Road-Tested: 10 of the Best Baby Carriers In Australia In 2024

The Top 10 Baby Carriers In Australia In 2023

Being hands-free and able-bodied, is there anything sweeter? It's a rare pleasure, especially when you have a newborn to care for. That's where finding the best baby carrier comes into play!

There will be times when your baby doesn’t want to be put down anywhere - including the cot, the stroller, and even the swing! A baby carrier becomes your saving grace, and allows parents to give babies the cuddles they require, while still being able to prepare food, run errands - and just generally have full use of your arms!

Check out the ultimate list of best baby carriers:

  1. Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex, $269.00

  2. Pognae Australia Step One Wrap Baby Carrier, RRP: $159.00

  3. Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat - All-In-One Baby Carrier and Bum Bag, $197.00

  4. Redsbaby CONNECT Collection (CONNECT Plus, from $209 and CONNECT Wrap, $79)

  5. BabyDink Classic Organic Baby Carrier, RRP: $159.00

  6. Mumma Etc Ryder Sling, RRP: $108.00

  7. BabyBjorn One Air Baby Carrier, RRP: $360.00

  8. ErgoBaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier, RRP: $349.00

  9. Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier, RRP: $199

  10. ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier, $349.00

What you should look for when buying a baby carrier?

When it comes to choosing the right baby carrier for your newborn, there are a few things you need to consider, like safety and comfort - not just for bub - but for you, too!

- Safety

Safety is paramount when choosing a carrier. Most carriers can only carry babies up to a certain weight. Keep this in mind when selecting your carrier, as choosing one designed for babies under a certain weight may mean your carrier becomes unsafe as your newborn grows or your baby gains weight.

Ensure you choose a carrier that’s easy to tighten before you put your baby in it and one that you can make more snug once your baby is inside.

Ensure the sling allows you to position your baby’s head comfortably to the side, and that you can constantly monitor the position of their nose and mouth to ensure neither are covered at any time.

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Always check that the carrier comes with easy-to-understand written, visual or video instructions that show you how to use it safely.

- Comfort

Comfort is not only essential for your baby but also for you. Broad, padded shoulder straps are a must if you’re planning to carry your bub past the newborn stage. A broad waist strap will help to distribute baby’s weight evenly. It also stops the carrier from moving from side to side too much as you walk.

- Ease of use

You may also want to think about the type of clothing you like to wear, and how the design of your carrier will work with that clothing. This has a lot to do with comfort, but also with design. Some carriers with a tie instead of a broad waistband tend to ride up as you walk, this can be a problem if you’re wearing singlet tops or short dresses.

- Design

Try to find a baby carrier that allows you to complete most of the fitting before your baby is placed in the carrier, and is then easy to adjust for a snug fit with one hand once the carrier is on and secured.

- Breathability

If you’re looking to use your baby carrier year-round, it may be worth selecting a carrier featuring mesh panels, or one made from a breathable material - nothing synthetic! This is because you’re able to dress your baby warmly in winter, but you don’t want them overheating in the carrier in the summer months.

- Longevity

If you’re hoping to have the option of using your carrier past the newborn stage, it’s worth opting for one that allows you to turn your baby around to face outwards. They prefer this as they get older, as they don’t need to be cuddled into your chest anymore - rather, they want to be able to see what’s going on! Some carriers even allow you to carry baby on your hip or back. Options are never a bad thing!

Baby carrier features to consider:

- Mesh panels

Create breathability for your baby by allowing air to travel through the carrier and reach your baby’s body.

- Easy-to-use toggles

Toggles with long straps that are easily reached with one hand and can be clipped and unclipped with one hand.

- Newborn insert

A newborn insert is often a pillow-like inclusion with carriers that cater to a wider age and weight bracket, as it allows your baby’s head to be in a safe position above the lip of the carrier when they’re a newborn, and are then able to use the carrier long term once they outgrow the newborn insert.

- Design

Simple, sturdy, and breathable carriers with padded support straps are often the most safe and comfortable for you and baby. Anything too complex can mean you forget to tighten a toggle, and any materials with too much ‘give’ can mean that your baby’s head isn’t secured in an ideal - or safe - position whilst being carried.

1. Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex, $269.00

Stokke Limas Carrier

What makes the Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex different?

The Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex is a full-buckle baby carrier and can be used from one month (4kg / 8.8lb) to 20kg. What’s great about the Stokke® carrier is that you can put it on quickly and easily without tying. It provides freedom of movement and safety every step of the way. Made with 100% organic cotton, it expands as your baby grows to keep them comfy and close.

Thanks to the adjustable base and back panel, this carrier can be expanded to your baby’s size. It also ensures a comfortable, ergonomic seating position for your baby – from a few weeks after birth all the way through the early years up to 20kg / 44.1lb.

The front and back carrying options give parents incredible flexibility. The waistbelt of the Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex can be easily removed, allowing it to be used as an onbuhimo - a traditional Japanese style for baby back carrying without a waistbelt.

Why try the Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex?

The Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex is the full buckle carrier for optimal comfort and support - from one month!

5 key features: 

  • Adjustable as your baby grows from 4-20kg / 8.8-44.1lb
  • Ergonomic support & comfortable for baby and parent
  • Very easy to use
  • Front, back & onbuhimo carrying options
  • Made of 100% organic soft cotton

"5 stars - Super comfy and easy to clean: My bub loves it! He’s very comfortable in it. Compared with other carriers I had, this one is quicker to dry after wash and easy to use." - Joy

2. Pognae Australia Step One Wrap Baby Carrier, RRP: $159.00

Pognae Australia Step One Wrap Baby Carrier

Comfort, style and versatility: this is the Pognae Step One Baby Wrap!

What makes the Pognae Step One different?

Pognae's latest innovation, integrating benefits of a baby wrap with a soft structured baby carrier, the Step One Baby Wrap is a wrap/carrier hybrid to help you navigate through the earliest stages of parenting.

Why try the Pognae Step One Baby Wrap?

No more trying to fumble through long, endless fabric trying to 'get it right'. No more confusing size charts. The Pognae Step One Baby Wrap is extremely easy and intuitive to wear and adjustable to fit both mums and dads.

"This is my 3rd different type of baby carrier. My baby hasn’t liked the others. Pognae is by far the best. So easy to put on, comfortable, supportive, lightweight and folds easily to fit in my nappy bag. My baby loves it. She has more freedom to move her arms. She loves to suck on the hand and this carrier allows her to do so. Bonus is that you can also wear baby forward facing. Amazing!!”" - Jess Anderson

3. Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat - All-In-One Baby Carrier and Bum Bag, $197.00

Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat - All-In-One Baby Carrier and Bum Bag

Doctor approved. Award winning. Australian owned and designed. This is the multi-purpose gem you’ve been waiting for. Introducing the Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat, it’s the All-In-One Baby Carrier and Bum Bag.

What makes the Hackerlily HipSurfer different?

This is the most unique, innovative and practical baby carrier - designed with the Australian active lifestyle and hot weather in mind. The beauty is you can carry, nurse and cuddle your newborn, baby or toddler - with style, ease, convenience and comfort.

The HipSurfer can be used from birth for breastfeeding and nursing support right through to toddlerhood (3yo or 15kgs) - it's your ultimate toddler tool belt for supporting all of those up and down moments, especially when you are on the go or travelling.

With an easy hop-on/hop-off design, it takes around 15 seconds to strap on so you can be soothing your child in no time.

Why try the Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat?

Investing in the HipSurfer will not only support your back and take the pressure off your shoulders and arms when carrying. It's also great value for money when you use it for 3 years + and multiple children. Think of all the $$$ you can save on trips to the specialist by looking after your back and reducing the hip-popping action when you carry.

The best bit is, there’s no need to lug a big bag when you’re heading out! You can escape the house in seconds, sans stroller and bag. Pack all the mini travel essentials. Save your back, shoulders and arms. The HipSurfer can hold a bottle in the retractable bottle holder, 1-2 nappies, nappy bags, travel change mat, cream, baby grow, travel wipes, your phone, keys and cards.

The HipSurfer is an award winning, strap-free, hipseat baby carrier that sits snuggly around your waist and absorbs the full weight of your child. The ergonomic design and wide, padded waistband allows parents and grandparents to hold your child closer for longer and without pain or strain.

Did you know?

The HipSurfer is technically a lumbar stool which can qualify as an NDIS Assistive Technology Device, bringing greater ease, support and safety when carrying children. Learn more at the NDIS support page and speak with your health practitioner to confirm if the HipSurfer can support your families needs in line with your NDIS health plan.

