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15 March, 2022

The top tips to help your toddler successfully transition to a toddler bed

Being a parent is full of hurdles and minefields, where you’re often left wondering if the decision you’ve made is the right one, if you’re missing something important, or when the right time is to transition to the next step, such as potty training, starting daycare - or transitioning to a toddler bed.

To make the transition from cot-to-bed smooth, there are a few things you can start thinking - and talking - about with your child early on. And when the time comes for the big move to the toddler bed, there are a few things you can implement to make it a relaxing and smooth experience for both you and your child. Plus, our friends at ergoPouch have you covered to help ease you through the transition.

Signs your child is ready to transition to the big bed:

  • They have started trying to climb out of their cot.
  • They are becoming very upset when you try to put them to sleep in their cot.
  • They have begun kicking the sides of their cot.
  • They have expressed they are ready for a ‘big kid’ bed.
  • They are over 2 years old.

These are the things you should start doing when your child begins to show signs they are ready to move to a big bed:​

Start talking about it early:

From the moment you start to notice any of the above signs from your child, it’s a good idea to start talking about the ‘big bed’. The language you use to describe it can have a big impact on how your child feels about the transition. Ensure you talk about the toddler bed in a positive light, explaining how exciting and special it is.

Involve them in the choosing of the bed:

Make it a fun game! Select a shortlist of toddler beds in your budget and then begin showing them to your child to get them involved in the process of choosing which one they’d like the best. Even taking them in store to see them in the flesh can be a really beneficial step in getting them excited about their new bed.

Full belly = better sleep:

Did you know that ensuring your toddler is eating enough of the right foods can help ensure a deeper sleep? Nourishing, healthy fruit and vegetables has been shown to improve the quality of sleep, especially in the winter months, so do a little research into recipes your toddler will love (there are so many with hidden veggies!) and that will keep their belly fuller for longer.

When the time comes, here are 3 tips to ensure the transition is to the toddler bed is successful - and tear-free:

ergopouch suits

Make sure your child is dressed comfortably


Getting the temperature right in your child’s room is one of the biggest battles when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Given that your child is able to get out of bed to come and find you whenever they wake, you want to ensure that they’re comfortable and less likely to wake from the start. The right sleepwear at bedtime can help there. The ergoPouch Winter Harvest range is the key.

Available in 1.0 TOG2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG, you can select your child’s Pouch to coincide with the temperature. Plus the Winter Harvest range is covered with the cutest fruit and vegetable motifs in this season’s most on-trend hues: a pale pink and a deep forest green.

The other great thing is that the ergoPouch sleep range offers sleep onesies with legs built in, which are perfect for toddlers who might want to kick off the covers at night. You can rest easy knowing they’ll still be warm and comfortable. These sleep onesies are available in the different TOG ratings, and there are also pyjamas in the range that offer that same comfortable sleeping experience, designed to help keep children asleep for longer.

ergopouch affirmation cards

Start a new bedtime affirmation routine


A new ritual at bed time can be a great way to create a positive bedtime association for your toddler. Bedtime affirmation cards are a great way to do this.

Affirmations are sentences and words that change the way we feel by saying and thinking positive things. The ergoPouch Hello, Sleep! Bedtime Affirmation Cards work to frame bedtime with a positive mindset through affirmations. Pulling one out and reading it together before bed each night can help to ease negative or anxious feelings your toddler may have and fill them with reassurance in a fun, positive way that you can both take part in.

Ergopouch bedding

Introduce exciting items for bedtime that can transition with them, so it’s not all ‘new’!


Just before the move to the toddler bed, ‘gift’ your toddler their very own first pillow and quilt.
This means that they are allowed to ‘bring them over’ to the big bed when they transition and not everything will be so overwhelming and new. This exercise also assists in pillow and blanket training, getting your toddler used to sleeping with these things and how they can use them to get more comfortable.

The ergoPouch Toddler Pillow and Convertible Cotton Quilt are both safe to use from 2 years of age, therefore perfect for this stage. The pillow features a low profile (3cm) designed to support the correct alignment of the neck during sleep, so your child won’t be transitioning from a flat surface to a big cushioned pillow - which could stress their neck! Likewise with the ergoPouch Convertible Cotton Quilt, it is made of two TOG-rated halves that zip apart for use in a cot ('demi' size), and zip together to create a standard-sized quilt for use in a bed. The demi half can be used from 2 years of age for blanket-training in the cot, or on a cot mattress on the floor, so it’s perfect to guide them through their cot-to-bed transition.

Brought to you by One Fine Baby, with some help from the lovely folks at ergoPouch.

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