Road-Tested: 9 Of The Best Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamins In Australia In 2024

Perdays prenatal vitamins

Falling pregnant is one of the most exciting, incredible - and intimidating - times in a woman’s life. Following the joy of discovering there is a little person growing inside you, comes an overwhelming wave of worry, because you’re now responsible for another life. It’s time to start considering what they need, and for many women, that begins with prenatal vitamins.

As you’re sharing your body - and all nutrition you receive - with another human, it’s only right that you ensure you and your baby are getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals your bodies need to grow and thrive. 


Prenatal or pregnancy vitamins come in many forms, and as well as filling nutritional gaps can also help with the healthy production of breastmilk. It’s always best to consult your GP before beginning any vitamin regime.

What to look for in prenatal vitamins:

Approved by TGA

A simple Google search will tell you if a particular vitamin is approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). If it’s not, stay far away!

Are okayed by your doctor

As with starting any new medication, it’s imperative that you run it by your doctor. It’s equally important that you stick to the recommended dosage as specified on the label or by your doctor.

1. Perdays Pregnancy Key Essentials & DHA (60 capsules = 1 month supply), $69.00

Perdays Probotic Image 01

What makes Perdays Pregnancy Key Essentials & DHA different?

Perdays may be the new kid on the block, but there is nothing immature about their approach to pregnancy supplements. This innovative, sophisticated Australian supplement brand has earned its number one spot in our list of best pregnancy supplements, due to its many advantages.

The brand has an advisory board of leading health and fertility experts, whom they consult when formulating their products. It’s reassuring to know that this forms the basis of their scientific, evidence-based approach to nutritional supplements, catering to the specific nutritional needs of today's women.

The Perdays Pregnancy Key Essentials & DHA supplement is a premium prenatal multivitamin, which includes 12 vitamins and minerals such as activated folic acid, vitamin D and Iron, plus vegan DHA. Not only have they carefully chosen key nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, but included optimal amounts of each, in the most bioavailable forms.

The Perdays Probiotic 360° & Vitamin D is unique in the way that it provides 360° support for your pregnancy health. The Australian-made formula contains 12 probiotic strains that support pregnancy health. This could be why it’s a bestseller!

Why try Perdays Pregnancy Key Essentials & DHA?

Many of the leading multivitamin brands were formulated many years ago and have not been updated. For example, specific ingredients such as folic acid, vital for your baby’s healthy development, are a form of folate that can’t be absorbed by up to 30% of people. Perdays includes the activated form (folinic acid) in this formula to give everyone peace of mind - and a happy tummy!

Taking 2 capsules per day provides the following benefits:

  • 500mcg of folinic acid, to support healthy nervous system development
  • 1000IU of Vitamin D to support immune health
  • 150mcg of Iodine to support brain development
  • 500mg DHA derived from algae to support nervous system health
  • Betacarotene supports healthy skin and eyes
  • Meets the pregnancy RDI for – B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D3, Zinc, and selenium
  • Vegan formula

Perdays’ prenatal product comes in an innovative format called Nutriseal-Caps™. This capsule-in-capsule technology is the first of its kind to be manufactured in Australia. A revolutionary capsule-in-capsule format that ensures nutrients are effectively absorbed by the body through time delay and pH-dependent technology.

Perdays supports women to achieve optimal health and prevent nutritional gaps with their growing range of specialty products. The current range of products also includes their Perdays Probiotic 360° & Vitamin D, Plant Calcium Complex + K2, and Pregnancy Iron & Vitamin C to support your body and its needs throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Did you know?

Perdays has curated a range of nutritional supplements supporting the journey from preconception right through to breastfeeding.

Products include Iron, Calcium, activated folate, men’s preconception, immune support, and support for baby’s brain development.

