The Top 8 Travel Prams In Australia In 2024

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Finding the perfect prams for babies when you're constantly on the move brings about a whole host of challenges when you become new parent, but fortunately, there’s now a new wave of travel prams and compact strollers on the scene to make life significantly easier and save your back a whole lot of pain.

Travelling with kids feels like you are taking everything but the kitchen sink with you- so to help you out we have also created the ultimate checklist for travelling with kids over here.

But which travelling pram is best for you?

We’ve rounded up the latest compact travel strollers in Australia to help you with your search for the top travel pram in Australia. These travel strollers aren't just great for babies but they are also a great toddler lightweight stroller. Small buggies and prams for babies are just a taste of what we've road-tested below.

What should you look for in a travel pram?

When setting out to the best travel pram, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before making your final decision.

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One of the most important features of a travelling pram is its size. Most people opt for a stroller for travel as their children grow bigger and need a less bulky mode of transport. It should be small enough to fit in the boot of the car, or in the overhead compartment on an airplane.

Buying bulky prams for travel defeats the purpose of attaining a smaller, more compact solution, as you want something you can just whip out, pop baby in, and go!


Now, even if your travel pram is smaller than your regular pram, it won't necessarily serve its purpose as a solution for easier travel unless it weighs less, and folds up more compactly than a regular pram.

For example, travel prams or strollers for travel should ideally fold down with one touch and should come complete with a strap to throw over your shoulder so that you're not forced to lug it around during travel.

Travel prams or strollers are also a popular option for road trips and interstate travel, as they take up far less room in your car.


When people think of travelling prams, often they picture those flimsy umbrella strollers that many of us were carted around in as kids. However, we are thrilled to let you know that modern travel prams couldn't be further from that. In fact, many travel prams you'll see on the market could be even sturdier and of a better quality than your regular pram. It's always a good idea to read reviews and research the brand's make and model before making your purchase.

1. YOYO² Travel Pram + Compact Stroller, $849.95

Babyzen Yoyo

The YOYO² travel pram is ready to grow with your baby with it’s handy interchangeable seat pad + canopy! These can change with your mood as it comes with colourful accessories that you can swap out whenever you fancy! One of our favourite features is the famous flick that makes this pram one to beat! It is the market leader for a reason! It's lightweight, easy to 'drive' - and comfortable!

Can I use the YOYO² travel pram with a newborn?

Yes! The YOYO² 0+ Newborn Pack allows parents to turn their incredibly lightweight and reliable travel pram into the ultimate cosy mode of transport for newborns. When you’re out and about, your baby is comfortably snuggled in his/her soft, cozy nest pad, which is specially designed to accommodate newborns. The YOYO² 0+ Newborn Pack allows you to lay your baby completely flat, facing you, while remaining safe in the 5-point harness.

What makes the YOYO² Travel Pram different?

The YOYO² is so much more than a travel pram! Suitable for use from birth with the addition of the newborn pack, it is compact, lightweight - and most importantly - comfortable enough to be your everyday pram! You also don't need adaptors to connect the newborn pack!

The best bit? The YOYO² travel pram can be folded down with the newborn pack on the stroller and can be flicked (or opened!) with one hand as well. When the YOYO² is folded (either with the regular seat or newborn pack) it will fit cabin dimensions. As well as being a superb pram for children up to 22kgs, this is a super compact travelling pram and newborn solution!

Why try the YOYO²?

