Plane Pal

As a mother of 3 who loves travel, Sam wanted to create a product that would help families reduce the stress associated with travel. Technology has given us so many more ways to entertain our children while in transit, but little has been done to improve the comfort of families travelling with children. Whether you are on board a plane, train, bus, camper van or car, the Plane Pal product will enhance your travel experience!

Plane Pal now allows your child to stretch out and fall asleep or simply relax, without their legs dangling, and you can enjoy having your lap and your arms to yourself. But remember Plane Pal isn't just for use on plane's. They've had lots of adventurers use them in cars, and on trains and buses! Wherever your family is headed, Sam hopes that her products will help you and your family enjoy the journey and not just the destination!


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