Real customer reviews:

"Firstly, the bottle is amazing! The little capsules look very “sciencey”. but the main reason I chose this product is because I know the ingredients will be absorbed. When I read about the 2-layer capsule and the better folic acid, it made total sense to try it. So glad I did! Feeling great. Easy to swallow plus peace of mind that I’m absorbing the nutrients that my baby needs." - Stephanie (

"Being a first-time mum, I wanted to ensure that I did plenty of research before using a pregnancy multivitamin and was relieved when I was finally recommended Perdays. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I have been using both the probiotic and key essentials for a number of months. I have been extremely happy with both of the Perdays products. The capsules are easy to swallow and I have had no issues taking the probiotic in the morning without food. From an ingredients perspective, it had everything I was looking for and more. I will continue to use both of these products until I give birth and highly recommend these based on my experience so far." - Loredana (

2. The Tenth Co Flow State Postpartum & Beyond, $82.00

The Tenth Co Flow State Thetenthcocom Vitamin Supplement 529166

Why try The Tenth Co Flow State Postpartum & Beyond?

The Tenth Co emerged from founder Frida’s personal journey. She was battling exhaustion, burnout, and overwhelm as she navigated motherhood, her career, and everyday life. A story she’d seen resonate with so many women also trying to ‘do it all’.

After experiencing results with Dr Oscar Serrallach’s postnatal depletion nutritional protocol, Frida’s solo health journey soon became a bigger one with an unwavering mission: help other women avoid what she went through.

Today, her driving force behind The Tenth Co is clear. Women - whether in postpartum mum life or pre-burnout work life - should no longer accept 'exhaustion' as the norm. We deserve to thrive; to be and feel the best versions of ourselves, no matter how many toddlers, deadlines, or life things come our way.

Which is why The Tenth Co is here; to offer that change. 

They knew supplements could do more. So they did. The reviews speak for themselves.

What makes The Tenth Co Flow State Postpartum & Beyond different?


  • Developed by a postnatal depletion specialist
  • The most comprehensive formulation available to calm, energise and revitalise - ultimately so that you can feel like yourself again.
  • All ingredients are evidence-based and at their therapeutic doses - so they'll actually make a difference to your body and your day.
  • Using practitioner-grade ingredients, the most bio-available (methylated) vitamins, which means the ingredients can actually be absorbed by your body
  • CALM YOUR MIND with Saffron (Affron®). Saffron calms the mind, supports healthy mood balance, and reduces symptoms of mild anxiety. 
  • IMPROVE YOUR ENERGY with Folate (Methylated Folate 5-MTHF) and methylated vitamin B12 to support energy production and relieve tiredness. 
  • NOURISH THE NERVOUS SYSTEM with Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin B12 and zinc.
  • SUPPORT POSTPARTUM HAIR, SKIN & NAILS with Vitamin A, Biotin, and Zinc support skin health. Biotin also supports healthy nails. Selenium and zinc support hair health.
  • SUPPORT BRAIN FUNCTION: with Choline, Methylated Folate, and Iodine from Certified Organic Yellow Wrack and Kelp.
  • SUPPORT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM with Zinc, Folate, Selenium, and Vitamin D.

Real customer reviews:

New Favourite Post Natal 

"I started taking these about 3 months post partum from my second birth. All I can say is even though my baby has decided to sleep less, I feel more energised and like myself. Especially compared to my post partum recovery following the birth of my first child. Will continue to take during my post partum recovery and breast feeding :)" - Rhiannon C. September 2024

Amazing Supplement

"Love the fact that I no longer have to take several supplements due to the high quality ingredients, it has everything I need in the one capsule. I feel more balanced in my mood, my cycle has improved, my energy levels are the best since before I had children. Love it! Delivery was incredible." - Natalie O. March 2024

What makes Bump Plus different?

Bump Plus Preconception, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding is Australia’s FIRST and ONLY prenatal designed by a Fertility Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and is backed by a team of fertility experts and health professionals 

The team of primary health care professionals behind Bump Plus have together decades of experience helping thousands of Australian women prepare to and become pregnant.

Why try Bump Plus?

