5 of the Best Baby and Child Humidifiers in Australia in 2024

5 Of The Best Humidifiers In Australia In 2023

Why is having a humidifier for baby important?

There’s nothing more stressful than watching your baby suffer with a stuffy, snotty nose and sleeplessness. With winter on the horizon, don’t let the whole household lose sleep when bub comes down with a cold.

baby humidifier releases a fine mist to add moisture back into the air, and can be a lifesaver to help soothe a sick and unsettled bub. In fact, most come with bonus features like soothing sounds and calming lights to help send baby into a sleepy slumber. Just what bub – and you – need for a better night’s sleep.

To help your household sleep like a baby, we’ve found five of the best humidifiers for baby and for newborns in Australia.

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Cool mist humidifier

As the outside temperature drops, we often rely on heaters and air conditions to keep bub’s room cosy and warm. However, heaters tend to sap the moisture from the air, which can cause congestion, coughing and itchy skin.

A cool-mist humidifier adds moisture back into dry air. The extra humidity helps relieve cold symptoms such as decongestion or easing a cough. Adding moisture to the air can also slow down the spread of viruses and bacteria which prefer dry conditions.


Unlike warm-mist humidifiers which create scalding steam, cool-mist humidifiers don’t use hot water so they pose no risk of burns, making them a safer choice for babies and toddlers.

Automatic shut-off or timing controls are also good safety features if you don’t want to leave the humidifier running all night.

Nice & quiet

To avoid disrupting babies' sleep, opt for a quiet humidifier such as an ultrasonic one, or a cool-mist humidifier that offers calming white noise. A remote control can also be handy so you don’t disrupt bub.

Bonus features

Some humidifiers act as a night light and can sing lullabies or soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep, while also acting as a regular humidifier and keeping their skin soft and moisturised. Some even have aromatherapy capabilities where you can add essential oils. Hello, baby spa!

1. Carepod One Stainless Steel Humidifier, $300

Carepod One Stainless Steel Humidifier

The the world’s simplest and cleanest humidifier, Carepod supports good health and an even better night’s sleep for everyone.

What makes Carepod One Stainless Steel Humidifier different?

Through its beautiful, award-winning design, Carepod alleviates cold, allergy, and flu symptoms by hydrating dry air. Safe as a humidifier for babies, the ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier has three mist settings and a built-in timer.

Carepod is the only humidifier that can be sterilised, with 99.9% sterilisability against bacteria, higher than that of any leading brand – so you can wave goodbye to winter bugs and germs!

Why try Carepod One Stainless Steel Humidifier?

Carepod’s simple and sleek stainless-steel design means that there are only three pieces to take apart and clean. Plus, its minimalistic look makes it perfect for any space.

With a one-year warranty and free 30-day money-back refund, you have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of sleep to gain.

Real customer reviews:

"“I love the simplicity and the sanitary design of this humidifier. We dreaded cleaning other humidifiers that we have owned. I feel reassured by how easy this humidifier is to clean and sterilize.”" - Michelle H.
"“I love this Carepod, a smart and quiet device to keep my apartment atmosphere clean. I suffer from allergies and after this in my life, I feel much better. I just need this in every room. I love the unique design.”" - Umber S.

2. Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid, $79.95

Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid

A consistent bedtime routine including sleep cues - such as sound, light and aroma - can help your little one know when it’s time to rest.

What makes Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid different?

The Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid combines the proven benefits of soothing sounds, light and aromatherapy to help babies drift off to sleep more easily and settle through the night.

Pink noise is a soothing sound frequency found in nature that relaxes and calms, and red light sleep therapy supports the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which assists babies to fall asleep.

The aromatherapy humidifier gently releases ultra fine mist into the air (no heat), is cool to touch and runs all night long, so you too can sleep easy knowing bub is safe.

Why try Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid?

With eight rotating colours, and a range of ultra-soothing sounds, such as heartbeat, waterfall and lullabies, the Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Aid is the ideal way to keep bub calm and settled – even during the day.