  • 6.2kg
  • One-hand driving and folding
  • Interchangeable seats that can grow with your baby
  • Suitable for newborns
  • First cabin luggage-approved stroller
  • Folds down to 52 x 44 x 18cm
  • Storage under the seat
  • Multiple colours available
  • Keep warm with their footmuff range
  • Optional Leg Rest, Cup Holder and toddler board.
  • Car seat capsule adaptor
  • Optional Newborn Bassinet add on
  • YOYO suitable for up to 22kgs

Real customer reviews:

""Just used this pram to travel back and forward to the UK with a 9 month old. Wow! Lightweight, amazing design and fits easily into the overhead compartment. Easy to pack away and unfolds with one hand (always useful!). As a pram/stroller it rides rough surfaces well, has very responsive steering, good storage and a rain hood that folds/unfolds easily. The suspension is good and I couldn't think of a negative.”" - Alex
""Love it! It’s a great second pram to have especially with limited boot space . It’s amazing quality in such a small package and I love that my baby capsule can jst click straight onto it without waking Bub."" - Rana L

2. Karion Kids Travel Stroller, $399.00

Karion Kids Travel Stroller

The Karion Travel Stroller is an Ultra Compact, light-weight all-terrain stroller, and as the name suggests, it’s compact enough to take as carry-on, and easily fits in airlines overhead lockers! 

What makes the Karion Kids Travel Stroller different?

This Karion Travel Stroller is an absolute travel essential. It provides total convenience without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you’re on holidays, exploring the city, or simply on the move indoors or out, the Karion Travel Stroller is perfectly in tune with the needs of modern parents.

The price is great too! You get the convenience and style of a regular pram, at a fraction of the price!

Why try the Karion Kids Travel Stroller?

It takes up just a fraction of the space of a regular stroller, and weighs just 4.9kgs, making it the perfect traveling pram when luggage space is at a premium. 

The Karion Kids Travel Stroller is also suitable for a baby from 6 months up to 17kg (approx. 4 years!

Real customer reviews:

"“Loving my new butterfly. I opened the box and you simply push in two buttons with one hand and the whole thing pops right open. It also closes that easily as well. It is light weight and so compact. It has a comfortable shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry for trips or even just to take up less room in the trunk when you have other baby stuff to haul around. I got the green and it is the prettiest color for our sweet little boy. The car seat adapter is easy to add to the stroller and his Nuna Air car seat just pops right on. I love this stroller and how it can grow with our little boy for several years to come.”" - Jlw25
"“I was looking for a compact stroller and preordered the butterfly. I originally wanted it to travel & took it on our trip. It was amazing. It easily fit in the overhead of the airplane and closes and opens so easily! You can do it one handed! Best money spent for sure and my one year old can use it plus my three year old. The extension for laying down is amazing and works great! It has been such a lifesaver and totally worth it. I highly recommend. Love how sturdy it is but also so compact at the same time. I had another compact stroller and it was so flimsy. I love this one and highly recommend it. So glad I purchased it and decided to spend the money.”" - Kyla C

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3. Edwards & Co Otto Pram, $449.00

Edwards & Co Otto Pram

What makes the Edwards & Co Otto Pram different?

The Edwards & Co Otto Travel Pram is one of the most lightweight and functional travel prams on the market! Suitable from newborns, right up to 20kg, this is the stroller for travelling you need for family holidays and even trips around town!

Weighing in at only 7kgs, the Otto Travel Pram can fit in the overhead locker of domestic and international airplanes.

Edwards & Co Otto Pram

Why try the Edwards & Co Otto Pram?

You can fold the Edwards & Co Otto Pram with one hand, making it the ultimate travel companion. With PU wheels, you’ll never get a puncture and you’ll always be sure to have a smooth ride. The Otto Pram comes with a complimentary travel bag with a handy strap to either use over your shoulder or pull along beside you.

Better still, the Edwards & Co Otto Pram comes with an extended 3 year warranty if purchased directly - and free servicing.

Real customer reviews:

"We are really impressed with this pram. It is extremely compact and turns on a dime. We took it on a trip recently and we’re pleased that we didn’t have to carry our normal pram. Our baby also slept very well in the Otto, as it folds down in a flat recline position." - Stacey B
"Purchased this as a travel pram and so glad we did! Love how easy it is to fold up and so compact. Bub is also super comfy in it!" - J.R.

