10 of the Best Kids Pool Toys in Australia in 2024

sunnylife dive buddies

Are you gearing up for a summer of poolside fun? Back in the day, a game of Marco Polo was the pinnacle of aquatic entertainment. Fast forward to today, and kids are spoiled for choice with an exciting array of pool toys that can be tossed, dived for, or simply lounged upon. To ensure your little ones are happily entertained in the pool all summer long, we've handpicked 10 of the finest pool toys available in Australia in 2024. So, let's dive right in—because when it comes to pool toys, the possibilities are endless!

What to consider when selecting the best swimming pool toys for your family:

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Deep dive pool toys:

Looking to boost your child's water confidence, breath control, and swimming skills while they have a blast? Dive toys are specially designed for this purpose. These pool toys are weighted to sink to the bottom of the pool and encourage brave swimmers to dive down and retrieve them. Whether it's colorful dive rings, weighted dive sticks, or themed treasure-hunting dive toys, these affordable and exciting pool toys can turn ordinary underwater exploration into an adventure. Remember, always ensure constant parental supervision when kids are playing with deep dive pool toys.

Hey, catch!

Keen to take your pool games up a notch? Toss-and-throw toys are ideal for those who enjoy friendly competition or want to enhance their throwing accuracy. From water-resistant beach balls to foam discs, these toys are tailor-made for games like catch, water volleyball, or pool basketball. Whether you're practicing your aim or engaging in leisurely games with family and friends, the versatility of toss-and-throw pool toys guarantees hours of interactive fun. They're an absolute must-have for any poolside gathering.

Just keep floating

For those seeking a touch of relaxation in the pool, float toys are all about unwinding in the soothing waters. (Though good luck convincing a group of energetic kids!) These pool toys come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional inflatable loungers and rings to whimsical novelty floats like giant inflatable swans, doughnuts, or pizza slices. Pool floats are the go-to choice for laid-back pool days, offering the perfect balance of comfort and relaxation.

1. Bunnings H2OGO! 107cm Inflatable Donut Ring (Chocolate), $8.00

Bunnings inflatable ring

What makes the Bunnings Inflatable Donut Ring different?

Pool toys do not get any simpler than this. For less than a meal out, kids can let their imaginations run wild with endless water play thanks to the Inflatable Donut Ring from Bunnings. Just make sure there’s enough for everyone!

Why try the Bunnings Inflatable Donut Ring?

Jump through the middle, race from end to end or simply kick back and float, this humble pool toy is as fun as it is durable. Available in a range of bright colours and with a diameter of 1.07 m (42 in.), it’s a must-have for kids of all ages – and the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer!

2. Wahu Pool Hoops, $23.99

Wahu Poolhoops 06 Updated 2048x

What makes Wahu Pool Hoops different?

Perfect for creating wet water obstacle courses or race against friends, the Wahu Pool Hoops are designed to sink and stand upright at the bottom of the pool. Kids can dive down and swim through them or test their speed at collecting these unique pool toys before they hit the bottom.

Why try Wahu Pool Hoops?

-        Designed to sink and stand upright at the bottom of the water

-        Set them up however you like!

-        Includes four multi-colours hoops


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3. Coconut Grove Neoprene Dive & Play Pack from Anaconda, $39.99

anaconda Coconut Grove Pack 1

What makes Coconut Grove Neoprene Dive & Play Pack different?

Get set for endless hours in the pool with this 10-piece Dive & Play pack. Made from a durable neoprene material that dries quickly, this game is designed to help build your little one’s swimming confidence while they work on diving and retrieval of these pool toys.  

Why try Coconut Grove Neoprene Dive & Play Pack?

-        Encourage swimming practice in a fun way

-        Quick dry neoprene material

-        Designed for kids 6+

-        Pak includes:

o   2 x Diving sticks

o   2 x Balls

o   2 x 3D streamers

o   2 x Diving rings

o   2 x 3D diving toys

4. SUNNYLiFE Luxe Ride-On Float, $99.99


What makes Sunnylife Luxe Ride-On Float different?

Ideal for pool parties and lazy summer days at home, this large ride-on flamingo float from SUNNYLiFE is a pool toy that both kids and adults will love. And it will look absolutely stunning bobbing around your pool too!

Why try Sunnylife Luxe Ride-On Float?

