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21 April, 2020

It's Time to Swaddle in Style!

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Before you have a baby, the term "swaddle" is such a foreign concept, however as soon as you've had your first baby, swaddling is one thing you need to be able to master to survive! The perfect swaddle can be the difference between your baby having a restful sleep ... or not! In those early months the startle reflex will wake a baby from it's sleep if your swaddle isn't wrapped properly so getting the right swaddle is a must.

Further to this as fashion has evolved in the baby landscape swaddles don't have to be boring anymore and in enters this amazing brand that we have found, Evie and Grey.

The top reasons why we love this brand so much are:

1- Evie & Grey pride themselves on their commitment to ethical, organic and chemical-free swaddles that will support your baby at the earliest stage in their lives. Our team member Li-Ann and Alex both have kids that are prone to eczema and have found by using these swaddles which are GOTS & OEKO-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certified, no rashes have developed.

2- They have a range of vibrant colours & strong wash durability, these premium blend items are not only easy on the eye, but luxuriously soft and thermo-regulating. It makes it easy for mums to also use as a fashion statement!

3- The swaddles have been designed to suit your contemporary, multipurpose needs. You can use them in a variety of different ways – baby swaddle, stroller cover, nursing cover, tummy time blanket, burp cloth, security blanket and a whole lot more. 

We spoke to Evie + Grey (and mum of Johan) founder Katherine Kok about her inspiration behind the brand. She's one stylish and clever business woman!

1. We love that you’re a self-confessed fashionista, tell us how you dreamt up the concept of Evie + Grey?

Honestly, I was just a pregnant first-time mum feeling incredibly underwhelmed with the choices out there! I love fashion, I love dressing up. I felt that the market out there for mothers puts you in this category where you’re forced to choose between providing the best for your baby and sacrificing your individuality. I saw a real need and it was driven from my own. I worked with a designer (who is still with me now) to create the Signature range of swaddles, and the rest is history!

2. Compliments often come in small packages, what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from other mums about your product?

I actually decided to put my swaddles to market because of the number of compliments I would get from other mums! They would come up to me and admire how beautiful my swaddle looked, whether it was pegged as a fashion accessory on my pram or wrapped around my (now 13-month-old!) baby. Now, as a brand, what makes me so unbelievably happy is seeing how our swaddles make our fellow mums feel. It gives them that extra wow factor and, aside from being wonderfully soft, they can style the swaddle up with their outfits. It brings excitement and joy, and that amazing feeling never fades for me.

3. The Evie + Grey swaddles have been brought to life with varying designs. Where did the inspiration come from (and did you create the drawings)?

The inspiration comes from all around. As someone who has a fairly monochrome wardrobe, the Signature & Aztec Grey Collections have always been my go-to because they match absolutely every look I have. I use them for SO many things. But generally speaking, I am inspired by places… a lingering sense of wanderlust and adventure. I’m inspired by beautiful things. It is my mission to inject some magic into the baby industry and I am thankful to have a team of talented designers who work with me to bring my visions to life.

4. Why is it so important for a parent to seek out a brand like yours that has strong values and ethics?

It goes without saying that from the moment we see those double lines on a pregnancy test, we want the best for our babies. Fast forward 9 months, they’re in your arms and you are doing everything you can to protect and nurture them. There will be many things out of your control, but at Evie & Grey, we want you to make the most sustainable choices out there – for yourself and for your baby. We are a brand committed to safe practices, ethical manufacturing, consumer transparency and, above all, a promise to be driven by heart. We donate $0.50 from every sale to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. I personally found it quite hard to conceive, so to support an organisation that helps mothers experiencing any kind of fertility struggle or loss is extremely important to me.

5. You have a very strong DNA at Evie + Grey. In your words what does the brand stand for?

Quality. Functionality. Beauty. Heart.

6. We know it’s like choosing your favourite child, but is there a favourite print that means something to you?

Absolutely. The ‘Sweetest Love’ swaddle was the very first piece that I had designed to use on my own pram. It will forever be my favourite.


7. As a new mum do you have any advice you could pass to other new mums?

Oh my gosh, YES. Do whatever works for you! I could harp on about this forever. In fact, let me say it again… do whatever works for you. Life will throw you curveballs, and we all have very different journeys so it’s important to leave your mum guilt at the door. I’m a real planner, so before my son came along I had all these preconceived ideas of how everything would work… how easily I would conceive, how long I would breastfeed for, that I would never co-sleep, and so on. If you have a healthy, happy human, that’s seriously all that matters and you’re doing an amazing job.


8. If you were a kid again, what would you tell your adult self?

To stress less. What will be, will be.

9. What’s one life lesson you hope to pass on to your children and why? (Also please include your child’s name and age).

Okay so I’m going to steal this little quote from Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella because, the second I heard it, no sentence has ever more adequately described the human I strive to be. Johan, my darling, I want you to always “have courage and be kind”.
Johan, 13 months.

10. What’s your ultimate mum hack?

I am certainly no expert, but now that I’m out of the newborn phase, I would say always being ready the night before. Lunchbox, nappy bag, clothes, the lot. I have it all prepped and ready to go. That saves my sanity (most of the time!).


We hope you got to know a little bit more about this amazing brand and what they have to offer. You can find their full range on our shop right here!

If you'd like to see a real mum review on the baby swaddles by Evie and Grey you can see that here.

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