Found! The world's best maternity bra, here are 5 reasons you'll love it

Found The Worlds Best Maternity Bra

Falling pregnant is one of those incredibly overwhelming times in your life, where you’re hit with a flurry of emotions, a mountain of new information, a healthy dose of worry - and all of that is just about the new baby!

It’s quite normal to feel as though you can’t even take a second to think about the things you might need, as the mother, to feel comfortable and supported throughout one of the most important times in your life. So if you can easily put your hands on the world’s best, most luxurious, leak-proof maternity bra, it’d save you a lot of digging, wouldn’t it?

Enter the Mumma Milla Leakproof Day Bralette, $69.00

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#1: It’s super absorbent

It’s in every breastfeeding-related comedy sketch ever created, where a baby cries and a nearby mother’s breasts instantly turn on like a tap. If you have ever breastfed, odds are it’s happened to you too. What makes the Mumma Milla Leakproof Day Bralette great, is that each cup is built with 3 protective layers and a bamboo inner core for maximum absorbency.

#2: It doesn’t look like a traditional maternity bra

Have you ever seen a maternity bra that can fit so effortlessly beneath your outfits? The Mumma Milla Leakproof Day Bralette features a stunning sweetheart neckline that makes you feel supported, while also looking your best. The trick is, the bralette highlights the beauty of the décolletage, in a way that’s still modest and truly comfortable.

#3: There's a special bralette for nighttime wear

This bralette is specifically designed by Mumma Milla for nighttime wear, with a crossover design that distributes weight evenly as you sleep and keeps you feeling supported. This bralette features all the incredible features as the day bralette, with the 3 protective layers, bamboo inner core and hypoallergenic and ultra comfortable materials, but also comes with a bonus pair of removable and washable bamboo rounds which can be inserted inside the leakproof layers for double X times the protection if leakage is a little heavier.

#4: It won’t dig in, make you feel hot or constricted

The Mumma Milla Leakproof Day Bralette features a wire free and clasp free design, it has also been crafted from luxurious hypoallergenic and breathable bamboo fabric. Along with its feminine aesthetic it has also been mindfully designed for hours of nursing ahead. The nighttime bralette also features effortless pull-down and lift-up breastfeeding access thanks to the super stretchy, buttery material. The lack of fiddly clips to deal with make it a busy mum’s dream!

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#5: It’s incredible for the environment

Both the day and night bralette from Mumma Milla are leakproof - and so absorbent - so you don’t need to worry about reaching for disposable breast pads each day. Better still, the bralettes are such great quality, that they’re designed to be worn daily without wearing out.

Don’t believe us? Read the reviews from real mums!

"“This has truly been the best bra during my pregnancy - comfortable, supportive and flattering. I know I am going to enjoy the day and night bras post-partum too.”" - Hannah T
"“I purchased a day bralette, as well as the night one. I'm in love. They're super soft, mould to my body, and so stretchy you can pull up or across when nursing at home or when you're out and about. Don't have to deal with fiddly clips (or nursing pads!) under my t-shirt, especially when holding my newborn bub. Thank you Mumma Milla.”" - Steph W
"“The softest bra without compromising on support! So in love with this product - thank you.”" - Parvina M
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