8 of the Best Double Prams in Australia in 2024

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What do they say about two kids? Twice the trouble but double the fun! Or is it double the trouble and half the time? Either way, a double pram also referred to as a double stroller, can make life with two a whole lot easier when out and about.

If you’re expecting twins or growing your family, double prams can comfortably accommodate two kids at the same time. Think of it like upsizing your car! Whether they’re sitting side-by-side (cute!) or tandem, there are plenty of styles to pick from depending on your family’s needs.

To make it a little easier, we’ve found the best double prams in Australia to suit busy, growing families. Whether you're in search of a double stroller or a double pram, these options have got you covered.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Double Pram:

Tandem vs side-by-side

Tandem prams have one seat in front of the other and can often be configured for one baby and one toddler or for two toddlers. The plus side is they are narrower than a side-by-side pram, but it can be hard to see the child seated in the front and the seats are difficult to recline completely flat.

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Side-by-side prams

Side-by-side prams have two seats next to each other and can be used for two babies, two toddlers, or one of each. The best thing about this style is you can see both babies at once and both seats fully recline.

The cons? They are often wide and heavy, making it difficult to navigate small spaces like supermarket aisles and doorways

There’s also the option to buy a single pram with a toddler seat attachment which you can add later.

Size & weight

This should be perhaps the most important consideration because double prams can be bulky, even when folded. And heavy, too. With your two munchkins onboard, you could be pushing close to 30kg uphill (phew!).

They also take up a lot of boot space, so check the measurements and make sure that 1) it fits in your boot and 2) you can actually lift it up and down stairs and into your car.


Consider how you will use the pram and what features are important to you. Is it an everyday pram for the shops and walks or mainly used for outings such as a day trip to the zoo? Do you need heaps of basket storage or is it more important that the seats recline for naps on the go? Will it be stored in the boot or in the house? Are you planning to attach a newborn capsule?

These are all things to think about before purchasing a double pram or stroller.

1. Redsbaby NUVO Pram, from $1,199

Redsbaby Nuvo Pram From 1199

When it comes time to buy a double pram, it makes sense to think about the future, and how easily that pram will be able to grow with your family. 

The all-new Redsbaby NUVO is impressively lightweight and offers a versatile design with a remarkable 18 different configurations, perfectly tailored to complement your lifestyle. 


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What makes the Redsbaby NUVO Pram different?

The Redsbaby NUVO pram is the only double pram to fold with one or two seats attached in parent-facing or world-facing mode. Better yet, you don't need to remove the adaptors to fold. It can also be configured with two full-sized seats, with all the features you need to to provide complete comfort for two children, and can also accommodate a third child on a Redsbaby Buggyboard. 

The Redsbaby NUVO pram lifts effortlessly with its lightweight 8.2kg frame, making it easy to carry and place in your boot. Being the lightest in its class, the NUVO Pram sets a new double pram standard for being easy to lift and carry. It also features a tight turning circle, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. 

Why try the Redsbaby NUVO Pram?

If you’re after a compact double pram with big features, look no further than the Redsbaby NUVO. With one of the most generous pram baskets on the market, the NUVO boasts a 12kg capacity basket which allows ample space and accessibility for all baby essentials and much more. 

Like all Redsbaby prams, the new NUVO is designed in Australia for our unique Australian lifestyle. With an extra-large extension canopy plus new large breathable ventilation panels on the seat back and bassinet, which open easily with magnetic closures, the NUVO allows for optimum airflow and comfort for your little one.

Additionally, for peace of mind, Redsbaby provides a 30-day indoor trial, free, easy returns, and a 3-year warranty on all pram purchases. For those who prefer to try before making a purchase, Redsbaby organises their iconic Demo Days nationwide. To find a Demo Day near you, click here.   


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The storage basket is MASSIVE!

"I love this pram. I've worked as a nanny for a number of years, so know my way around a pram - this one is fantastic. Loads of storage without being chunky, and great versatility. The one hand fold down/up is great too." - Pebble, NSW

Exceptional double pram!

"This pram is so well designed. It’s lightweight but very sturdy. Looks beautiful and is comfortable for my two kids. Different configurations make it fun for my toddler and it fits so well in my car." - Abbey, VIC

It’s love!

"Loving our new NUVO, it is such a versatile and lightweight double compared to other prams we have owned. The different configurations work perfectly for our family, a must have for parents with two little ones close in age. Would definitely recommend." - Belinda, NSW


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Game changer!

"The pram is easy to put together and moves so smoothly! Getting it in and out of the car is really easy, especially with the ability to drop it down no matter what way the seat is facing. Would recommend this pram to anyone!" - Kelly, QLD

2. Bugaboo Donkey 5, from $2,199.00

bugaboo donkey 5

What makes the Bugaboo Donkey 5 different?

Prepare your family for the future with the Bugaboo Donkey 5. It converts from a single to double pram in only three clicks — so it grows with your family and caters to your every need! It’s versatile, easy to manoeuvre and super comfortable for babies and parents from your very first stroll together.