Within Bump Plus’ formulation is 15 of the essential nutrients needed for each stage of gestation and postpartum, with nothing unnecessary added just to ‘tick a box’.=

The ingredients are provided in their optimal doses and in the active forms your body can absorb more easily and actually use:


Active folate (Methyl folate)

High dose choline

Iron free 


Australian made

Free from all major allergens

Free from all fragrances, flavours, fillers, binders and preservatives 

2 months supply 

Real customer reviews:

"I am seven months postpartum and have been taking these supplements since birth. I am feeling so much more myself in this postpartum recovery period compared to my first where I was diagnosed with postnatal depletion. This time there is no brain fog, my mood is level, my energy levels are surprisingly good and the tiredness is not getting to me as much. I’ve just had some bloods taken and my naturopath is amazed! There is nothing to correct! I am vegetarian and breastfeeding too so that seems pretty impressive to me. I’m very happy I found Bump Plus!" - Gemma, Burleigh Heads
"My iron has always fallen within the normal range so I need to watch which supplements I take to not over do it. I'm so happy to have found a prenatal without iron, it makes it so easy for me. Will definitely buy again." - Kylie, Black Rock, VIC

Exclusive offer for One Fine Baby audience:

Use the code BUMPXOFB10 for $10 off your first order.

4. The Natal Naturopath EverNatal, $54.99

Perdays Evernatal

EverNatal is an overachieving natal supplement here to support your body, and baby, through it all with the best ingredients science has to offer.

Described as 'Australia’s best vegan natal vitamin', you can support your baby’s growth, support your health and top up your nutrition—in one super powerful daily supplement.

What makes The Natal Naturopath EverNatal different?

EverNatal by The Natal Naturopath has been designed for you to take before, during and after pregnancy. Think of it as your prenatal, antenatal and postnatal best-friend. The reason it’s is popular is due to everything it does - and doesn’t - contain. EverNatal is proudly GMO-free, vegan, Iron-free, with methyl-folate and high dose choline.

If you’re looking for more than what you get from an average prenatal vitamin, it’s inside this bottle. The Natal Naturopath EverNatal is clinically designed to support both you and your growing baby before and during pregnancy, as well as in the postpartum period.

Why try the The Natal Naturopath EverNatal?

There are so many benefits in taking EverNatal by The Natal Naturopath, including:

  • Helps support healthy foetal CNS/brain development
  • Contains the most amount of choline compared to any prenatal in Australia
  • Support healthy foetal development
  • Support healthy pregnancy
  • Support maternal health
  • Support preconception health
  • Helps prepare the body for pregnancy
  • Maintains breast milk production/lactation
  • Aids healthy thyroid hormone production for pregnancy
  • Maintain healthy thyroid gland function for pregnancy
  • Maintain/support folate levels in the body

Real customer reviews:

"This product deserves so much praise. Firstly, I love that it’s just the one product for pre/during/post natal. Secondly, I love the formula. It ticks all the boxes for what you need without having to purchase additional supplements. Love this product so much!" - Kristy B
"The use of ironbiotic and evernatal, postpartum, has increased my energy levels significantly! I feel a lot more healthy physically and mentally. Thank you! I’m hooked now." - Lisa

5. NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger, from $47.20

Naturobest Prenatal Trimester One With Ginger From 47 20

Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger from NaturoBest is a 2-in-1 formulation, a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for the first trimester as well as a morning sickness relief formula, thanks to the addition of 75mg of vitamin B6 and 1300mg of ginger.

What makes NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger different?

Unlike most prenatal vitamins, NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger is specifically designed to reduce morning sickness, as well as provide vitamins and minerals that are needed specifically in the first trimester of pregnancy. Iron is known to aggravate the symptoms of morning sickness, so it has been left out of the formulation. Australian made and owned, NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger is the only Australian prenatal vitamin that contains 500mcg of active folate as the patented Quatrefolic. This incredible prenatal vitamin, also won Best Product Design AusMumpreneur Award in 2020 - and the NaturoBest range won the Health & Wellbeing AusMumpreneur Award 2020.  In addition, NaturoBest was recognised by APAC Insider as the Best Global Pre-Pregnancy & Prenatal Vitamin Company 2022.

NaturoBest products are Vegan Australia Certified.  In the interests of protecting our planet, NaturoBest switched to 100% recyclable packaging in 2022.