4. Bugaboo Butterfly, $799.00

Bugaboo Butterfly

When you imagine a traveling pram, you imagine something lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, and take anywhere with you. Further to that, you want it to be comfortable for your baby, and also for you to push! The Bugaboo Butterfly is just that - and so, so much more.

What makes the Bugaboo Butterfly different?

The Bugaboo Butterfly offers the ultimate solution for busy parents; featuring a one second, one hand fold and an ultra-compact design, the Butterfly allows for seamless transitions in day-to-day life. The Butterfly’s ingenious Dutch design was inspired by decades of innovation, with a huge list of features being carefully incorporated into the Butterfly’s design.

It only takes one second to fold the Butterfly down to a neat, tidy package. The best bit is that you can fold it down easily with one hand, while holding your baby in the other! When it comes time to unfold, air unfold technology means all it takes is one quick movement and then gravity does the rest.

Why try the Bugaboo Butterfly?

The Bugaboo Butterfly is so lightweight and compact, that this stroller for travel can be tucked away almost anywhere, and its sturdy upright design means it stays standing wherever you put it down. It fits neatly under tables, next to train seats, in taxi boots, or even in overhead luggage compartments. You can carry it 100% hands-free just by slinging the strap over your shoulder. 

Designed specifically for babies from 6 months old and weighing up to 22 kg, the Bugaboo Butterfly is ideal for parents seeking a second stroller for their growing child. With the roomiest seat of any city stroller, extra padded cushioning, and a multi-position recline, the Butterfly lets the child lay back and relax. This stroller for traveling also comes with a five-position leg rest and a convenient quick-click harness, which is perfect for busy children wanting to climb in and out with ease! 

The Butterfly also features four rugged wheels, a one-hand push, a 4-wheel suspension, and an invincible chassis. All combined to give you amazing maneuverability regardless of the road you take or the load you carry!

"“Bought it before traveling from Melbourne to Sydney with a 10 month old - 100% WORTH IT.”" - Elizabeth, VIC
"“My family is in Perth, my wife's is in QLD and we live in NSW so there's a lot of travel with 2 young kids. Having a little pram like this one folding up and going on the carry on part of the plane is amazing. The delivery was very quick and I love the backpack. Very convenient. My wife also has back problem so can't carry the kids or a heavy pram/luggage.”" - Robert, NSW

5. Redsbaby SKIP2 Compact Travel Stroller, $449.00

Redsbaby Skip2 Stroller Black Lifestyle Hero 02

Available in three different colours, this feather-weight Redsbaby Skip2 travel stroller makes both everyday adventures and international flights effortless as the pram itself folds into a tiny, overhead locker-approved size. 

What one mum had to say about it: “I wanted a stroller that was able to lay flat so bub could sleep in it, was lightweight and folded down compact enough to take as carry-on luggage on the plane, and I was not disappointed! We have travelled on Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia & Scoot, and did not have an issue taking the Skip on board & stowing it in the overhead locker. The Skip is so impressive that I have even had several friends purchase it after seeing mine!”

Why try Redsbaby SKIP2 Compact Travel Stroller?

  • Ultra-compact fold
  • Lightweight 6.9kg
  • Fits in plane overhead compartment
  • Layflat seat suitable for newborns
  • Large UPF50+ extension canopy
  • Complimentary cover bag
  • 5KG storage basket under seat
  • Puncture-proof wheels
  • Folds down into 50 x 45 x 27cm

Real customer reviews:

""I've used 2 other travel prams previous to the skip and this is by far my favourite. great price, lightweight and sturdy. we took it to Bali and had no issues getting around. he slept a lot while we were over there, so could lay it back and have the full hood covering him so he didn't get sunburnt. It's very easy to push. the hood doesn't hit your hands when it's not being used like on the nano. I love how simple it is to fold. I ended up using it as my every day pram once my youngest got to the in-between stage of sometimes being in the pram and sometimes walking. he's nearly 4 and i still have it in boot just in case."" - Nerri
""I love this pram!! So lightweight and easy to handle! Folds so small and neat, my son loves to sleep in it and i love the long hood when he is snoozing."" - Courtney C

6. babyhood Air Compact Stroller, RRP: $549

Babyhood Air Compact Stroller

The unique super lightweight design of the babyhood Air Compact Stroller delivers a complete all-round solution for parents, on the go with a feather lightweight of 5.7kg! (excluding wheels).