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bugaboo donkey 5

Why try the Bugaboo Donkey 5?

There are so many reasons the Bugaboo Donkey 5 is one of the most loved prams in Australia, but mostly due to the fact that they grow with your family. Here are the features:

  • Easily converts to double pram for two children with Duo extension sets
  • Fits through most standard doorways and elevators in all three configurations
  • New and improved self-standing one-piece fold makes storage easier than ever
  • Large, puncture-proof wheels for smooth strolls on all terrains
  • Underseat basket holds 10 kg; add 10 kg with side basket in Mono mode
  • Easy to manoeuvre with one hand, even when carrying two children and groceries
  • Independently reversible and reclinable seat(s) for maximum flexibility
  • Padded bassinet with breezy mesh panel and aerated mattress keeps your baby comfy
  • Car seat compatibility with dedicated adapters (sold separately)
  • Produced with bio-based materials, which reduces CO2 emissions up to 24%

A message from Bugaboo:

Bugaboo is proudly a B Corp certified company. Being B Corp certified means we’re committed, and on the right path to making a positive impact on the world for future generations. From taking care of our employees, to launching circular services, and using sustainable materials, conscious choices have always been in our DNA, and our B Corp Certification™ will keep us pushing to do even better.


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3. UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller, from $2,199.00

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

The latest evolution of UPPAbaby VISTA is the new VISTA V2. The enhanced performance features make life easier for growing families. This easy-folding 'double' stroller can carry up to three children with ease - and allows for multiple configurations

What makes UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller different?

UPPAbaby strollers are loved enormously by families around the world - and for good reason. They’re secure, they’re comfortable, they come complete with a generous under basket - and they are designed to grow with your family!

What’s included:

  • Frame & Basket
  • Toddler Seat & Extendable Canopy
  • Bumper Bar
  • Bassinet
  • Wheels
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Toddler Seat Insect Net
  • Bassinet Insect Net
  • Bassinet Storage Bag


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Why try UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller?

If you’re looking for a double pram that can cater to your growing family, you can’t go past the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller. Here are just a few reasons why; comfort, style, safety, and longevity!

Toddler Seat & Frame Features

• Full-size reversible Toddler Seat

• Five-point, no-rethread harness

• All wheel suspension

• Extra-large, easy access basket with dedicated Rain Shield storage

• Front wheel locks with visual indicators

• Zip-out canopy with UPF 50+ protection and mesh panels for ventilation

• Expandable configurations for up to 3 children (accessories sold separately)

• Infant Car Seat Compatible with adapters (sold separately)

• One-handed, multi-position recline and handlebar

• One-handed release, pivoting bumper bar for easy loading

• One-step fold, with or without Toddler Seat attached

• Stands when folded with handlebar in highest position

• 100% full-grain leather accents

• Removable and washable fabrics

• All-weather protection with included Toddler Seat Rain Shield and Insect Net

• Frame combines aluminium with magnesium for optimal lightweight, durable performance

• Can carry up to 3 children.

• Allows for multiple configurations.

• 13kg basket capacity. One of the largest on the market.

• Easy-folding.


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Real customer reviews:

"“Worth the money! I spent so long reviewing prams and testing them in the stores and I decided on the Uppababy Vista because I wanted a separate bassinet and toddler seat, the basket is so incredibly big and being a taller woman the seat is able to be sat up higher so I don’t have to bend over to reach my baby. This pram has well and truly exceeded my expectations and is by far the best thing that I have bought for my baby, so easy to push and control, folds up quite small and fits perfectly in the boot of my small car. Cannot recommend this pram enough.”" - Sam

4. Milly & Coup Leo Stroller, $1149.99

Milly Coup Leo Stroller

With more than 30 true configurations, the brand-new Milly & Coup Leo Stroller is designed to take all the hard work out of life on the go with your little one (or two)!

What makes Milly & Coup Leo Stroller different?

Designed with Aussie parents in mind, the team at Milly & Coup surveyed thousands of Australian parents about their dream pram and incorporated this feedback into the development of their multi-award-winning pram range.

One of the easiest double strollers to lift and carry, the Milly & Coup Leo Stroller can go from single to double in seconds. Made with premium materials and fabrics, this pram is function meets stylish design, and you get a tonne of bonus accessories in the box, such as a UV seat covers, rain covers, handlebar bag, adaptors, seat liners and more.


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Why try Milly & Coup Leo Stroller?

With a super-sized, easy-access basket that doesn't get lost in double mode, large puncture-proof wheels and 4-wheel suspension, and the option of seat + bassinet or two seats, the Leo stroller has everything you need for life with two little ones. They even have an optional toddler board for 3-child configuration.

Plus, they offer 100-day free returns and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Real customer reviews:

"“Really nice looking pram, great suspensions and very comfortable for the baby. Price is way more affordable than other famous brands, all details are very curated. Great performance on footpath. Highly recommend.”" - Fed


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5. Babybee LUNA Double Stroller, $799.99

Babybee Luna Double Stroller

Getting out and about with multiples has never been easier with the slimline design Babybee LUNA Double Stroller.

