Road-Tested: 6 Of The Best Postpartum Recovery Shorts In Australia In 2024

6 Of The Best Postpartum Recovery Shorts In Australia In 2023

If you’ve ever given birth, or are soon to do so, you’ll know that there are so many products out there to help ease you through your pregnancy, and assist you with caring for your new baby! What many birthing mothers don’t realise is that they really need to be cared for in those weeks - and months - following childbirth, too. It’s all about helping your body heal and regain strength, and postpartum recovery shorts are perfect for this!

Understanding the Benefits of Postpartum Compression Shorts

These specially designed shorts play a crucial role in your post-birth recovery journey. They're not just about physical support; they're about nurturing your body back to its pre-pregnancy state with care. Whether you're dealing with abdominal muscle separation, seeking posture correction, or in need of extra support to ease discomfort and pain postpartum, caesarean recovery shorts offer a multifaceted solution.

Choosing the Right Postpartum Recovery Shorts?

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Since it's recommended to wear postpartum recovery shorts for up to six hours a day during the postpartum period, they must be crafted from breathable and hygienic materials. These materials ensure your comfort and help keep you feeling dry throughout the day.

Optimal Support:

Your postpartum recovery shorts should offer substantial compression and support to your abdominal area and lower back as you move. They should provide stability and make you feel secure and well-supported.

Uncompromised Comfort:

Considering that postpartum recovery shorts are meant to be worn for several hours each day, comfort is non-negotiable. Look for shorts with non-slip features to prevent them from rolling down or riding up as you move. Seamless designs are also highly advantageous, allowing you to wear them discreetly under your clothing.

Incorporating caesarean recovery shorts or postpartum compression shorts into your post-birth recovery plan is a smart move for any new mum. By focusing on breathability, support, and comfort, you can select a pair that not only aids in your physical recovery but also boosts your confidence as you navigate the early stages of motherhood.

1. Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts, $109.00

Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts

Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts are ideal for supporting healing after childbirth with a fit that's both comfortable and breathable.

What makes Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts different?

Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts feature 5-18mmHg Medical grade compression suitable for postpartum recovery. In addition to high support, the postpartum specific compression and reinforced panels provide targeted abdominal and pelvic floor support. The exclusive FemmeCore technology lifts, assists healing and supports deep core muscles comfortably. The shorts are made with breathable 4-way stretch for maximum comfort, compression and movement.

Why try Lenny Rose Recover Postpartum Support Shorts?

  • Innovative absorbent & leakproof gusset for all-day confidence & protection, up to 5 ml

  • Support for mild prolapse symptoms

  • Support for C-section healing & recovery

  • Support for vulval varicosities

  • Support for diastasis recti & abdominal separation

  • Moisture-wicking & quick-drying fabric

  • Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

  • Health insurance rebates may apply

Real customer reviews:

"“I wish I had these ones when I had my first born but so glad I’ve found them now! It is healing my core muscles and I have had no trouble with healing of the c-section scar. I recommend them strongly!!”" - Therese A

2. SRC Recovery Shorts, $189.00

Src Recovery Shorts

SRC Recovery Shorts provide postpartum support and pain relief after a c-section or vaginal delivery so you can move more freely post-delivery.

What makes SRC Recovery Shorts different?

Designed with anti-chafing fabric and in consultation with an obstetrician for the ultimate in comfort and functionality, SRC Recovery Shorts provide the support you need to heal and move more freely post-delivery

Why try SRC Recovery Shorts?

Designed with anti-chafing fabric and in consultation with an obstetrician for the ultimate in comfort and functionality, SRC Recovery Shorts provide the support you need to heal and move more freely post-delivery

SRC Recovery garments aid in the treatment of

  • C-section wounds,

  • Perineal trauma,

  • Episiotomy wounds,

  • Abdominal muscle separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM),

  • Lower back pain.

Real customer reviews:

"“The recovery short has provided me with so much support after having a Caesarean section. Wearing the shorts reduced the pain I was experiencing in the first week post op and improved my mobility.”" - Kirsten S
"“A last minute c-section for my delivery. These shorts were a life saver! I felt they held me together and I recovered quite quickly. I will be buying more for my post partum recovery with my new baby due at the end of this year!”" - Kirra J

3. TheRY Restorer Postpartum Compression Support Shorts, $159.00

thery group Restorer short Front

What makes the TheRY Restorer Postpartum Compression Support Shorts different?

No matter how you gave birth, or whether your pregnancy was easy or more challenging, your body has been through enormous changes. It's been stretched and stressed - and with that in mind, it’s no surprise it needs time and help to recover.  

More than half of new mums will experience abdominal separation (diastasis recti) - resulting in that postpartum bulge. Postpartum baby bumps are completely normal. TheRy Group made the Restorer Postnatal Support Shorts to provide compression to help aid recovery from abdominal separation and help support you as abdominal muscles move back in place.