Why try the Babyhood Air Compact Stroller?

  • Fully adjustable recline positions for your newborn baby starting from lay flat.
  • A toddler seat for your growing child who still needs a ride.
  • Luxury breathable textiles with a loose weave melange fabric which accelerates air flow through the stroller for a cool and comfortable environment for your baby – no saunas today!
  • A deluxe quilted seat liner for extra padding for a your baby’s toosh.
  • An adjustable hood with an additional sun shade for the balmy summer days.
  • A peak a boo mesh window for extra flow.
  • A 5 point harness system to hold on tight on those great adventures.
  • Available in black or grey fashion colours so you are always runway ready.
  • Removable machine washable seat cover so you can be rid of the squishy gooey stuff that babies love to create and leave behind.
  • Converts from stroller to travel system with the Infant Capsule Adaptors. Compatible with Maxi Cosi Capsule.
  • Suitable as carry on luggage on most airlines as the folded dimension are within the allowed cabin size as per IATA regulation (we recommend you check with your local airline prior to flying as airline cabin space do vary).

Real customer reviews:

"“We are totally in love with the pram!! My little one loving it!!! I super comfy and easy to move! Now that we’re gonna travel to visit our family for 39hrs flight we are excited to use it because honestly is easy to transport, it’s comfortable, my son loves it to sleep on and it’s super light! Thank you.”" - Francisca

7. UPPAbaby MINU // Travel Buggy, $449.99

Uppababy Minu Travel Buggy

Designed for daily adventures and exciting excursions, this travel pram offers modern conveniences in a portable, lightweight stroller – so you can get anywhere you want to go!

“This stroller has many features that make using it a real pleasure. It has three seating options and switching between them is quick and simple. The basket is spacious (which is a rare thing among lightweight strollers) and easily accessible from the back and front. Moreover you can fold MINU with one hand within few seconds – perfect solution for busy parents who are often on the run with their baby.” Review by Little Baby Gear.

Why try UPPAbaby Minu?

  • 6.8kg
  • One-handed, one-step fold
  • Large easy-access basket
  • Holds up to 22kg
  • Smooth strolling
  • Multi-position recline
  • Unfolded: 35.5" L x 20.5" W x 41" H
  • Folded: 11.5" L x 20.5" W x 23" H
  • Suitable from 3 months (or from birth with the From Birth Kit accessory) 
  • Leather handlebar

Want to find out more about the Uppababy brand? Click here for a recap of their UPPAbaby VISTA.

Real customer reviews:

""This stroller is everything I have ever wanted! You always hear people raving about uppababy and I wondered if it would live up to the hype. It 150% does. It handles like a dream. My old bulky stroller would randomly go sideways or get the wheels twisted where as you can push the minu with one finger! The material is high quality and soft but also easy to clean. The handles are comfortable and luxurious. One of my favorite parts about uppababy is that they have endless accessories to work with your stroller. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!"" - Tes2590
""Stroller practically drives itself. Super lightweight. One hand push. Love the little storage pouch in the back. Comes with a dust bag. Folds up super easy. And my 22 month old doesn’t slouch in it. So happy to never have to deal with my old maclaren again."" - Nicole

Still Confused? That’s Completely Fine.

Buying a travel pram or compact stroller for travel is a big commitment, so you probably want to take these strollers out for a spin before you decide exactly which one is best for your family.

You can find the range of travel prams and compact strollers for travel right here.

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