-        Fun watermelon colour

-        Max weight 100kg

-        Handles for stability

-        Sturdy tow point to secure float when not in use

-        Includes repair patch in case of punctures

-        Made from durable, non-toxic Phthalate free PVC

Real customer reviews:

"“The flamingo is such a great size and looks stunning in the pool. The photos don't do it justice on how pretty it is!”"


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5. Intex Pool Volleyball Game, $27.95

intex volleyball

What makes Intex Pool Volleyball Game different?

Bring out your inner competition with this pool-friendly game from Intex, complete with an inflatable volleyball and net. This super fun game will make your pool the place to be this summer!

Why try Intex Pool Volleyball Game?

-        Made from sturdy 10-gauge vinyl with a 7-gauge vinyl ball for long-term durability

-        Inflatable ball

-        Inflatable net

-        Pole bases designed to add anchor weights if needed

-        Repair patch included

6. Kmart Inflatable Dino Ride On Sprinkler, $15.00

Kmart dinosaur sprinkler

What makes Kmart Inflatable Dino Ride On Sprinkler different?

This multi-purpose inflatable toy from Kmart is ideal for hot summer days. Use it as a ride on float for the pool or connect it to a garden hose to use as a sprinkler. Unlock core childhood memories with this fun and affordable dino design.

Why try Kmart Inflatable Dino Ride On Sprinkler?

- Attaches to garden hose to use as sprinkler

- Sit on back and use as rocking dino

- Use as pool ride-on

- Suitable for grass and water

- Suitable for ages 6+ years

- Includes a repair patch

- Dimensions/Size: 146cm (L) x 92cm (H) x 73cm (W) (Inflated)

- Maximum weight capacity: 45kg

7. Wahu Skim n Hoop, $50.00

Wahu skim and hoop

What makes Wahu Skim ‘N’ Hoop different?

This large, multi-functional inflatable features two basketball hoops, three circular skim-scoring targets, a detachable net on the rear plus an 11cm ball. It can be used both in and out of the pool for unlimited rounds of pool basketball challenges, water polo, pool football/soccer, or skimball challenges!

Why try Wahu Skim ‘N’ Hoop?

-        A multi-function toy that can be used in and out of the pool

-        Shoot hoops, aim for targets, and aim for goals all summer long

-        3 games in one for pool or backyard!

-        Measures approx. 150cm x 145cm x 86cm when inflated

Real customer reviews:

"“So great! All the kids (and adults!) have loved playing with it in the pool for hours. We added some tennis balls into the pool so we had some more balls to play with. So much fun!”"


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8. Zoggy Dive Sticks, $25.00

Zoggy Dive Stick 3pcs Pack

What makes Sleep Society different?

Develop your child’s confidence and swimming skills through play with these fun dive sticks. This dive and retrieve pool game consists of three soft and flexible Zoggy sticks which can be thrown into the water to land at the bottom of the pool as they fill with water on the way down. A crowd favourite!

Why try Zoggy Dive Sticks?

-        Set of 3 Zoggy Seal Sticks

-        Encourages and builds confidence in the water

-        Soft, flexible construction for safety

-        Great game for up to 3 players

-        Suitable for children aged 3+

9. Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set, from Amazon, $52.75

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

What makes the Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set different?

This foam water shooter pack includes six colourful pool toys to provide hours of fun for a group of kids or teens. Think of water fights, done differently. Max Liquidator Water Blasters look like ordinary pool noodles but have a competitive twist. Pull back the handle to load the cannon with water, take aim, and force the handle forward to blast water at your opponent or target.

Why try the Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set?

-        Six fun colours – one for everyone!

-        Lightweight and floats in the pool, lake, or ocean

-        Recommended for ages 6+ years and up

Real customer reviews:

"“These were a big hit with the pool crowd! We bring them to the pool and the kids have a blast. They’ve held up pretty well for about a month of kid use.”"


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10. Wahu Bluey Mini Footy, $15.99

bluey and bingo mini footy

What makes Wahu Bluey Mini Footy different?

Calling all Bluey (or Bingo) lovers! This mini footy is made with a waterproof neoprene skin, so it’s perfect for throwing around the pool, beach or backyard. Guaranteed to provide countless hours of fun for big or small Bluey fans – the perfect Christmas gift!

Why try Wahu Bluey Mini Footy?

-        Bright traditional Bluey colours

-        Waterproof neoprene skin

-        Easy to throw and catch in the water

-        Perfect for pool, beach or backyard

-        Mini-size – great for younger kids


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