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2 December, 2019

Here's What They Don't Tell You About Giving Birth

We live in a world where information about babies and motherhood is everywhere... Not to mention the 1001 questions. When are you due? Do you co-sleep? When is the best time to have kids? And gosh, are you really feeding your baby that? We have all heard it before.

There is always the advice from your Doctor, your local mother’s group, your mother, Sally at school pickup and don’t forget the in-laws! We read every pregnancy self help book, attend all the free pre-natal classes and pick up every free pamphlet in sight but can’t anyone really prepare you for childbirth? Some things they forget to tell us, neglect to share or better yet, are those pre-birth thoughts really better off unknown?

We spoke with some amazing mummies from our One Fine Baby community and asked them to share their thoughts on what surprised them most about their birth experience. 

1. Your nipples can bleed and breastfeeding can hurt... a lot

Breast feeding can be hard, I mean really hard. Even if you have done it before. This doesn’t mean it will be difficult for everyone. You might just find wandering thoughts if you will get through that midnight feed with any nipple left. 

2. You probably will poop yourself during birth

Did we really just go there? You will probably poop yourself during birth, it’s pretty much guaranteed. Don’t freak out though, it's totally normal!   

3. A lot, I mean, a lot of people will look between your legs!

This is totally different for each birth experience, but you will soon learn to let go of scary thoughts that come with strangers looking between your legs.

4. Contractions may be more painful than the push

Remind yourself that with each contraction you are one step closer to meeting your new baby. 

5. Your ‘birth plan’ might not go to plan

Birth plans are great to have but they might not go to plan, instead try setting some ‘birthing intentions’ and go in with an open mind rather than specific ’birthing expectations’. 

6. You might pee yourself

You may have to re-train your bladder to pee again, don’t dare sneeze in public .. you might just pee yourself. It’s okay don’t stress, you can regain that strength after birth by practicing regular pelvic floor exercises!

7. Your fearless hubby may faint during labour

You’re fearless brave hubby, may just pass out during your labour and end up in the emergency department.  

8. You have to deliver your placenta

I will have to what? It wasn’t until the birth of my first child that I was aware of this, out comes your new little baby followed by another ‘push’ and there is the birth of your placenta! Women are truly incredible. 

9. You will most likely get stitches

Stitches down there? Ouch .. trust in yourself and the medical team and don’t stress. This is probably the most least painful part. 

10. Adult nappies become the new normal

You will most likely not be going home in your own underwear. You will begin to find comfort in those big daunting adult nappies and you probably won’t mind either. You will soon learn that comfort comes first over fashion! 

Lastly remind yourself that the female body is made for this, have trust in yourself and your body, we truly are amazing. Before you know it the greatest experience of child birth will be over and you’ll be to damn tired to remember a thing! You’ve got this Mama!

Now listen to real and raw insights from the One Fine Baby, who share what surprised them most about their birth experience...

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