"There are times in life where having your baby fully strapped into a baby carrier can be frustrating. Particularly if they are constantly up and then down.The HipSurfer provides a beautiful merriment of caring for your spine as a parent and supporting your child to have a freedom and flexibility they need" - Dr Jacey Pryjma (Paediatric Chiropractor and mum who has used the HipSurfer with her own child)
"We take the HipSurfer EVERYWHERE with us. I can't leave the house without it now as it's just too strainful and exhausting to carry my son (who doesn't like being strapped down in a buckle carrier and gets bored of the stroller easily). My husband loves it and uses it like a baby toolbelt and nanna has now purchased her own HipSurfer to help with looking after her multiple grandchildren" - Jo

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4. Redsbaby CONNECT Collection (CONNECT Plus, from $209 and CONNECT Wrap, $79)

Redsbaby CONNECT

For your journey into parenthood, it's important to select a brand of carrier you can rely on to carry your precious bundle safely and comfortably. Redsbaby is committed to innovating, crafting and bringing to life the best in baby products and experiences.

What makes the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus and CONNECT Wrap different from other carriers?

The CONNECT Collection is thoughtfully crafted to nurture a true connection between parent and child. It is designed in Australia for our unique climate and lifestyle, providing and durability when you need it most. The Redsbaby CONNECT Plus' range of innovative features can't be found on any other carrier. Its three-layer design allows you to transition from breathable mesh to thermal layer and windbreaker in moments, providing comfort no matter where your adventures take you. Cool in summer and warm in winter, this all-seasons carrier is always comfortable.

The CONNECT Plus Carrier features an integrated, extendable head shade to provide head support, protection, and privacy for uninterrupted sleep and coverage while feeding. Its market-first CONNECT Pockets allow you to cradle your baby directly with your hands. This intimate connection deepens your bond with your child as you nurture them with direct skin-to-skin contact.

The CONNECT Collection is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last for years to come. The machine-washable CONNECT Wrap is made from OEKO-TEX® certified materials, meaning it is easy to clean, sustainable and chemical-free for your peace of mind.

Why try the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus and CONNECT Wrap?

Approved by Healthy Hips Australia, the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus provides four positions from newborn to 20kg, with flexible adjustment options for comfortable all-day wearing. Similarly, the Redsbaby CONNECT Wrap promotes healthy hip development and is made from soft and stretchy material, making it suitable for comfortable, all-day wearing from newborn up to 11kg.

The CONNECT Wrap features handy front hand pockets, which can be used to place your hands through the front of the Wrap and cradle your baby, or even to store your phone, keys and other valuables. Likewise, the CONNECT Plus Carrier also features storage pockets in the comfy waistband, providing quick access to your keys and phone, and eliminating the need for a handbag.

Better yet, Redsbaby is an Australian brand that makes sustainable and socially responsible decisions, with the entire CONNECT Collection using 100% plastic-free packaging.

"My husband and I absolutely love this carrier! A well considered and practical design - you can see and feel the quality. The many features have us covered in every situation and its super comfortable to wear in any orientation. Plus it looks amazing!!" - Rochelle
"Absolutely love it - comfortable and soft and perfect for newborn snuggles and contact carrier naps. I love the fabric and it's very good quality. Definitely happy with our purchase. Recommend!" - Michelle
"I have used this carrier for 2 months for my now 10 month old, facing forward. Unlike other carriers, I can walk for long periods without shoulder or back aches which has been a life saver. Very light and comfortable on. Love the layers that can be removed for the warmer days" - Kaysh
"The material quality feels secure and the straps at the back make your baby feel extra snug and secure. I like that it isn't bulky like other carriers. I have used to walking but also around the house while tending to jobs. My baby falls asleep every time! Highly recommend." - Brooke Gillon

5. BabyDink Classic Organic Baby Carrier, RRP: $159.00

BabyDink Classic Organic Baby Carrier

BabyDink is the exceptionally comfy baby carrier that is worn like a T-shirt and keeps baby close, without any buckles or clips.

What makes BabyDink different?

BabyDink promise the same fit every time, and their Classic Organic Baby Carrier is designed to grow with you and your baby. The great think about the BabyDink Carrier, is that you won't find any buckles, clips, or need to learn any confusing wrapping techniques. It's just place it on, pop baby in - and off you go!

Why try BabyDink Classic Organic Baby Carrier?

