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14 June, 2022

7 real mums reveal the grossest things they’ve done for their kids

When you become a parent, something finally clicks.

All of a sudden you understand what people mean when they say they’d do anything for their kids. Take a bullet for them - willfully and happily die for them, if it meant that they wouldn’t have to experience even a moment’s pain.

You know what that also means, don’t you?

It means that we’ll do the gross things we used to hear about when we were kids. The disgusting, disturbing things we would shudder at, and swear we would never, ever do.

Here, 7 real Aussie mums share the grossest things they’ve ever done for their kids, in the hopes that you don’t feel quite so bad about the spills, and fluids - and smells - you’ve had to contend with…

“When my daughter was just a few weeks old, her nose was really, really blocked up. As a first-time mum I was pretty worried, because it seemed like she couldn’t breathe properly, and I hadn’t had the foresight to purchase a Nose Frida, or even a diffuser to help clear her nose. So… in a desperate attempt to help her breathe, I put my mouth around her nose, and I sucked as much of those boogers out as I could. Her breathing became easier - and as gross as it was - I’d do it again and again if I needed to!” - Olivia, mum of two.

“I have caught multiple vomits from both of my girls with my bare hands - mainly due to car sickness. I’m not sure why our hands are better than the car itself. Maybe it’s just instinct - but when it happens, that’s where my hands go!” - Cory, mum of two.

hand foot and mouth disease

“I let Remy sloppy kiss me and share my food when he had Hand Foot and Mouth disease because I felt so sorry for him.” - Robyn, mum of two.

“I was on the bus... I forget which twin had to vomit.. and the only thing I had on me for him to throw up in was my Gucci bag. That was a mighty selfless act guys! He owes me a few thousand bucks 🤣🤣” - Li-Ann, mum of twin boys.

“Lilah threw up into my actual eye once, and I cleaned her up before I cleaned out my own eye. 😅” - Georgie, mum of one.

“I have been in the car, driving and Arabella was about to vomit so I caught it in my jumper. My very lovely jumper, when I could have just grabbed one of my husband’s not-so-lovely jumpers. Needless to say, I STANK for the rest of the drive.” - Nadean, mum of two.

“When Poppie was whip-lashed to the ground landing on her face in a running accident with her cousin, I let her bleed into my favourite jumper and tried to keep my grace under fire when I looked at her poor little face!” - Alex, mum of two.

And one for the dog mummas!

I don't have kids but my dog routinely throws up and has diarrhea. We have to clean dried up poop from his butt all the time - and dig and look through his vomit to make sure he didn't eat anything strange! That’s fun.” - Cathleen, dog mama

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