baby bottle steriliser dry your bottles after sterilisation? This is a great hygienic feature to have.

Here are 8 of the best baby bottle sterilisers in Australia in 2022:

Powerful disinfecting on-the-go, that’s the power of Blast UV™! Plus it folds away for easy storage!

What makes BOMBOL Blast UV™ Disinfector different?

The BOMBOL Blast UV™ Disinfector is a portable yet extremely powerful UV-C disinfector, up to 100,000 times more efficient than a regular 99.9% UV-C sanitizer or wet wipes.

Why try BOMBOL Blast UV™ Disinfector?

  • Inactivates up to 99.9921% of viruses and kills up to 99.999999% of bacteria, in just 5 minutes.*
  • Proven UV-C disinfection technology
  • 3 high-end, gold-plated, sapphire 20mW LED’s with 10 years of daily usage
  • Triple safety sensors to ensure Blast UV™ is correctly sealed
  • UL-F1 certified Porex Virtek® lining prevents UV-C leakage
  • 3 thermochromic indicators guarantee LED's emitted invisible UV-C light
  • Fast and easy foldable design
  • A suspended, transparent surface for 360° disinfection
  • Porex Virtek® lining for ultra-reflective, Lambertian reflection for maximum UV-C disinfection efficiency
  • No harmful chemical residues, no bad ozone smells, no disposable wipes.
  • USB-C powered

Not all sterilisers are created equal! This is certainly the case in the baby world, where thorough sterilisation is key! The Kiwy Cube by OMA Baby is the market leader due to it’s three-in-one capability.

What makes Omababy KIWY Cube Baby UV Steriliser different?

The Omababy KIWY Cube is backed by NATA accredited labs, have the highest safety standards and use quality materials for a thorough 360° clean. This multi-functional steriliser is first in the market that can actually do 3 very different jobs. It acts as: 

  1. UV Steriliser: to eliminate up to 99.999% bacteria thanks to the 360°  Rotating LED bar. 
  2. Food dehydrator: this function allows you to make your own DIY dehydrated fruit, free from preservatives.
  3. Yoghurt maker: literally pour in your desired milk and press the ‘yoghurt’ button. Voila! Healthy homemade yoghurt you can top with your favourite fruits.

Why try the Omababy KIWY Cube Baby UV Steriliser?

Proven effective against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus, Colon Bacillus, Candida Albicans, and Escherichia Coli - just to name a few. The large ​​17.5L capacity Omababy KIWY Cube features a quiet motor, a HEPA Air Filter system, and a drying and storing function, meaning that you don’t need to worry about air drying your baby bottles! Omababy also ensures that all of its sterilisers comply with the AS/NZS standards.

Real customer reviews:

“​​I have been using the steriliser for 3 weeks now and fall in love with it. I particularly love the AUTO mode as it makes my life super easier. After washing all the bottles, simply place them all in the steriliser and press on the AUTO button and ALL DONE. I dont even have to worry about removing the items from the steriliser as it comes with a storage mode that re-sterilises and re-dries the items in it every 3 hourly up to 24 hours. Love it so much. It is a real life saver, drying and sterilising baby items are the least things you want to worry about especially when you have more important thing to look after- bub. I now have more quality time to spend with bub and hubby. Not to forget to mention about the multifunction features as it can be turned into a yoghurt maker and food dehyrator. The other reason that i chose Kiwy over the other brands was because of the long life UVC rotating bar and excellent customer service. 5 stars for omababy if I have to rate them.” - Carol Davidson, 5 November 2021


“No regret of having Kiwy steriliser at my home! This kiwy machine has multiple functions you can sterilise , dry, bake and even making your own yoghurt. My baby is 6 weeks old now, so far I mainly using this machine to sterilise and dry all my baby bottles, dummies, breast pump accessories , it’s quick and easy to use especially the first few months ! It’s has a large compartment that can fit all my baby bottles breast pump accessories and dummies in one go. Thanks again omababy for your great recommendations and customer service you have given to me. Highly recommend to any mom who is looking for a good steriliser!” - 31 October 2021

The 59S Sterilising Wand makes your life easier with a simple press and scan. 

What makes the 59S Sterilising Wand different?

The great thing about the 59S Sterilising Wand is that its lightweight and portable with an inbuilt battery. It can easily be stored in your handbag, backpack, diaper bag or luggage. Sterilise and disinfect whenever needed, even while you are on the go!

Why try the 59S Sterilising Wand?

The 59S Sterilising Wand features UV-C technology. UV-C has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs. Many hospitals use UV-C to sanitise rooms, medical tools, sinks and more. 59S have made this effective technology available and safe to use in everyday products. This means hospital level sterilisation in your home or on the go.

Real customer reviews:

I’m really conscious of germs these days (who isn’t!) and I love this wand. Great for sanitising my children’s’ toys, and also my phone, laptop, remote controls, and anything else we touch all the time. Highly recommend.” - Robyn, January 2021

The Tommee Tippee Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser sterilises up to 6 bottles in just 5 minutes, so you’re ready to prepare a fresh feed for your baby any time of day or night.

What makes the Tommee Tippee Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser different?

The steriliser’s contents stay sterile for 24 hours with the lid closed* which makes this steriliser perfect for night-time feeds. Switch it on before you go to bed and have bottles ready for those overnight or early morning feeds.

 *When the sterilising cycle is finished, either remove contents and use straightaway or leave the lid closed and contents will remain sterile for up to 24 hours.

Why try Tommee Tippee Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser?

The Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser fits most bottles, soothers and breast pump accessories, and features easy-lift handles to keep your keep hands safely away from steam. The 2-tier stackable tray can also be used as a drying rack.

Real customer reviews:

“I have only just purchased the steriliser as we have started bottle feeding our 1 month old. I've never needed one in the past for our other two babies. This has been a life saver from having to fill a pot with water then boil then drain the bottles. I love the ease of use and now it can sterilise 6 bottles at once. Game changer!” - Simmy85, August 2020


“We were gifted this, and it’s seriously been a life saver. We can sterilise bottles, flanges from pump, dummies etc, all at the press of a button. As we are mixed feeding, we use this about twice a day with the tommee tippee bottles (but also fits other as we also have spectra bottles and avent bottles too)” - Rachel, August 2020

Sterile bottles in just two minutes, all with the help of the microwave!

What makes Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser different?

The Philips Avent microwave steam steriliser can be used to sterilise baby bottles and other products in just 2 minutes, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The exact length of the cycle depends on the wattage of your microwave, of course. 2 minutes at 1200-1850W, 4 minutes at 850-1100W, 6 minutes at 500-800W.

Why try Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser?

The microwave steam steriliser fits in most standard microwaves and is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Better still, the contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened.

Real customer reviews:

I've been using for a week now and could not be happier with it. It included easy to follow instructions so had no problem using for the first time. ( 8 years since I last used a steriliser) The capacity is brilliant which meant I was able to clean more bottles and soothers in one go. I am using the rimmed tippee bottles and they fit in there fine. I found it's alot quicker to clean the bottles then most sterilisers with it using steam technology it's alot safer too. I highly recommend this to all parents that are looking for a stylish bit good quality steriliser.” - Kelnanf, January 2018


“The Avent steam steriliser has a larger capacity than my previous microwave steriliser, allowing me to sterilise my breast pump and babies bottles in one go, it's also faster and safer too. The locking clips on the side ensure the lid cant be knocked off, so no burnt fingers when taking it out of the microwave. The contents remain sterile for 24 hours if the lid remains closed which is great. It makes life that bit easier knowing I can just grab this out of the microwave and have everything ready for when I need it, especially when staying away from home overnight. Quick and easy to use, I'll definitely be recommending this product to my other mummy friends. A great product. Thanks Philips.” - Rozar, February 2018

This ‘must have’ steriliser gets everything from bottles & teats, to your house keys, face masks and purse clean and dry within minutes.

What makes Minbie UV STERILISER & DRYER different?

No one wants extra noise in their home, especially when you have a new baby! The Minbie UV Steriliser is not only incredibly efficient, it's also wonderfully quiet, keeping the peace whilst the baby sleeps. The Minbie UV Steriliser sees to it that playtime is germ free by zapping bacteria off toys without the worry of damaging them using standard cleaning methods.


This easy to use, fast and highly effective steriliser will change the way you live, by saving your family precious time and energy, whilst keeping you all germ free. Intelligently designed features including the nightlight, storage setting and drying function, mean sterilising and drying couldn’t be easier, tidier or more effective. 

Real customer reviews:

This is one of the best purchases I have made. It’s saved me so much time and is so easy to use. Dries and sterilises in 30 mins so I always have a supply of fresh clean bottles and pumping parts. I have been recommending it to all my pumping/ bottle feeding friends!” - Emily T, November 2021

“We have been using this steriliser for 2 weeks now. It is one of the best purchases we have made.. I particularly love the dry and sterilise option. We had a steam steriliser before and always had to hand dry it after, which was time consuming. This does it all for you plus it’s a great little storage device for bottles etc. So worth the investment!!” - Aashita M, September 2021

In case you hadn’t guessed it, the Eonian Care Electric Steriliser is a steriliser and bottle warmer all in one. 

What makes Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1 different?

This open-designed steriliser uses steam to sterilise feeding bottles and accessories, killing 99.9% of harmful germs without using any chemicals. The bottle warmer can defrost, heat up, or keep warm either milk or baby food with one touch of a button.

Why try Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1?

Featuring a warm wind drying function, bottles are cleaned and then thoroughly dried - fast - to prevent the growth of bacteria. For peace of mind, the steriliser will automatically be switched off once the water has dried up in the heating base.

Real customer reviews:

“I absolutely love it. We mix feed but I still use our steriliser everyday. You can choose the temperature on the bottle warmer, and it makes bottle feeding SO easy and enjoyable.” - Christine, March 2020

“Best steriliser and bottle warmer combo on the market by far. This is very easy to use and leaves the bottles and teats squeaky clean. Best bottle warmer too! Takes the stress away from guessing the bottle temperature before feeding. Such a game changer!” - Rachel S, March 2020

Introducing the best friends to parents on-the-go! 

What makes New Beginnings Maternity Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser different?

Battery-powered, this small and mighty UV Steriliser uses Ultra Violet light to kill all germs and bacteria in 3 minutes*. Light weight, durable and easy to use, it's the perfect travel companion for your next day out with your little ones. 

Why try New Beginnings Maternity Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser?

The New Beginnings Maternity Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser is an easy and compact UV Steriliser allows you to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria from bottles, teats, pacifiers and sippy cups wherever, whenever. 

Real customer reviews:

A great portable & convenient steriliser for mums & dads on the go. This product is a game changer & will help parents sterilise bottle tests, dummies & sippy cup lids on the go. It’s portable, very quiet & quick to sterilise the baby goods. Only downfall is it requires batteries. Not sure how long they will last. Might have been worth looking into a USB charge function. I would however recommend this product to all parents.” - Mom1996

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