Proudly Australian made, the BabyDink Carrier is super soft and breathable, unisex and appropriate for babies from birth to around six months of age. The Carrier is also made from organic cotton fabric, so is super soft and breathable.

"My 3 week old loves going for walks in our BabyDink, he falls asleep immediately and it’s so easy and comfortable for me to wear! A bonus I have discovered is I can wear this around the house when he’s unsettled and he’ll settle or fall asleep straight away! It’s such a huge help especially with my husband working away and me not having family in the area. He legitimately just woke from a 3 hour sleep in the Dink while I prepped dinner, did the washing, dishes and I also ate breakfast before 12!!" - Kehley M

6. Mumma Etc Ryder Sling, RRP: $108.00

Mumma Etc Ryder Sling

Carry your baby from newborn through to toddlerhood in the Mumma Etc Ryder Sling, made from a single layer of 100% handwoven linen.

What makes Mumma Etc Slings different?

While all Mumma Etc slings can carry babies up to 15.9kg, the single sling is ideal for first time sling mummas – as less fabric can make it easier to learn with versus a double sling.

Why try the Ryder Sling from Mumma Etc?

Ryder is the perfect, soft grey to carry your baby from modern city streets to the ocean shores. Bring a sense of calm and serenity to both your baby and your look.

"This sling by mumma etc saved my life! Ha no really it's so soft, so handy and I could do anything with my babe sleeping soundly in my arms. Saved me! Thank you mumma etc." - Arabella S

7. BabyBjorn One Air Baby Carrier, RRP: $360.00

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What if you could enjoy the closeness of babywearing for longer — in a way that’s comfortable for both you and your little one? You can with the ergonomic Baby Carrier One Air crafted in cool and airy 3D mesh.

What makes the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air different?

The sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air relieve pressure on your back and shoulders and make baby wearing possible from newborn and up to the age of three.

Why try the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air?

The 3D mesh of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air is made of 100% polyester; a supersoft, flexible fabric that dries quickly after washing. This is a high-tech, breathable fabric, so it stays pleasantly cool when you’re babywearing. The tactile qualities of our 3D mesh enhance the closeness between you and your baby, and the high quality of the fabric ensures that the baby carrier retains its shape, wash after wash.

"This carrier is so comfortable to wear and my fussy baby seems absolutely delighted to be in it. I have twins so I bought 2. It has honestly been a game changer - my husband and I wear them around the house so we can get some things done (such as making and eating lunch!)" - Sienna's Mum

8. ErgoBaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier, RRP: $349.00

ErgoBaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier

The all-in-one, newborn ready ErgoBaby Oxford Blue Omni 360 comes in a Cool Air Mesh option perfect for the Australian climate.

What makes ErgoBaby Omni 360 different?

The ErgoBaby Omni 360 Carrier grows with you from week 1 to 36 months. The crossable shoulder straps give a personalised, comfortable fit. You can have it all; an ergonomic, forward facing option and a carrier that is adjustable from newborn to toddler.

Why try the ErgoBaby Omni 360 Carrier?

The ErgoBaby Omni 360 Carrier features lumbar support for extra back comfort, includes detachable storage pouch and is made from breathable, lightweight mesh.

"Extremely happy with this carrier. Very easy to use and bub is very comfortable in it! Have used it to go fishing on the boat, shopping and chores around the farm. Well made, sturdy, comfortable and breatheable. I live in a very hot humid climate (the Kimberley in northwest Australia) and this carrier is still useable in the heat. I recommend it to all my mum friends!" - Jennifer. R

9. Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier, RRP: $199

Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier

You can’t hold your baby all the time. Even though you may want to. CUDL makes it easy to keep baby close and secure, all while keeping your hands free.

What makes Nuna CUDL Carrier different?

The Nuna CUDL Baby Carrier is comfortable and customisable with breathable mesh fabric and padded shoulder and waist straps. Keep your baby facing in and snuggled up starting with an integrated infant booster for newborns, which then easily unzips as your child grows. As your baby wants to explore the world, have them face out or switch to backpack mode for growing toddlers.

Why try the Nuna CUDL Carrier?

The Nuna CUDL Baby Carrier features four carry positions provide optimal support as your child grows—for healthy body positioning necessary in spine and hip development. The four ergonomic magnetic buckles ensure an easy and secure attachment.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for a carrier that is breathable for baby and feels comfortable and secure as you wear it.

