“I’m a mum, WTF do I wear?!” Style guru Leigh Campbell shares ultimate shopping hacks

Leigh Campbell style tips

When it comes to finding your style once your baby arrives, it can feel more than a little overwhelming.

For starters you’re in a body you don’t recognise, that has gone to war for you. You only feel comfortable in track pants, and to be honest, you can’t foresee the next time you’ll be able to dress up and feel ‘nice’ again anyway.

However, ‘faking it ‘til you make it’ is half the battle. If you look good, often the feeling follows - and as it turns out, some clever shopping can make the task feel much easier.

On today’s episode of the Cold Coffee, Hot Mess Podcast, Nadean and Olivia sit down with Leigh Campbell; host of 'You Beauty' and the brand new ‘Nothing To Wear’ Podcast, Mamamia contributor, influencer and co-owner of Brillo Beauty.

leigh campbell cold coffee hot mess podcast

This girl can sniff out a bargain and a quality buy in the same breath. Her wardrobe is a cleverly curated mix of high end and affordable - and everything in between. With a beauty editor background, she’s also a maverick at harnessing the transformative powers of skincare, hair products and make-up - and she loves sharing her best tips on her podcasts.

On the podcast, Leigh spoke about the wardrobe pieces every woman should invest in, covered off the most inclusive brands and how to shop for your size cleverly. She also highlighted her favourite clothing and beauty brands, pointing out how to find the perfect event dress and how to always get the most bang for your buck.

She was also kind enough to give us a ‘peek behind the curtain’; sharing her tips for juggling work and parenting in a world where mums especially are expected to do it all. She shared details around her parenting style of her 4-year-old son and the things she does to ensure each week runs as smoothly as humanly possible.

If you’re a new mum feeling incredibly overwhelmed and ‘in the thick of it’, this podcast is for you. If you’re a mum who never quite knows what to wear, this podcast is for you - and if you’re a mum who is always looking for shopping hacks to save you money and new brands to explore - guess what? This podcast is for you.


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