Looking for a self-rocking bassinet on a budget? The Rockabye is for you

rockabye soothing bassinet

If you’re pregnant, or in the throes of newborn life, no doubt you’re looking around for products and services that may be able to help make things feel, well… a little easier.

No doubt you’ve realised by now that babies need a lot of stuff. However these days you don’t need to spend a lot to ensure your baby has everything they need. We’re so lucky to be living in a time where the most innovative - and helpful - baby products are at our fingertips.

And when it comes to the area parents need the most help… sleep is at the very top of the list.

So, without further adieu, allow us to introduce… the Rockabye Soothing Bassinet.

What does the Rockabye Self Soothing Bassinet do?

The Rockabye Soothing Bassinet is designed to keep your baby feeling safe and secure as they sleep, and in close proximity to the parent. It allows for easy mobility from room-to-room, as well as the ability to assist with re-settling, thanks to a carefully designed list of features.

How does the Rockabye help your baby to resettle?

Preloaded with 15 minutes of soothing lullabies, and the ability to provide a soft, gentle swinging motion with adjustable speeds, the Rockabye rivals the expensive bassinet market leader, the SNOO.

Why choose the Rockabye Soothing Bassinet?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a SNOO for a while, but aren’t sure whether you can justify the cost, the Rockabye is an amazing alternative, because it features an incredible line-up of innovative, sanity-saving features that are needed by parents in those first few months of your baby’s life.

If you’ve ever seen established parents out before, you may have noticed them constantly rocking from side-to-side. Some are so conditioned to be constantly rocking their babies, that they do it without realising it - even when they don’t have the baby with them!

They do this because babies love movement. The gentle swinging of a parents arms is the ultimate soothing movement for young babies, and it’s no wonder that bassinets can now mimic this motion in a bid to give tired parents a break.

Along with the gentle swinging motion and 15 minutes of preloaded lullabies, the Rockabye also features a drop-down side, to allow easy access for parents when it’s time to feed. This is also particularly good for c-section mums, who’s movements may be limited directly following birth.

Who do parents love the Rockabye for their baby?

The Rockabye Bassinet is made with a breathable Mesh Fabric, meaning that it never feels too warm in the bassinet and parents can have constant vision of their baby. The wheels at the bottom also allow for easy maneuverability, meaning you can easily shift the bassinet out of the way and room-to-room with total ease.

Don’t forget your FREE mattress!

Every Rockabye Soothing Bassinet comes with a free mattress that fits perfectly in the bassinet.

Head to to find out more about the Rockabye Soothing Bassinet.

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