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26 May, 2020

The baby carrier demo from Mumma Etc!

Finding the perfect baby carrier or baby sling is an important step in adjusting as a new mum and finding your independence. At One Fine Baby we are huge fans of these baby carriers as they promote bonding and also a spare set of hands whilst you navigate motherhood, especially in those early months!

Today we talk to Co-Founder Lauren Modi from Mumma Etc, one of our favourite baby carrier sling brands. Mumma Etc have been long time favourites at our One Fine Baby Shows. They have a creative flare and eye for style creating a range of baby carriers and slings made of handwoven linen.

The range is Australian designed and their foundation product, the baby sling, blends seamlessly into your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Their aim is to add to your outfit rather than ruining it.

The top reasons whey we love this brand:

  • The style. The brand is made specifically to blend in with your natural style and fashion hence the wide range of choice of colours available.
  • The quality is long lasting and can pass through the generations. The Single Sling is made for the younger ages whilst the double sling means the lined is doubled together and provides just that extra support for when baby grows over 10kg.
  • The material is so soft and comfortable
  • You can use it as a spit cloth, blanket and playmat when you're out and about. We love a double use.
  • You get use of your hands and save your back whilst providing the ultimate place for baby to sleep!!!

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the product and watch a demonstration of just how easy it is to put on.

We hope you got to know a little bit more about this amazing brand and what they have to offer. You can find their full range on our shop right here!

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