Real customer reviews:

"“We have used our Sleep Aid, day and night, since our baby was born. She loves the red light and the lullaby. Have gifted to many friends as baby shower presents. So good!”" - Emma

3. Lively Living Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid, $100

Lively Living Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to peaceful slumber with the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid – an all-in-one solution to promote better sleep, for the whole family.

What makes Lively Living Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid different?

This 7-in-1 humidifier is perfect for bubs as it will transform your baby’s room into a dreamy oasis of purified mist, soothing sounds, relaxing scents, and calming colours.

The Aroma-Snooze uses safe ultrasonic technology to turn the room temperature water into a fine vapor and release it as a mist throughout the night, helping your child breathe easier and sleep better.

Why try Lively Living Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid?

Available in four colours, the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid is equipped with five built-in sounds and music tracks, including pink noise to calm and relax your little one, as well as soothing red-light therapy to promote sleep. The unique built-in sound recorder also allows you to record 30 seconds of your own voice which then plays back on a continuous loop – no loud shushing at the door.

This lightweight, compact, and portable machine is suitable as a humidifier for all ages of the family, from newborns to adults. Pair it with the Certified Organic ‘Aroma Snooze Remedy’ Essential Oil Blend or one of their other aromatherapy oils to encourage good health and sleep.

Real customer reviews:

"“I bought this as a gift. I have one for my 2yo and had it since she was a few months old. Works great, love how you can record your own shush. I rave about this to friends. Highly recommend this and their essential oils.”" - Mary L.
"“Excellent diffuser, use the red light and white noise function all the time. Second time purchasing as a gift for my sister. Highly recommended!”" - Mellita H.

4. Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit, $139

Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser Essential Oil Kit

Give your little ones the comfortable sleeping experience they need with this award-winning ultrasonic vaporiser.

What makes Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit different?

Designed and endorsed by Australian Sleep Consultants and Paediatric Specialists, the Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser is a stylish and compact cool-mist vaporiser with inbuilt lights, sounds and Bluetooth speakers.

Why try Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit?

You can customise all functions with the ease of a remote control, and it even comes with a range of decorative removable covers to suit any baby or toddler room. Included in the kit is the Snotty Nose Sniffle Season Essential Oil to help your baby clear their nasal passages, breathe easier and sleep better. Win-win!

Real customer reviews:

"“I believe it has helped my baby sleep. I enjoy the lights and sound also! Can't wait until bubs is old enough to add the oils too. Delivery was super quick and I received the bonus Xmas covers for my lamp.”" - Alicia Blake
"“Love the Hush vaporizer & essential oil kit! I love that it doesn't need much water, easy to clean and switches off automatically once the water is low. I've recently started using the white noise/ shhh function on it because I'm sleep training a treat! “" - Geraldine D.

5. Glow Dreaming Bundle, $159.95

Glow Dreaming Bundle

Suitable for babies and kids of all ages, Glow Dreaming is the 5-in-1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for sleep.

What makes Glow Dreaming different?

Boasting red LED light therapy, pink noise, and cool-mist technology, the Glow Dreaming is a humidifier for babies that helps ease breathing, prevent snoring, and create the ideal sleep environment for your child. Set up takes less than 60 seconds and the Glow Dreaming will take care of the rest.

Why try Glow Dreaming?

Purchase the unit alone or purchase one of their bundles which includes soothing essential oils, stylish sleeves to match your little one’s nursery or a sleep sensor to ensure bub’s room is the perfect conditions for sleep.

Glow Lullaby Organic Essential Oil has been designed to calm the nervous system and relax muscles, ensuring the transition from awake to sleep during wind down is as smooth as it should be.

Real customer reviews:

"“Easy to use and helps with regulating our sons sleep. The red-light settings make it easy to see at night while breastfeeding without having to adjust to harsh bright light. Having the diffuser also just makes the room smell nice and seems to calm down baby before sleep.”" - Brooke K
"“My 9-month-old son was waking up to 10 times a night and only napping 30 minutes at a time. I bought the Glow Dreaming light as a last-ditch effort for some sleep, and I was sceptical. Within a week he was sleeping 11 hours overnight with no wake ups and 2 x 90-minute naps a day. We both couldn't be happier! I recommend it to everyone!”" - Kate A

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