If you delivered via caesarean, you are recovering from major surgery! So it's no wonder that you need extra support to keep you moving. These postpartum compression shorts are made with minimal seams and carefully designed to avoid C-section wounds. You may feel sore following your C-section and find it harder to move.  Bending over to pick up your baby or change a nappy may be proving painful.  These shorts will provide support to the affected area during recovery, and make some of those daily tasks easier.

Why try the TheRY Restorer Postpartum Compression Support Shorts?

Features and benefits:

  • Targeted compression panels to support recovery from abdominal separation.
  • C-Section recovery support. 
  • Large pockets to stash all essentials including phone, keys, burp cloths or even a baby bottle.
  • Ultra soft luxury fabric for all day comfort and wear
  • Supportive and body sculpting
  • Supportive but non-restrictive for all day comfort

Did you know?

  • About 60% of women will have problems with abdominal separation (Diastasis recti) following birth.  
  • During pregnancy your stomach muscles can weaken and separate as your belly grows.
  • Some recover within 6 weeks of the postnatal period, 45% within 6 months, and about 30% may still have issues still 12 months after birth. 
  • About 30% of babies are delivered by C-section. Recovery can be 4-6 weeks after surgery, but 60% of women can still experience pain some 24 weeks after. Following C-section surgery the abdominal muscles are even further weakened and in need of support. 

Real customer reviews:

"My last pregnancy I was recommended a more expensive brand and still had them. They were good but my friend recommended these to me at and I packed both in my hospital bag. These are my go tos. Easier to put on and take off - not too tight. Love the pockets and the fabric is matte and not shiny which I prefer. Lighter for the summer months coming too. Had them for 3 weeks and no probs yet. Great quality." - Lin, Australia
"I used these shorts post pregnancy to get back into walking and they did not disappoint. They are extremely supportive of the pelvic floor and gently keep everything snug without being too hot or sweaty. Post fourth trimester I continue to wear them to exercise but also as shapewear under form fitting dresses. The pockets on each side fit everything you need!" - Jessica, Australia

4. Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Short, $139.99

Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Short

Experience support and comfort in the recovery bike short designed to hold you in with exceptional core support post baby with Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Short.

What makes Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Short different?

Suitable for natural and cesarean births, and as general post-surgical compression support, wear Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Shorts under your clothes as a support garment, or wear them on their own.

Why try Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Bike Short?

Designed from our signature smoothing and squat-proof compression fabric, in conjunction with a women's health physiotherapist, these tights will assist in reducing swelling and muscle soreness after delivery, as well as provide core support for postnatal exercise.

Real customer reviews:

"“Love your shorts, recovering from a c section and feel so supported in them and gives me the confidence to pick up my little man 💙💙”" - Hayley R

5. QueenBee® - High Waist Postpartum Shorts, $57.95

Queenbee High Waist Postpartum Shorts

Wear QueenBee® - High Waist Postpartum Shorts after-birth shorts to support your postnatal tummy. Benefit from the specialist wave knit fabrication and light all-over compression to help your body recover post birth.

What makes QueenBee® - High Waist Postpartum Shorts different?

QueenBee® - High Waist Postpartum Shorts are seamless high waist postpartum compression shorts. The high waist design conceals a postpartum tummy making it perfect for nursing and feeling supported as you heal post birth. The texture isn't just for show - the engineered power wave design delivers targeted compression and support where it's needed, whilst the specialist wave knit fabrication provides gentle stimulation to help shift pregnancy weight deposits.

Why try QueenBee® - High Waist Postpartum Shorts?

  • gentle compression engages your core to assist with abdominal separation

  • suitable to wear after a caesarean section, it holds you in and won’t aggravate scars

  • longer length prevents chafing

  • note: to be worn after birth only

  • the legging version are now available here

Real customer reviews:

"“Ordered size M/L and used it after my delivery. Fit perfectly and comfortable”" - Mireya

6. Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts, $54.95

Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts

If you’re looking for shorts that are comfortable to wear postpartum, and that also assist with returning you to exercise, the Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts could be the answer.

What makes Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts different?

Providing support and a smooth silhouette post pregnancy, the Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts will also help you gain confidence and assist your return to exercise.

Why try Ripe Maternity Recovery Compression Shorts?

  • Super stretch compression knit

  • Short leg

  • Over tummy compression waistband

  • Soft textured jacquard weave

  • Polyamide, Elastane, Cotton, Polyester

Real customer reviews:

"“These are just perfect. The right length (I’m 5’2” and they hit mid thigh), the right amount of support (both up from below and abdominal support), the right amount of stretch and the right color (how can you go wrong with black?!). They don’t roll down or up and are easy to put on for a support short. I love these shorts and wish it was in the budget to have a pair for every day of the week.”" - Julia M

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