IMPORTANT: Always follow the T.I.C.K.S. rule

To ensure your baby’s safety in the carrier, you should always follow The T.I.C.K.S. rule to help you remember how to position your baby safely in a baby sling, as per

  • Tight: the sling should be tight, with the baby positioned high and upright with head support. Any loose fabric might cause your baby to slump down, which could restrict breathing.

  • In view at all times: always be able to see your baby’s face by simply looking down. Ensure your baby’s face, nose and mouth remain uncovered by the sling and/or your body.

  • Close enough to kiss: your baby should be close enough to your chin that by tipping her head forward you can easily kiss the head.

  • Keep chin off the chest: ensure your baby’s chin is up and away from their body. Your baby should never be curled so that the chin is forced onto their chest. This can restrict breathing. Regularly check your baby. Babies can be in distress without making any noise or movement.

  • Supported back: your baby’s back should be supported in a natural position with their tummy and chest against you. When bending over, support your baby with one hand behind their back. Bend at the knees, not at the waist.

"So glad I purchased. Much easier to use than the wrap style and perfect for wearing around at home and sitting on the couch, but also works as a first layer with baby if I'm popping outside. I do keep my arms around her/ wouldn't say it's tight enough to be totally hands-free. Does run a little small- I am normally a small and did a medium for this." - Leah,

10. ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier, $349.00

ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier

The new ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier brings breathability to the next level. Designed with Lightweight SoftFlex™ Mesh to create maximum airflow, it keeps you and your baby cool and dry all day.

What makes the ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Carrier different from other carriers?

Comfort is front of mind with the ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier. Padded shoulder straps and lumbar support combine to make adventures of any length feel effortless. The OMNI BREEZE provides all the carrying options you need as your baby grows, from newborn to toddler (0-48 months), making it the only all-in-one carrier you’ll ever need.

The best bit? The OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier by ergobaby is made using high-quality, lightweight material that won't make you feel 'hot and sweaty' as you babywear - even through summer! It's also built with the latest safety features, meaning that you can use your two arms to do what you need to, without fear of baby falling.

"I am a huge fan of this carrier! My second baby (9 months) is a stage five clinger- has to be held at all times. It makes getting things around the house very difficult, as I do not have access to both hands. I have a wrap but she manages to wiggle out, and I actually have another carrier brand that was a hand-me-down from a friend but my back is killing me at the end of the day after I use it (so I have stopped using it). Since receiving this carrier, I have started to baby-wear my child all day. It is an absolute game changer for my days. The Omni Breeze carrier is super comfortable for me and I have zero back pain. The baby's weight is distributed so well on the back straps and waist strap that I hardly realize I'm carrying her at all! The straps are very easy to adjust, so my husband was able to baby-wear for family walks with no problem at all. I primarily used the front facing out carry with my 9 month old (19 lbs). I also tried the back carry with my 3 year old (33 lbs). Both carry modes were comfortable for myself and my children (the 9 month old would often fall asleep while being carried!). One thing to note- you don't need a separate infant insert with this carrier! This was such a pain with the first carrier I had- I couldn't use it until my baby reached a certain weight because I didn't have the infant insert."" - JessicaW124

Why try the ergobaby OMNI BREEZE Carrier?

BABY CARRYING IS A BREEZE WITH SOFT FLEX MESH Soft and flexible, the OMNI BREEZE Baby Carrier is made with custom mesh, which covers the entire carrier for maximum breathability with a lightweight comfortable feel

MAX AIR FLOW MEETS MAX COMFORT Specially designed features allow more airflow in critical areas, like waistbelt, where foam cut outs allow for cool air to pass through easily

LONG WEARING COMFORT FOR SHOULDERS & BACK Extra cushioned and crossable shoulder straps for a comfortable custom fit along with an easy-to-use, lumbar support waist belt

COMFORTABLE & CLOSE FIT Adjustable and customizable carrier with chest tabs that cradles newborn for an especially close fit

EASY SWITCH SLIDERS One-handed slider adjustment allows you to quickly switch baby to face inward or outward

REFLECTIVE ACCENTS FOR SAFETY Sleek reflectivity on front and back of carrier provide extra safety & security

ORGANIZED STORAGE Incorporated side pockets for small storage and a detachable pouch fits phone, keys, and cards


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