Real customer reviews:

“I’ve been taking the preconception vitamin and now the prenatal and it’s so easy to take with no nasty smells and gentle on the stomach. Would highly recommend.” - Sarah F

“The first trimester with ginger, was a life saver during early pregnancy. The absence of iron and the addition of ginger in those early days really helped keep the nausea at bay. I took these following on from the preconception prenatal and always felt great.” . - Sarah Morris

6. JSHealth PRENATAL+ FORMULA - 30 tablets, $39.99


A thoughtfully selected multivitamin and mineral formula designed to support women throughout various stages of their pregnancy and motherhood journey, this is JSHealth PRENATAL+.

What makes JSHealth PRENATAL+ Formula different?

PRECONCEPTION HEALTH: Folic Acid helps prepare the body for pregnancy and, along with Zinc, maintains and supports preconception health. 

PREGNANCY: Folic Acid, Iodine, Vitamin D3 and Zinc support healthy foetal development and healthy pregnancy. Folic Acid and Iodine help maintain and support healthy foetal CNS/brain development. Folic Acid also helps to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida and/or anencephaly, when taken for at least four weeks before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

MORNING SICKNESS: Pyridoxine decreases and relieves morning sickness. 

MATERNAL HEALTH: Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Iodine maintain and support maternal health.

Why try JSHealth PRENATAL+ Formula?

There are so many reasons to try the JSHealth PRENATAL+ Formula, and we've listed just a few below:

  • Helps prepare the body for pregnancy
  • Supports healthy foetal development
  • Supports healthy pregnancy + maternal health
  • Decreases + relieves morning sickness 
  • Targeted blend of active ingredients
  • Convenience of once-daily dosage
  • Contains Ginger
  • Includes Methylated Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate)

7. Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold

Blackmores Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Gold

Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold provides an ideal dose of 20 important nutrients for mother including folic acid, iodine and vitamin D3, with supporting nutrients for baby. 

With omega-3 DHA to support baby’s brain and nervous system development, it also contains a lower constipation iron which is gentle on the digestive system.

What makes Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold different?

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold Provides 20 important nutrients in total including a daily dose of:

  • 500 microgram of folic acid which, if taken daily for one month before conception and during pregnancy, may - reduce the risk of having a child with spina bifida/neural tube defects

  • 150 microgram of iodine for baby's brain

  • Lower constipation iron

  • Odourless and concentrated fish oil, rich in DHA for baby's brain and nervous system development.

Real customer reviews:

"I found this product extremely good, almost as soon as I started taking this I had a little extra bounce in my step! I was feeling quite lethargic after my pregnancy and looked around for a while to find something to get me going in the morning after some restless nights with baby waking and general comfortableness... I would definitely recommend this product." - Julian (

8. Kin Prenatal Vitamin

Kin Prenatal Vitamin

The Kin Prenatal Vitamin has been obsessively researched, and includes highly bioavailable ingredients that your body can best absorb and use.

It means giving you and your baby the best possible start.

What makes Kin Prenatal Vitamin different?

More than 1 in 3 people have difficulty using Folic Acid in their body, due to a common genetic variant (known as the MTHFR gene)

So Kin Prenatal Vitamin contains Methylated Folate. It's a more bioavailable form that your body can absorb and use.

Real customer reviews:

"Loved using this prenatal, was easy to take and I had no problems swallowing even with morning sickness. Never had any problems or side effects and contained all the ingredients I was looking for." - Scarlett (

9. Elevit Pre-conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin

Elevit Pre Conception Pregnancy Multivitamin

Elevit is a pre-conception and pregnancy multivitamin and mineral supplement that has been specially formulated to help meet the increased nutritional needs of women who are trying to conceive, pregnant and breastfeeding.

Elevit contains the recommended daily intake of a range of important vitamins and is an easy way to help ensure you are supporting the healthy development of your baby at all stages in your pregnancy.

What makes Elevit different?

No pregnancy multivitamin contains more folic acid and iron than Elevit. Elevit has been trusted by women for many years and meets the Australian recommended dietary intakes for folic acid, iron and iodine.

Real customer reviews:

"Great vitamins for mums. Started taking them prior to conception, through the pregnancy & during breastfeeding. I would greatly recommend this product for all the mums out there. I never had any issues, baby is perfectly fine, my health is great due to these. Only 1 tab per day after daily meal & dont worry about anything. I didn't feel any type of the issue during taking this vitamins. Still taking them during breastfeeding." - Atu88 (

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