What makes Babybee LUNA Double Stroller different?

Quality materials and engineering combined with smarter design features make the multi-award-winning Babybee LUNA a must-have double stroller for two in tow.

The slimline 75cm frame fits through standard doorways and around tight corners, and the side-by-side design means you two little ones connect while exploring the world around them.

Why try Babybee LUNA Double Stroller?

Stressed about handling a double pram? Don’t be! The ultra-sturdy, lightweight LUNA folds in one quick and easy action with both belly bars attached, so you can pack up and go without any fuss. Designed to grow with your child, the extra-tall LUNA seats recline independently to 180 degrees flat for oh-so comfy naps on the go – like business class for bub!

Accessories like the newborn cocoon to protect your precious cargo and a huge under-pram basket make this double pram suitable for growing families from birth and beyond.

Real customer reviews:

"“After owning 3 different double prams before the Luna I would say I’m well versed in regards to what I would and wouldn’t spend my money on. I would buy the Luna 10 times over. Heaps of under pram basket space which is easily accessible, especially compared to other popular side by side double prams. Easy to manoeuvre, extremely easy to fold and unfold (even when 8 months pregnant with twins!) the number of extras you get is insane. Easily the best double pram, for the best price and the best extras I’ve come across.”" - Makayla P.


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"“This pram is great for our growing family! It is super easy to push, fits through standard door frames and allows both kids to be comfortable when out and about!”" - Jamie

6. Nuna DEMI Grow Pram, $1499

Nuna Demi Grow Pram

Crafted to convert from a single pram to a double or twin, the Nuna DEMI Grow will grow with you and your family.

What makes Nuna DEMI Grow Pram different?

With 33 configurations, 3 recline positions and one easy-to-fold system, the Nuna DEMI Grow Pram is as functional as it is stylish. The luxurious all-season seat keeps baby cosy in winter and easily converts to mesh in summer. And, when the weather warms up, the removable and extendable UV50+ canopy will protect your precious bub from the elements.


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Why try Nuna DEMI Grow Pram?

With tough tires, fenders and built in clear hub-caps, the Nuna DEMI Grow is just as comfortable off-road as it is on the footpath, and the dual suspension ensures a smooth ride for your baby.

Real customer reviews:

"“We bought this pram for our first baby and could not be happier. The easiest pram to pack up and down with no bending down to pick up the frame to put in the car etc. very smooth operation. Suspension in wheels is excellent and mud guards are very handy as we live in the hills. We also got the carry cot/ bassinet attachment. If you are looking for a new pram around this price point, make sure you consider the Nuna Demi Grow. Could not be happier with this purchase.”" - Nat
"“Bought this two months ago and it is the most amazing pram I’ve owned to date. Everything screams LUXURY & it has all the little features you could want in a pram. My partner is very tall and this pram is perfect for him to push around too. It is naturally high and the extendable handlebar makes it even better for him to use. Only downside is it’s on the heavy side but that’s only a small downfall. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.”" - Moey


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7. Valco Baby Snap Duo Stroller, $679

Valco Baby Snap Duo Stroller

Ideal for travel or everyday walks, nothing beats the ultra-affordable Snap Duo when it comes to a lightweight double stroller.

What makes Valco Baby Snap Duo Stroller different?

Weighing in at just 12kg, the Valco Baby Snap Duo is a side-by-side (double) stroller that fits through standard doorways (tick!), is suitable for newborns (double tick!), and is car capsule/bassinet compatible (tick, tick, tick!).

It also has twin vents to keep bub nice and comfortable in summer, adjustable footrests, removable bumpers, peekaboo windows, and a handy hood extension for naps on the go.

Why try Valco Baby Snap Duo Stroller?

The price point, design and functionality are a no-brainer for a busy life with a growing family. Praised by parents for being sturdy, easy to fold and lightweight, the Snap Duo will stand the test of time. There’s even a range of ride-on boards to extend the pram from two to three!

Real customer reviews:

"“This is an excellent pram. Light for a double and the kids love being side by side and being able to see everything. It’s held up very well after 4yrs of daily use. Can’t fault it at all. Would highly recommend.”" - Emma


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"“Great product for my newborn and 2.5-year-old. Used daily for walks have had it for 18months and still love it. Huge basket underneath. Customer service is excellent and very responsive. No frills beauty!”" - CLH

8. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller, $699

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller

The lightweight 10.5kg frame and compact design make the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double ideal for active city life.

What makes Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller different?

Perfect for siblings or twins, both seats recline independently to a flat recline, and is approved for newborns with or without a bassinet. With 5-point safety harnesses and ultra-compact fold, the City Tour 2 makes getting around town with kids in tow both safe and simple.


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Why try Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller?

Far from a bulky double pram, the City Tour 2’s narrow design (just 66.5cm wide!) enables it to fit through the smallest of places – from standard doorways to tight supermarket aisles. Other features include adjustable calf support, large storage basket and UV 50+ canopy with extension panel and peek-a-boo window to keep baby shaded and let you keep an eye on your little one.

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